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Secret Hacks To Best Essay Writing

Essay writing is a big deal in Australian campuses, so much so that there are over 100 Essay Assignment Writing Help companies in Sydney alone. Similarly, their peers are prevalent in other University cities, such as Perth, Brisbane and so on. As students or alumni of Top Australian Universities, you all will relate to the fact that although faculty is very vocal about the attributes that they desire in a good essay but often fall short of explaining the core tools in reaching that objective. So, what is the secret recipe for writing a Flawless Essay? The pressures of essay writing are very capable of turning you into an insomniac but these excellent essay writing tips will vanish those dark circles under your eyes and will enable you in presenting your research in essay format which checks all the boxes with the guidelines of Marking Rubric and Bloomberg Taxonomy. Mistakes to be avoided while writing an essay Writing is an art that needs to be polished by rigorous rehearsals. Famous American poet and critique Marilyn Hacker says, “Good writing gives energy, whatever it is about.” and yes it is very true if we correlate this saying with your essay writing assignment. If you write flawlessly, you will surely be appreciated by your mentors and this appreciation will boost your energy to work hard for your upcoming academic career.

Follow These Easy Steps to write your essay assignment like an expert

You need to be alert and methodical else your essay; your best version of it may turn into a dreadful typo. Planning is a major step that needs to be done before penning down anything. It is something that is infused in student’s DNA from a very initial age. Yes, you heard me correct; From a very initial age. I am sure you have used your planning skills in different tasks during your school or college such as, while giving a live performance, managing the event, etc., now it’s time to use that skill in writing your essay writing assignment.

Starting with choosing the best essay topic

Sometimes students get their topics assigned by their teachers, but at the time you are given freedom to write on the subject of your interest and this is the opportunity where the best of your capabilities needs to come out. Choose right, don’t stick on one topic, select at least more than two topics and pick the perfect one on which you can work well through AB Testing (read Peer reviews). Do extensive research on the subject you are willing to write on and pick the topic on which you can easily find the research materials and can add your point of view.

Prepare the outline of your thoughts.

For writing an essay that can offer you HD grades, you have to be extremely creative and know the art of connecting your thoughts with your topic. Firstly, jot down those points that are already there in your mind. Then make an outline of points that you are going to infuse into your writing and then relate it with your ideas so that you can justify each point in a refined way. This blueprint will act as a base on which you can structure your whole paper.

Create an effective thesis of statement for your essay

Now that you are done with choosing your topic and framing your ideas, it’s time to put out the gist of the topic and frame your thesis of the statement. The thesis of statement summarizes the main body of the essay. There are always two parts in the statement of thesis, one containing the topic of the essay and the second part deals with the core points of the essay.

Write the introduction

Here comes the most important part of your essay, yes the introduction part. Always remember one thing, while writing the introduction you have to present your points in a lucid and easily readable manner. This is where you have to hold your reader’s attention. Infuse information, story relevant to your topic, and connect it with examples. Don’t forget to build a link between your ideas and the thesis of statement that you have to write in the last lines of your essay.

Write appealing body content of your essay

The main idea of your essay topic should come in the body content in a separate section. Each paragraph of your essay should have a new idea but should be connected with the central theme so that it can build a coherent structure.

Conclude it well

‘Last but not least’, conclusion being the last part of your essay should contain the sum-up of the whole idea. It should be structured in such a way that the reader gets the whole information and the final perspective on the topic.

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