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2023-09-30 15:11:24

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Online Webinar on Personality Development

As humans, we always strive to be the best version of ourselves, be it professionally, personally, or socially. Although it’s ingrained in us to keep taking steps towards positively developing our personalities, sometimes all we need is the right guidance and tips to steer us in the right direction. This is exactly why Sample Assignment’s team of experts conducted the Online Webinar On Personality Development 2022. 

Solely to reach out to students and professionals alike, the webinar was targeted at key and crucial personality development tips on how we can further develop our personality. The importance of personality development was also the core focus of this webinar. 

Personality development is the process of forming an organized pattern of behaviours and perceptions that distinguishes an individual. The combination of disposition, attitude, and surroundings continues to shape one's personality. 

What is Personality? 

A distinct manner of thought, experiencing, and doing that defines an individual's personality. Personality encompasses emotions, dispositions, and beliefs and is particularly evident in encounters with others. It encompasses both natural and learned behavioural qualities that identify one individual from others and may be noticed in people's interactions with the surroundings and interpersonal groups. Th

Scope Of The Webinar

  • Body Language

  • Talking Manners

  • English Nuances

  • Life Hacks

  • QnA Session

Body Language

We may overlook several personality traits that lie in the basic body language we present. Negative body language can be characterized by being offensive in language, unpleasant, and overbearing in our approach.


  • For instance, crossing arms while communicating may come off as rude or disinterested. 

  • Don’t use inappropriate language depending on the social setting you’re in 

  • Don’t make unnecessary hand gestures that might distract the other person. These include touching your hair, face, waist, etc. 

  • Don't slouch while you're sitting in front of someone in a professional setting.

  • Do not scratch your head or face while talking.

  • Confidence comes with posture, so avoid any restlessness while talking to someone. 

  • Do not worry about your appearance, background, or environmental elements. 



Some people can gain authority and courage from the inside rather than from outside influences. They are capable of taking care of themselves psychologically, bodily, cognitively, and religiously and exhibit a powerful sense of identity, conscience, and ego. Here are some helpful tips: 


  • Have an open posture with your palms upwards, without slouching

  • Mirror the handshake of the person you're shaking hands with. 

  • Make proper eye contact with the other person; this displays attentiveness and interest in the ongoing discussion. 

  • Modulate your voice wherever needed. This sets the mood and intensity of the conversation and matters being discussed. 

  • Understand that smartness is a state of mind



Don’t be like Bob…

Be like Bob’s brother  – 

Talking Manners

The three main components of talking manners are motion mood and judgment. 

Altering these components can effectively influence business communications. These can include interviews, conferences, business meetings, and negotiations. 

  • Be calm when the conversation takes off.

  • Focus on observing the other person’s behaviour – intensity, intentions, personality, priorities

  • Keep focused on facial movements such as nods, eyebrow movements, etc. 

  • When you speak, avoid twitching, touching hair, and ears while you talk. This comes off as being conscious. 

  • If a speaker is conscious, this may hamper the perception of the truthfulness of what you’re saying – otherwise known as LIE signals. 

English Nuances

English is a very complicated language that keeps evolving, sometimes bending its own rules. With that said, spoken English is imperative to your professional and personal growth. Look out for homonyms and heteronyms. These may include words that are spelled in the same way but mean different things with distinct pronunciations, for example, "wound" and "wound," which could either mean the result of winding something up or it could refer to a physical injury. Another example for the same could be the word "refuse," which could either mean to decline and could also mean waste or garbage.  

Let’s look into some of the commonly mispronounced words and their accepted pronunciations: 

  • Ghost – pronounced correctly as G-O-S-T

  • Salon – pronounced correctly as S-A-L-A-W-N

  • Plumber – pronounced correctly as P-L-U-M-E-R

  • Wednesday – pronounced correctly as W-E-N-Z-D-A-Y

  • Mischievous – pronounced correctly as Mis-Chi-Vous

Some Life Hacks To Help You Excel

  • There are just six people similar to you in the whole world, so be kind to yourself. 

  • Forgive yourself if you make mistakes, and learn from them. We are agitated by flaws. So much so that becoming upset gets second nature, and feeling cranky constitutes a character attribute as we age. However, we all understand that those who are calmer or 'chilled out' have happier lives and can easily attract others with their easygoing attitudes. It's crucial to be able to allow room for flaws in your body and emotions if you want to feel more relaxed.

  • Forgive others, learn to let go.

  • You’re not alone, don’t take the weight of the world on your shoulders

  • Be nice to people

  • Follow a fixed regimen that suits or complements your lifestyle 

  • Find joy in little things 

Participants of the personality development online webinar were enthusiastic and curious to know how they can further better alter their personality to make their behaviours more appropriate and professional. Along with this, all participants will be rewarded a certificate of participation to appreciate their time and enthusiasm for the webinar. We received immensely positive feedback from participants who were looking for high-quality personality development coaching. 

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