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sop webinar

sop webinar

As a student or professional in the making, you may have been, at some point, asked to write and submit an SOP. This practice is followed so that your intent to pursue that particular course or profession is clear. SOP Writing is one of the vital skills every student must possess. 

An SOP is a lengthy write-up needed by colleges throughout the world as part of the admission process. As the full form of SOP suggests, a Statement of Purpose is a document that states the reason for applying to a certain course at a specific university and certain professions.

This document summarises who you are, who you want to become, and how prepared you are to follow a certain academic or professional objective.

The paper aims to understand the candidate's life, motives for choosing a career route, and aspirations. As a result, you should talk about prior events that have impacted your professional journey in a certain sector where you want to advance by enrolling in a course/college.

Benefits Of The Sample Assignment SOP 101 Webinar 2021

Sample Assignment gathered professionals and esteemed guests from various fields to hold a webinar for students applying to universities of their choice. Since we get a lot of queries from students across the world, we felt that having this webinar was long overdue.

Attached below is the certificate awarded to the participants of the webinar:

sop certifications

Along with the participation certificate, students got a chance to comprehend the value of a good SOP. They also received several tips on how to make their SOP stand out.

Why Do I Need An SOP?

You may be wondering why you are being asked to submit a new statement when the Admission Committee has all of your academic achievements and certifications, Résumé, and job experience.

This is why experts at Sample Assignment decided to take the initiative towards educating young minds on the whys and hows of SOP writing. The SOP 101 Webinar - 2021 was conducted to address the scepticism on the importance of an SOP.

A well-written SOP is vital to your acceptance. Simply put, several facets of a candidate's proposal are scrutinised before making a choice. Although your academic history, additional test competitive transcripts, and arrears certificates are all quantitative, your SOP is the single qualitative part of your application.

The SOP is the single record in your application that demonstrates that you possess distinctive qualities that distinguish you from the competition.

Although there are a variety of SOP forms and examples accessible online for candidates to utilise for SOP preparation, it might be challenging to find the proper structure. Furthermore, you might not locate the necessary stylistic requirements for a certain version or the appropriate sequence to adopt.

Every SOP ought to be distinct; hence Sample Assignment has its SOP guidelines to assist students in interpreting the sections of a statement of purpose so that it may be created. SOP 101 can help you with everything you need to know about the proper structure and context of an SOP.

online sop webinar

What Should My SOP Include?

As talked about in the webinar, an SOP contains several components. Universities may need question-based papers or a generic statement of purpose. Unless otherwise requested, an SOP should cover your ambitions, the professional route you have chosen thus far, and your educational achievement.

Professional motives that led you to pick the college you have enrolled in and plan to employ that expertise to attain that objective are crucial components of the SOP.

According to our experts, here’s a list of questions that your SOP must always answer: 

  • Why do you wish to further your education?
  • Why do you want to study at this specific university?
  • Why do you want to take this class?
  • What sort of and how much experience do you have in your field?
  • How do your experiences relate to the area or lab you wish to work in?
  • What are some ways you can provide value to the campus?
  • Do you have any specific research ideas you'd want to pursue? If yes, please explain briefly.
  • How would attending university and earning an M.Sc/PhD degree help you reach your goal?

Things To Remember While Writing Your SOP

Listed below are some pointers to help you understand what to focus on while writing a killer SOP:

  • Whenever you enrol for a bachelor, PG degree or PhD, the approach for creating a strong statement of purpose is to remain centred.
  • From your educational and professional experience to your career ambitions, you must meticulously link all of the threads connecting achieving your objectives and selecting the right institution and program.
  • The essay should always flow and address your previous experience, current involvements, and future ambitions.
  • While creating your SOP, one thing to keep in mind is to break it into sections that address all the criteria.

Here’s Why Sample Assignment Webinars Are Your Stepping Stones To Success

We can guarantee that students who attended the SOP Webinar are more likely to write a perfect SOP and ace their admission process for any college.

Similarly to SOP writing, there are several doubts and technicalities that students can often not fully understand. These may include resume writing, dissertations, essay writing and much more. You will be glad to know that we have experts for every academic-related query on the planet.

All you need to do is be a part of our interactive monthly webinars. Since we care about students’ academic growth, you will always find tips and tricks that you never thought existed.

Also, you can send us any doubts, questions, requirements you have, and our academic experts will make sure that you are catered to. From assignment writing help to live one on one sessions, we can do it all.

So what are you waiting for? Call us now and get our premium SOP assistance at affordable prices.

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