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POL1000 Assessment Answer

The course POL1000 government, business, and society evaluates the relationship between these three factors around us. Particularly the political power and political role of business. Numerous aspects of business can get politically controversial, including topics like climate change, labour laws, and attempts to influence government officials. The three major questions that are addressed in this subject are:

  1. What impact can a business have on society and government?
  2. How do the government and society deal with the impact?
  3. How do businesses respond to the criticism they face and how do they deal with the attempts of unions, communities, and governments to control them?

In this process, students also get a chance to look at the issues of ethics and sustainability. POL1000 aims to develop some essential skills like the ability to research, read, and understand the literature about politics and explains how a political argument or theory can be put under critical scrutiny. Scholars in this field need to have a strong understanding of the conflicting attitudes that both the government and society can have towards businesses. Jack Anderson, who is widely recognised as the father of modern investigative journalism, was also known for insightful representation of the relationship between the government, society, and business in the post-cold war America. Nowadays, the discourse that surrounds these three elements is best seen on university dissertations and assessment papers that highlight why capitalism has emerged as the predominant economic system around the globe. In your time at college, you also get to learn how an amalgamation of these three institutions can lead to massive changes in the social, economic, and demographic fabric of a country. Our assignment writing service professionals can explain the concepts in greater detail. We all know that trade, business, and commercial activities in a country can only be carried out under the supervision of government policies. The economic policy framework as well as the administrative legislation of a country can affect the length and width of business opportunities there. After the fall of the USSR in 1991, the most common economic structure that surfaced around the world was capitalism. This war of ideas between the USA and the erstwhile Soviet Union led to a huge win for the former as it stepped into the 20th century as a clear winner of ideology and thought. Capitalism and Socialism

How did Capitalism charm the world?

The free-market ideology or the capitalist system preyed on people’s feelings of wanting a high profile life, luxuries, and lots of money. As a free market economy is usually characterised by the stakeholders having a larger control in the businesses, as opposed to the government, it managed to entice a lot of people who were looking to make it big in the world. The statutory laws, fiscal policies, and economic structure all proved to be extremely beneficial for those looking to start their own business. Since the free market economy had limited regulatory compliances, it proved to be extremely beneficial for the growth of small and medium scaled enterprises. The capitalist system puts limited emphasis on anti-competitive laws, instead, it encourages competition among companies with limited capping by the government. The limited interference of the government ensures that new players can enter the market easily and without any formalities. That is why capitalism proved to be extremely appealing to the world and has become the preferred form of economic structure around the globe. POL1000 Government, business, and society is greatly influenced by the rise of capitalism.

How the domination of capitalism changed society?

The supremacy of capitalism as the leading economic system in the world has shown that the administrative framework of a country, trade, and society are intricately linked. Ultimately, all these factors have a tremendous impact on the economy, which is the base of any society. It has been seen that a government that interferes constantly with the economy of the country can become an obstacle in the economic growth of a country. Since no society can stay unaffected from the consequences of its economic policies. Government policies in a capitalist system offer incentives to new and established businesses both so that the industrial growth of the country does not halt. The development and evolution of the trade ecosystem are solely responsible for the amalgamation of the business, society, and government. Whereas a stricter economy may prove to be more egalitarian and unfair. Economically, equity and principles of fairness depend on the final payment that a person receives for his work. Easy entry into the market, fair pay, simple exit from business markets, and equal and free access to the customers and resources are some of the most important preconditions for the proper growth and prosperity of any market and finally any economy in the end.

Let us brainstorm together!

We hope that this blog proved to be helpful to those who are looking for POL1000 assessment answers online. In the past many years, we have assisted numerous students from around the world in writing impressive assignments on subjects that are related to business, government, and society. Additionally, our experts can also explain the interrelation between these three institutions in detail and clear any doubts that you may have. If you need any further assignment help, reach out to us through our website and our customer support representatives will get back to you soon.

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