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PICO Evidence Based Process of Healthcare
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What is the evidence-based treatment?

Evidence-based treatment is a combination of clinical expertise, the best available scientific confirmation, and the priorities of the patient involved in the clinical decision-making process. The steps included in practicing EBM (evidence-based medicine) are more patient-oriented and involve asking relevant questions, looking for the best evidence, escalating the same evidence for validity, and then applying the results to the care of the patient.

What Exactly You Should Write About PICO in Your Nursing Assignments?

PICO is an evidence-based method of nursing. As the term evidence-based suggests to a format where prior to taking any decision, strong evidence is ruminated. Evidence-based nursing is a process based entirely on the collection, interpretation, and integration of valid, clinically proven, and applicable research. In the PICO process, prior to starting one’s research, drafting a good clinical research question is mandatory. Our nursing assignment experts explain it as a process where a situation or problem of a patient is documented in detail after which it is validated and the results are an inveterate post going through it thoroughly in order to come up with the best results possible. It’s the duty of doctors to draft a well-structured question around which they will conduct research and find the intervention or treatment they are used to treat a patient. Hence, it can be concluded that the PICO process is mainly about pondering over the articulated concern or issue of a patient and providing him/her with the most qualified solution. P- Patient, Problem or Population While diagnosing or laying out the true problem of a patient, facts such as age, gender and general symptoms need to be logged correctly as it helps in taking the right decision. I-Intervention This feature of PICO refers to the best intervention technique or the treatment to be opted by nurses or doctors. C- Comparison, control or comparator Once the treatment technique or the intervention method has been laid out and the actual issue has come to the notice, the subsequent step is to ensure whether the method chosen is the most qualified one or not. O- Outcome(s) This feature is regarded to be of the superlative importance along with others on the list. This is about reckoning the results of the intervention method applied to the patient. It ideally measures the outcome of the treatment. If you are a nursing student and have gotten stuck with PICO nursing assignments, simply contact Sample Assignment. The experts here are talented, experienced, and proficient writers and will handle all your assignment-related concerns.

With Our Nursing Assignment Expert, You can Easily Understand the PICO Framework

The professionals providing nursing assignment writing services say that the PICO framework is often used to identify elements of clinical evidence for suitable reviews in evidence-based medicine. More details are mentioned below:

PICO as a Search Tool

The PICO framework is also used to create literature search strategies, for example in systematic reviews. Here, the term “systematic reviews” is explained as a kind of literature review that requires appropriate methods in order to collect secondary data, synthesize findings for quantitatively or qualitatively, and appraise research studies. An alternative search tool, named as SPIDER, was recently developed for more efficient searching of qualitative research but did not prove to be that successful as the results obtained from PICO were more sensitive and relevant.

PICO Strategy for Preparing the Clinical Nursing Questions

If you are going to write your assignment on your own, you must have basic knowledge like formulating clinical questions, how to find relevant evidence and ways to implement it. If you need any type of assistance, our nursing assignment help professionals will guide you in the following steps: The biggest challenge in practicing PICO or EBM is the conversion of clinical trouble into the ideal PICO questions. This implies that growth in the skill of generating answers to the available information is necessary. The perfect clinical query must be clear, incisive, directly concentrating over the persisting problem, and should be having an easy to access answer if searched in the medical literature. An authentic question-based in nursing clinical consists of four (sometimes three) important elements:
  • Problems related to the patients or questions
  • The test, exposure, or intervention of interest
  • Include relevant comparison interventions
  • Mention the outcome of interest

Finding the evidence

Once a clinical question has been curated, the other subsequent step is to find related evidence which will make you find answers to the questions. As per the assignment help experts, other significant platforms of evidence comprise of online electronic bibliographic databases that permit a high number of articles that are to be checked in a relatively short time with multiple journals.

Appraising evidence

Once you have gathered relevant articles for a subject, the subsequent level is to elevate the given evidence ensuring its clinical and validity. Research evidence can be uplifted by following these three points in mind: importance, validity, and applicability. Critical appraisal offers a methodical but a straight way to evaluate research evidence through the above-given areas where most of the students lack and need help in nursing assignments. Developing intricate appraisal skills involve the understanding of the ways to put forward some fundamental questions highlighting the evidence’s coherence and its relation with any patient.

Applying the evidence

When some evidence is claimed to be important, later on, it is determined if the evidence can be applied to a person or a group of people. In concluding these we are required to consider the personal circumstances and values of a patient. A detailed discussion is to be conducted with patients or parents on evidence related to both risks and efficacy, in order to equip them to make a sound decision. The cost and accessibility of that specific treatment in the hospital should be taken care of while making the ultimate decision to apply evidence.

Evaluating performance

As we integrate EBM (evidence-based medicine) with regular clinical practice, it is required to evaluate the method intermittently and decide whether there is the need of working on any of the four steps discussed earlier. Evidence-based Machine aims to enhance care quality by integrating world-class research-based evidence accounting parents’ and patient’s preferences, and clinical expertise.

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