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Webinar on Entrepreneurship

Today, the concept of startups is very famous in our nation. The government promoted the project of Startup India, emphasis on creating a strong ecosystem that is beneficial for the development of startups. It focuses to empower startups to succeed in development with the help of technology and innovation. Are you planning to work on your startup idea? But, you are confused about where to invest and how much to invest o begin with the process? Not to worry, you landed at the right place.

Sample Assignment conducted its online webinar on Entrepreneurship skills on 29th March 2022. The entrepreneurship management expert Mr. Dheeraj Gambhir shared his experiences and tips on how to become a successful entrepreneur. The event turned out to be a great success. Several students actively participated in the webinar.

During the webinar, the expert shed light on the role of an entrepreneur, the challenges they face, and how to manage your team and boost their morale from time to time.

Sample Assignment Webinar

Who Is An Entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is a driver, initiator, starter, and challenger. There are several phrases to define the term entrepreneur. He is the person who emphasizes creating something new for the organization for the development of both the team members and the business.

He is not the initial point or sometimes the end of the project or activity. Along with that, he is the one who decides whether the idea should be turned into reality or not. Including that, he plays the role of a leader who motivates his team to be an active participant in every project and work together to achieve the goal. He sits in the driver's seat and has the power in his hands to change the course of actions of his team members and guides them in the right direction.

Furthermore, other skills are required to become an entrepreneur, such as being responsible and accountable for the future of the business or the projects. Also, he has the highest venture stakes in the business, which shows that he should master the art of entrepreneurship skills for the smooth running of his organization.

Tips to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

He is the one who comes up with new products/services to solve the challenges faced by the clients every day. The way of entrepreneurship is different for every being, but every entrepreneur should be trained for both criticism and failure and work on upgrading his skills and knowledge. Honestly, there is no secret recipe for becoming a successful entrepreneur, but there are several tips that you can take a look at

Work on a business plan

When you develop a business plan, it assists you to materialize your new ideas on the piece of paper and imagining how your business will be operated in the future. Your business plan should answer the questions such as

  • About service or product and the priorities concerning it.
  • Where will the operations take place concerning the business, and where do you want to be in five years?
  • How can one attract leads for the sale of products and services?
  • Who is your competitor?
  • How will the operations take place? How will you face the challenges?

Be careful

Be careful while examining if the expenditure is good for the long term or a short term investment; go through your business plan and evaluate how it will contribute to the success of your business, including the additional costs.

Educate yourself

Keep attending online Webinars on Entrepreneurship or regular classes. You can gather a considerable amount of data concerning the failures and successes of your business.

Create a winning team

The success of every business depends on its team. Hence, a successful entrepreneur requires a competent and reliable team.

Make use of free marketing tools

There are several marketing tools, such as social media and Google, which you can access freely to get to know about market trends and the position of your business.


Connect with individuals and groups to grow your business or for financial assistance. Also, it will also help you to learn in-depth about the skills required to become a successful

Go for Insurance

We all know that running one's own business includes risk, too, as there are several decisions every day concerning the future goal, and we cannot forecast the future. To avoid that, you can invest in insurance to secure your business.

What Is the Lean Start-Up Method?

It is a method of constructing or managing a startup or business by examination and experimentation while offering products or services on the basis of your research and feedback from your tests. It is a safer way for the startup.

This method aims to eliminate the wasteful practices during the beginning phases of the organization, which help with the higher probability of long-term success.

Also, this method will help startups to upgrade their positions in the market without much funding and extensive business plans.

Principles of Lean Startups

Webinar on Entrepreneurship

Here are the principles of Lean Startups covered in our online Webinar on Entrepreneurship:

Entrepreneurs are Everywhere

There are several forms of startups and entrepreneurs. Also, there are multiple opportunities that entrepreneurs can employ to construct a successful business.

Entrepreneurship is Management

Management plays an important role in the startup or organization. At the same time, lawn startups have a unique form. Including the learning-oriented and flexible management leads to a successful lean startup.

Validated Learning

It comprises serving the needs of the customer with the services or products. With the help of experimentation, one can get to know about the nerve of th customer. You can go through the tips to become a successful entrepreneur to find out several ways through which you can conduct the experimentation process.

Innovation Accounting

Gather the data concerning the analysis and tests to examine what works best for your business. Go through the feedback and data collected through the analysis instead of working on the new projects.


Lean startups will be helpful by working on the Minimum Viable Product (MVP). This process undergoes rigorous examination through client feedback and tests to analyze how the targeted audience will accept the service or product.

This is not the end; we have more in our bucket. Our expert at entrepreneurship assignment help Australia go through several other topics, such as defining entrepreneurship in pop culture and how to execute an idea concerning your startup. Also, if you want any help with assignments or looking for an essay writing service, then worry not; we can help you with the best academic assistance to elevate your knowledge and skills in academics.

Furthermore, we have one more webinar coming up in the month of April on expert career guidance for students. Keep a check on the website to enrol for the webinar.

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