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Relationship Between Human Rights And Humans - Humanities Assessment Answer

Hello everyone. Hope you are doing well. This blog will help you clear the concepts of the relationship between human rights and humans.  Human rights are the fundamental rights that belong to us; they exemplify critical values in our community and society, such as dignity, equality, fairness, and respect.  This relationship between human rights and human unit aims to demonstrate a fundamental understanding of the concepts covered by the term 'human rights and the core values of equality, freedom, and justice in students.

Now let us understand the requirements of humanities assessments.

A Brief On Human Rights Introduction

United Nations General Assembly adopted the first instrument formally recognizing human rights, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in 1948. Every individual has dignity and value. The way that we realize every person's fundamental worth is by admiring and respecting their human rights. Basically, human rights are the set of standards build by the government in concern with equality and fairness. It is our liberty to compose preferences about our life and to expand our potential as humans. It is entirely about living a free life without any fear, discrimination, or harassment.

Human rights are equal for all individuals universally, whether for rich and poor, men and women, apart from our background, what we think, where we live, or what we believe. This is what makes human rights' universal'.

International Human Rights Treaty Bodies

Seven important human rights treaty bodies supervise the accomplishment of the international human rights treaties :

  • Elimination of Discrimination Against Women committee
  • Migrant Workers committee
  • Human Rights Committee
  • Elimination of Racial Discrimination committee
  • Rights of the Child committee
  • Against Torture Committee
  • Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Committee

What Are The Characteristics Of Human Rights?

Theorists may keep on doing the argument about human rights, but the international community stated a surprising commitment to human rights by endorsing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. Some of the essential characteristics of human rights are:

  • One of the vital characteristics of Human rights is, they are inalienable, which means that any person cannot lose them just because they are associated with human existence; they are intrinsic to all humans.
  • The second major characteristic is that human rights can be defined using interdependent, indivisible, and interrelated terms, meaning different human rights are intrinsically associated and cannot be isolated.
  • Another significant feature of human rights is universal; they apply equally to all individuals everywhere globally, without any division or distinction of "race," sexual orientation, colour, sex, disability, language, religion, birth, or another status.

Learning Outcomes Of Human Rights Assessment

While completing the assessment based on human rights, the students will:

  • Develop an in-depth understanding of human rights
  • Understand the relationship between human rights and responsibilities
  • Able to implement the concept of human rights in their lives
  • Able to analyze and evaluate who is responsible for the maintenance of human rights
  • They will be grateful for the meaning and importance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Types Of Human Rights Questions Covered Under Humanities Assessments Answer

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