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PROJ6002: Project Planning & Budgeting- Bungalow Project - Design and Construction Assignment Help
Assignments are an important part of a student’s life. Whatever course you learn, you have to deal with different types of assignments such as dissertations, case studies, essays, etc. Assignments need to be done every semester which are designed as per the university’s guidelines. Today, you will come to learn how to deal with project management assignments. Here, the project management assignment experts have explained the PROJ6002: Project Planning & Budgeting- Bungalow Project assignment and the approaches that a student must follow to answer it. Dealing with such type of project management assignment can be a challenging and tedious task. But do not worry PROJ6002 assignment experts have explained few approaches to solve Project Planning and Budgeting assignment. TASK PROJ6002 Project Planning & Budgeting- Bungalow Project Task Understand the Assignment By PROJ6002 Assignment Experts As per our experts, the above assignment can be divided into the following ways. Doing so will be easy to understand the assignment. Part A – Module 2 Discussion Activity Schedule Management How might changes to the project scope affect the project’s schedule, and how would a project manager formally communicate such variances to project stakeholders? PROJ6002: Project Planning & Budgeting- Bungalow Project - Design and Construction Assignment Help PROJ6002: Project Planning & Budgeting Output Here, you are required to give a discussion of not more than 250 words. After this, respond with around 250 words for every comment to minimum one student’s discussion at the end of Module 2. Part B – Scope and Time Management Plans In the assignment like PROJ6002 Project Planning & Budgeting tasks, you are required to develop key components of a Project by the use of information collected from the case study. The project management assignment writing experts offering PROJ6002: Project Planning & Budgeting- Bungalow Project assignment help say that the assignment cover introduction, goal and objective of the project, scope statement, project schedule, work breakdown structure, conclusion etc. The above task says that the bungalow is constructed on strip footings. The labour rates decided for the project accounts to 30$ per hour for labourers whereas 45$ per hour for a tradesman. It has also been given that the work week is a 50 hour week. This assignment can be done in three ways i.e. individually, pair or in a group. The task will remain the same for each as they have to provide a budget schedule and baseline for all scenarios which are most-likely, optimistic, pessimistic, and estimation. Hints To Solve Your PROJ6002: Project Planning & Budgeting- Bungalow Project-Design and Construction Assignment The most difficult part of a project management assignment can be to deal with Work Breakdown Structure or project schedule. Thus, the PROJ6002 assignment expert says that the students can use the templates available in the module’s learning resources. You are also free to use your format for this assignment. For the project schedule, you are required to submit a schedule and also draw a network diagram by the use of critical path method (CPM). You can also use the scheduling software like Project Libre or Microsoft Project to schedule your project. You are free to create your network diagram in the form of scanned, hand-drawn or create using drawing tools. For example - PowerPoint or Microsoft Word. The subject matter experts offering assistance for PROJ6002 assignments suggests that project objectives, project goals and scope statement should not be more than 800 words/student. -- If you have received an assignment like above then follow the approaches given above to prepare project schedule and Work Breakdown Structure. If you encounter any sort of issues while doing your PROJ6002 Project Planning & Budgeting assignments, simply get in touch with Sample Assignment. With us, you will not only get assistance in writing your assignment but also will get the sample written by the experts. The assignment sample can be the best option to generate ideas for your assignment which can be availed with the help of our assignment service provider.
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