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What Is A Personal Letter And What Correct Format Of Writing It?

Hello readers! Personal letter writing is an important academic task that every student has to face once during studies. It is an effective way of communication that can still be seen in most official communication channels. It is an essential soft skill required to succeed in any field. In this blog, you will learn about a personal letter format. Here we will discuss some tips for writing a personal letter, its types and different format, and much more. Follow the tips carefully, which will help you write appealing personal letters to express your message effectively. What Is A Personal Letter And What Correct Format Of Writing It?

What Should Be The Basic Personal Letter Format?

The personal letter contains the following elements:

  • Your full name and address
  • The address of the recipient and the full name
  • Salutation and Greeting
  • A subject line
  • An opening statement or introductory paragraph
  • Body paragraph
  • Conclusion paragraph
  • Further Considerations

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Basic Structure Of A Personal Letter

The personal letter is an application that is formed with definite regulations and guidelines, structure, format and rules of proper grammar. There are also specific guidelines for formatting, style, punctuation, and arrangement mandatory to follow to make good personal letters. However, to write a personal letter from scratch, you should follow the following fundamentals and specifications.

  • Your full name and Address - Place your full name and address of communication on the top right corner of the page, followed by the date on which you addressed the letter.
  • Full name and communication address of the receiver- Place this section on the left, right after the writing date. This segment must contain the address and full name of the receiver.
  • Salutation and Greeting- The is an essential segment of your personal letter which is widely used. You can use the term 'Dear with the receiver's first name; this shows warm respect to the recipient.
  • A subject line- Writing the subject line is compulsory for personal letter writing, but it should be to the point.
  • Introduction section- This is the opening paragraph, in which you have to write the main or primary content of the letter. This section must clearly show the idea of the letter so that it can catch the receiver's attention.
  • Body paragraphs- While writing the body paragraphs, you should maintain the length.
  • Summarization or conclusion paragraph- This section ought to effectively summarise the whole content of the letter. This segment should have a call to action that requests a reply from the receiver.
  • Further considerations- This section must have a sign-off note showing gratitude to the addressee for their time and attention.
  • Write your First name- The letter finishes with your first or full name.

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 Types Of Personal Letter Format

When it comes to composing a personal letter, it has an immense significance that you can keep these as memories and souvenirs. It's essential to learn how to write down a personal letter, especially, when you have to craft it for different occasions. The given are the different types of personal letters:

  • Letter to pen pals: This kind of letter is written to someone you are regularly in touch with.
  • Goodbye letters: This kind of letter is an excellent way to say goodbye to the person who is leaving, maybe in school or office.
  • Thank you letters: Thank you letter shows your appreciation to someone.
  • Letters to famous people: These letters are for famous personalities who are public figures. You could send this type of letter to idolize celebrities as a fan mail.
  • Love/ friendship letters: This sort of letter will always keep on. The personal letter format to a friend is always about feelings of affection for a friend/partner. You can send these letters to your parents, grandparents, siblings, etc.
  • Invitation letters: The reason behind sending the invitation letter can be a lot. This is why you can stumble on many personal invitation letter formats to read for inspiration. Mainly, the letter intends to invite the recipient well.
  • Get well soon letters: A get-well-soon letter is written for those loving ones who are hospitalized for some reason. Wishing your loved ones a prompt recovery will be profoundly appreciated.

What Is The Personal Letter Format For Job Application?

Writing an application letter for a job must be able to express your interest in the offered position and detail why you would like to join the firm and why you are the best fit for the job. You have to include your professional skills, educational qualifications, and experience in the correct personal letter format. Here are some steps to write a pleasing letter that could help you to convince your hiring manager:

  1. Read the job announcement details carefully, make notes about the company's exact requirements, and contrast these with your skills, qualifications, and work experience.
  2. Review professional letter formats and adapt one of those for your purpose. Try to uphold the information to the point and on topic.
  3. Write a clear heading including your name, address, email, phone number, and date. You also mention the name of the hiring manager, the corporation's name, and its physical address.
  4. Write the address of the recipient/ recruiter or the hiring manager and address the application letter to them. You can also benefit yourself by availing yourself of resume writing service from our professional writing experts.
  5. Begin by mentioning your professional title, the job title you are applying for, and expressing your interest in the job. Also, you can give detail of your skills, qualifications, and work experiences that make you appropriate for the position.
  6. Describe your eligibility for the job by elaborating your qualifications, skills, and work experience to demonstrate how you are the best fit for the particular job requirements.
  7. End the letter with a thank you; this illustrates basic good etiquette to gratitude the recruiter for giving their precious time in reading your job application letter. You can use this personal letter example, followed by "Sincerely" or "Best Regards" and your full name at the end.

Here Is A Personal Letter Sample For The Job Application

To: Email of the company or hiring manager

Subject: Application for XYZ position at ABC company

Salutation: (Dear/Hello Sir/Madam/Mr./Mrs./Ms.)

Introductory Paragraph: Purpose of the mail

Main Body: Brief your aim of writing the mail

Conclusion: summarize your goal

Thank the recruiter or hiring manager

Sincerely/Best Regards

Your name:

Mobile phone:


What Are Some Helpful Tips To Write A Job Application Letter?

By following these given tips of job application, you can improve your probability of getting your job application letter selected by the recruiter manager:

  1. Keep the letter crisp: As you know, HR work is hectic, and they have to process hundreds of applications. They might not have sufficient time to read all the lengthy application letters.
  2. Highlight your capabilities: It will be good if you include specific and confirmable examples related to your work experience.
  3. Include Job Relevant keywords: This replicates your understanding of the job requirements and your suitability for performing the required tasks. Also, students can take the help of a personal statement writing service to make their job applications relevant and eye-catching.
  4. Review and remove the errors: Commonly, you might make some grammatical and spelling mistakes, but if you don't correct them, it might create a negligence impression or lack of focus. Remove all the errors by proofreading them carefully before final submission.

How To Write A Resignation Letter Word Format For A Personal Reason?

If you are writing a resignation letter, you should approach the correct formatting of your resignation letter. Of course, it's up to you whether you would like to disclose the nature of your personal reasons for leaving or not. However, limit your reasons to 1-2 sentences in the body of handwritten personal letter format. Follow the tips given below:

  • Statement of intention to resign: Your letter should straight away state the fact that you're resigning.
  • Last day of employment: Don't forget to mention this important detail and you should always include it in a resignation letter.
  • Thanks to your employer: Resigning includes granting a word of thanks to your employer; this shows your respectful behaviour because you have learned and grown your skillset in the company.
  • Offer to support with the transition: While this part is completely optional, resignation letters. However, this is an excellent way to end your service with a good note.
  • Formatting: Include your personal contact information, check if there are any mistakes, correct them, and formally format it.

What Is The Accurate Personal Business Letter Format?

The fundamental structure, format, and other specifications of a personal business letter are pretty similar to a personal letter. But there are certain differences, which you should know that are listed below.

  • Subject line – The personal business should be concisely written followed by a definite subject line, preferably written in bold and underline (to specify the urgent business subject)
  • Body paragraphs – Try to write the body paragraphs of personal business letters short and to the point. Preferably, a personal business letter should not take more than one page of space.
  • Signing-off note with signature – It is crucial to write a sign-off note in a personal business letter as it maintains the formal tone. This division includes the full name and optional contact information (email IDs and other business contact numbers) of the sender.

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