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The functions of a business can be broadly categorized into two parts, which are as follows

  • Operational function
  • Support function

Both these functions need to be properly managed for the smooth rolling of the business. The department which executes the work of the business actually performs the operational activity while the other department, which helps for the smooth functioning of the operational department, conducts the support function. Both these departments are interring to each other and their functioning goes hand in hand. The support functioning department is the one which undertakes the responsibility of various projects in relations to the best performance of the operations and delivers those projects within the stipulated time. While the operational department is directly related to the production of goods or services, exchanging which the business earns its revenue.

Hence both the departments have higher scope for you in case you are eminent and qualified in these fields.

Students who are into Management Study have both the papers in their course. The syllabus of both the subjects during the higher study level is huge and it becomes a tedious job for many students completing the assignments on these subjects.

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In this unit, there is another division by the name of Project Assignment Help wherein you can approach with your assignments in relations to this subject.

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