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Poetry is among the most creative and elegant kinds of writing, and it may be a helpful tool to explore as a paper topic or as research for a research paper. Let's examine how to reference a poem using the most common poem citation styles.

Have you ever referred to poetry in an essay or paper before? It's not rocket science when it comes to poem citation in MLA 8 format; it's just an issue of understanding the MLA citation style. Not only will it make your writing perfect, but you will also be able to do poem citations effortlessly. Let’s now try to learn how to cite a poem in an essay.

Upon starting college, you will be asked to write essays and papers using certain referencing styles. Chicago, APA, and MLA are some of the styles typically used, however, they are only required while referring to a piece of work.

As a result, there is no requirement for a certain style when composing a poem. Of course, if you're referencing a poem, you'll need to follow the MLA format. You may opt to write a few sections or the full poem, as far as you use the proper reference style.

Important Elements In MLA Poem Citation

Listed below are the key points you must mention while citing a poem in your text.

  • Full name of the poet
  • Title of the poem
  • Title of the book in which you found or read the poem (if applicable)
  • Full name of the book editor (if applicable)
  • Name of the publisher, year of publication, and page numbers

Citing A Poem In MLA

The MLA Guideline may be difficult to follow since several regulations govern how we might quote and reference poetry in MLA style in our work. Incorrect citation and referencing might even be deemed plagiarized. Here is a thorough look at all you need to know to make your English professor appreciate how you quote and reference poems in your writings.

Since poem citation can strike as a challenging task to new students, our experts have gathered some crucial tips that will help you cite poems accurately and efficiently:

  1. You can quote a section or stanza of the poem using quotation marks. However, it is never recommended to underline the reference or write it in italics. For example, “Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken” talks about…”.
  2. When just quoting just a few lines of poetry, use a slash to break them. For eg., "This is line 1/ this is line 2,". You should also provide the number for which line it is, following the quote, before the punctuation.
  3. If you're citing over four lines of a poem, indent two times. There’s no need to use quote marks around poem stanzas. Include the line numbers after the punctuation at the conclusion. Double-space the poetry following MLA guidelines.
  4. In MLA style, how you cite lines from a poem relies on the number of lines you are referencing. To reference three lines of a poem in MLA, for instance, use a (/) to divide the verses and a reference with the author and line numbers, if applicable, at the conclusion. You use a block quotation to cite more than three lines of a poem in your article.
  5. To cite poetry in the text, provide the author's name and line number as per the MLA style. As a result, you would insert a parenthetical reference at the end of the line of poetry in your essay. To provide poetry in your texts mentioned in MLA, give a comprehensive citation for the poetry depending on the writer, time, publication, and location. A reference for an online poem may differ from one for a printable one.

Citing Poems From Different Sources

Listed below are the citation formats for citing poems found on the internet, and poems that have been translated.

For A Poem Available On The Internet

Name of the poet. “Name of Poem.” Name of Website, Name of The Site Owner, Time Of Publishing, Website URL.

Translated Poem:

Name Of Translator, Name of Poem. Name of Poet, Authority that published the poem, Time.

You may find a poem citation sample online where a particular poem or parts of the poem are cited. However, unless you understand how to cite poems on your own, you will be unable to apply the sample’s format in your paper.

Why Is Poem Citation Important?

When you begin the quotation, you should frequently mention the poet and title in the main paragraph. If not, or if there is lingering doubt about which poetry you are referring to. Provide the author's name and/or title following the quote in a parenthetical reference.

Especially for academic purposes, it is mandatory to properly cite a piece of poetry, or if you are incorporating an entire poem in your paper. If not properly cited, the content of your paper may be considered plagiarized on the grounds of not giving credits to the original poet/author.

Students studying in universities are often tasked with college essay writing tasks that may require them to refer to a poem written by another author. And without citation, it is almost unethical to do so. 

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