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2022-08-18 21:44:41

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New Zealand corona free

Coronavirus free, free from coronavirus, coronavirus impacts, virus-free country In a distressing era of coronavirus, news like this brings a big sigh of relief. New Zealand declared itself free from coronavirus by winning over the long battle with weapons of lockdown and social distancing. Corona Free Nation With no active cases being reported from the last 17 days, New Zealand also eases its corona restrictions to a level down from level 3 to level 2 that is the lowest level of bans from Monday midnight onwards. Take a look at New Zealand’s coronagraph showing when it reached its peak and how it came down to make a flat line. Corona Free Country This ease in corona restrictions allows the authorities to reopen schools and universities with a few rules and regulations in place. It undoubtedly brings massive relaxation for the students, as now they will be able to return to their usual routine with classes, sports and other activities in place. Museums, auditoriums, stadiums, playgrounds, and recreational and competitive sports could also restart. But, the restriction will remain imposed on international travel. The country is not ready to open travel for international tourists. Only New Zealanders will be allowed to enter with a mandatory quarantine routine to follow. Are you an International Student? You Can Soon Fly To Resume Your Studies The country is likely to open the travel doors for international students soon to bring their academic life back to normal. But, they also have to go through a quarantine of two weeks to make sure that they carry no virus. Surely, an important step to keep the nation safe. The prime minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern thanked the people for staying united in the testing times. She said that from Monday onwards, New Zealanders will live in a place where life feels as normal as we can in the time of a global pandemic. It is high time for New Zealanders to celebrate their victory against the corona pandemic. It will bring a new normal in the country in which every citizen would be free from the coronavirus impacts and restrictions of wearing a mask, gloves, and maintaining social distancing. Every nation needs to learn from the efforts made by New Zealand to make themselves free from the deadly virus. The country has imposed the strictest lockdown in the world to ensure maximum social distancing and minimum cases. As now the country is free from virus, the government has given a node to the universities that they can get back to their normal routine. However, most of the New Zealand universities will prefer to keep the learning medium online at least until the starting of the new university semester. Or, some universities will allow limited access to the university resources till July before coming back to normal. The Auckland University of Technology and Massey University will continue with the online classes for the first half of this year, with a few relaxations to those for whom it is mandatory to avail the campus resources. Lisa Finucan, the communication manager of Auckland University said: "Our stated position is we will remain in remote teaching and learning mode until at least the start of Semester 2 (July 27), regardless of the Government's alert level." Massey University also follows the online way of teaching for the remaining semester. McGonagle-Daly, the deputy Vice-Chancellor of Massey University said: “Massey would also largely remain online for the remainder of Semester 1, regardless of the Covid-19 alert level". He said that now there are students who are unable to attend regular classes due to health issues, so online classes need to continue, and also this time will give a level of certainty to students and teachers. Canterbury university will also continue learning through the online medium. But, the university will open the library and allow small groups of students to study along by maintaining the rules of social distancing. Whereas, Victoria and Otago universities have not declared the guidelines yet. These universities are waiting for further guidelines from the government to function under level 2. So, whether you are a national or international student of a New Zealand university,  you are most likely to join the university’s regular classes shortly. We hope that this situation will prevail soon in the whole world. No matter where you study whether at home or in the university, we are always there at your disposal to provide the best assignments. Whenever you ask, ‘can you do my assignment online’, our answer will always be a yes. We also served our New Zealand students with a special discount during the time of corona pandemic, and still doing it in the different parts of the world. So, Sample Assignment, as your companion and the best assignment helper is always by your side whether you are stuck with a condition in corona or living in a corona free nation.

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