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Nursing Care Plan (NCP): Documentation and Planning
Are you looking for the helpful assistance in your Nursing Care Plan assessments? Do not worry as the experts at Sample Assignment has the designated amount of nursing experts who can solve all your queries in style. Nursing care plan is defined as a formal plan which provides a direction on the type of nursing or care required by the patient. It also provides a communication medium between nurses, patients, and other health care providers and without proper nursing care plan, the stability and uniformity of the patient health care is disoriented. The focus of the nursing plan is to facilitate evidence-based care to the patients. Nursing care plan starts formulating when a patient is hospitalized and the response to the treatment is noted. If you need any assistance, our nursing assignment help experts are there to help you out.

Objectives of Nursing Care Plan

It includes promoting an evidence-based nursing care plan which provides comfortable and familiar conditions in health centers. It promotes the holistic approach towards the management of patient care considering his physical, psychological, social and spiritual condition. It supports care pathways and care bundles and it also helps in recording and measuring care services.

Purpose of Nursing Care Plan

It helps in identifying the role of nurses regarding the overall health of a patient without completely relying on physician orders and interventions. It provides a direction to nurse for the individualized care of the patients. It focuses on proper documentation of the nursing care providers to patients and other instructions required by the family members. As per our Nursing care plan assignment help experts, it serves as a guide for assigning specific staff to patient condition requirement and also serve a guide for reimbursement.

Elements of Nursing Care Plan

The components of nursing care plan involve diagnosis of disease, patient problems, expected outcomes of the plan, and nursing interventions and rationales. If you ask our nursing care plan assignment help experts, they will tell you about the first measure required to design a care plan includes patient health assessment, medical records, and diagnostic reports and it should include a patient's physical, mental, emotional, cultural and social assessment. Then, the expected long term or short term patient outcomes are identified and counted. Nursing intervention required by the patients is counted for providing evidence-based care and rationale behind the using the interventions is outlined. Evaluation includes the documentation of the outcomes of the nursing interventions.

Types of Nursing Care Plan

As per our nursing experts, Nursing care plan is of two types which include informal and formal nursing care plan.
  1. Informal nursing care plan is the plan which is formulated in the mind of nurse for the treatment of the patient.
  2. Formal nursing care plan includes a scripted guidance which helps in organizing the information regarding patient health. It is also subdivided into standardized and individualized care plans.
  3. Standardized care plan includes the specification of the nursing care for the patient regarding activities of daily life.
  4. Individualized plan is planned to meet the specific requirements of the patients which are not mentioned in standardized care plan.

Nursing Care Plan design

Nursing care plan is categorized and organized into four columns which include nursing diagnosis, outcomes and goals, nursing interventions, and their further evaluation. Given down below is a design prepared by our Nursing assignment experts to make the care plan much more useful and effective for students as a part of their assessment tasks.
Nursing diagnosis Goals and outcomes Nursing interventions Evaluation
It is part of nursing process and is a clinical observation concerning the patient response to a health condition. It provides a base for selecting nursing intervention to achieve positive outcomes. Goals and outcomes are patient-centered and must be measurable in nature. Goals can be short term or long term. In acute care settings, goals are short term. For a patient suffering from chronic health disease, goals are long term. These are activities and actions performed by nurse to achieve patient goals. Interventions are chosen according to the needs of the patient and it focuses on reducing the client risk factor. Nursing interventions are of three types which include independent, dependent and collaborative. It is a final step in the nursing process that determines the application of nursing process. The nurse conducts various evaluation parameters to determine if the outcomes of the nursing process are met or not.

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