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Professional Assignment Writing Services - Ethical or Unethical?
Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are the personal views of the author.   We all know that there are numerous online companies which offer assignment writing services to students at a nominal price. Just a single search on Google will fetch you countless results, all displaying how you can get the best assignment writing services for any subject under the sun. From essays and dissertations, to theses and reports, you can submit just about any kind of assignment requirement to these companies, and within a couple of weeks, or even less, you will be supplied with the completed assignment. Convenient, right? Undoubtedly, it is.  However, the question that really matters is, ‘Are these online companies doing the right thing by providing ready-made assignments to students for money?’

A student goes to any educational institution with a view to study, and to gain knowledge and learning in the process. As a thumb rule, students are given assignments to gauge how much they have learnt during the course of their academic session(s). Bearing this in mind, the first question that we need to ask is whether the learning of the students who opt for professional assignment help is being hampered because they are not writing the assignment themselves? The simple and straight answer to this question is ‘No’. Time and again, academic scholars and other intellectuals have debated the effectiveness of assignments and exams. Does a student really benefit from writing an assignment? Is a well-written assignment the be-all and end-all to ascertain how much a student has learnt?

After all, students can choose to while away their time and not concentrate at all during the entire academic year. However, once the time for assignment submission comes, they can research and write exemplary assignments even if they haven’t learnt much about the topic in question. The point to be noted here, therefore, is that a student who wants to learn will do so anyway, even if he/she outsources an assignment to a professional entity. On the other hand, a student capable of researching and writing a commendable assignment need not pay attention in class all year round, and can still score good grades Ultimately, the choice is a personal one. If a student wants to learn, he/she will do so, and if they do not want to learn, they won’t anyway. Its just that simple.

A Question of Ethics Now, we need to address the part that these online assignment writing services play. It can be argued that these companies are doing the unethical thing by supplying students with assignments in lieu of payments. However, we need to take a broader view of things here Firstly, I think we can all agree that the ‘ethics’ of a person are subject to his or her own, personal views in life. What may be termed as an ‘ethical practice’ for one might not necessarily hold true for another. You may follow a certain ethical code that may seem absurd to me, and vice versa. Secondly, its the student who has the power and sole discretion to choose whether he/she wants to avail of these so-called ‘unethical’ services. Frankly speaking, if a student is contacting a professional assignment service provider for help, the service provider cannot, and should not, be blamed for it. After all, they are only providing you with a service, and whether you opt for it or not is totally your decision, and accordingly, you should be the one accountable for it. What We Believe at Sample Assignment We, at Sample Assignment, have always stood by our motto of ‘Always helping students in their hour of need’. When we started out, our mission was clear - we wanted to help students who were ACTUALLY in need of our services. Over the years, our beliefs got reaffirmed time and again owing to the numerous students who thanked us ever so gratefully because we helped them when no one else would come to their aid. There was an instance of an Australian student who was faced with a pressing family emergency right at the time of his assignment submission. Another woman contracted a major illness and was bed-ridden for weeks. There was this one student from Egypt who just could not devote the required time towards his assignment because he was working two jobs just to make ends meet. There are many more anecdotes like this that came our way during the decade or so that we have been in business. It is students like these that we are here for. How can this be construed as ‘unethical’? We fail to understand. In the end, we are proud of what we do, and if we can help even one student who is in genuine need of our services, then we’ve done our jobs well, and we will not lose our sleep thinking if what we do is ethical or not. Just ask the students who we’ve helped in the past. They will tell you what we are really all about.
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