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What Is Short Essay And Short Essay Format?

Many students find it challenging to complete their assignments and essays with the required quality on time. To solve the problems of thousands of students like this, we provide you with all kinds of assignment help. We provide essay writing help online from the best professional writers at your disposal. Students can check the reviews of Sample Assignment, and they can get to know that we provide the best service in the market. This article throws light on the concept of short essays, short essays definition and short essay format.

Definition of Short Essay

A short essay is an essay where the scope of contents is not very large but relatively moderate and focuses on discussing a particular topic, event, or phenomenon. As its name explains, a short essay is an essay that is short in length and scope of contents that it covers. A short article can be around 500-600 words in all, covering one to one and a half sides of an A4 sheet. It roughly covers about five paragraphs, each of a hundred words.

How to Write a Short Essay?

In all forms of short essays, whether the paper is narrative, descriptive, or argumentative, a particular short essay writing format is followed, which is as follows:

  1. Introduction: Introduction is a vital part of any form of short essay writing format. It is necessary to make the introduction attractive and informative to attract the reader to the essay's topic, make him feel intrigued, and encourage him to read the whole piece. The introduction is the first impression of the essay and first impressions matter. The introduction should introduce the topic, your hypothesis, and the problem you are trying to address, along with a catchy component that clarifies why the reader should read your essay.
  1. Thesis: The thesis is the last sentence of the introduction. It throws sufficient light on what the essay will talk about. It should include the topic and the argument you are proposing and plan to discuss throughout the paper. It should be specific, well-articulated, and self-explanatory. If it fails to meet these standards, it should be edited until it makes proper sense by becoming applicable to these three measurement standards.
  1. Main Body: An ideal suitable short essay format consists of 5 paragraphs, out of which three are included in the main body. This is where the main idea is discussed while being backed up with proper evidence and facts. The general practice is to put forth the strongest argument in the first paragraph of the main body, back it up with appropriate evidence, and then form further paragraphs as we descend the hierarchy of importance of points.
  1. Conclusion: Conclusion is the point where you have to conclude your essay. The conclusion involves summarizing the points made in the main body and using the evidence you put forward to communicate your point to reach home effectively. No new information should be added to the conclusion. Just like the first line is written to catch the reader's attention, the last line should provide them with a sense of satisfaction with the content. Sometimes, the conclusion is often a call to action or talking about the need for more research on the topic at a mass and at an individual level. This is how a conclusion is shaped in the short answer essay format.

In this manner is the formatting of a short essay done.

Different Short Essay Response Formats

APA short essay format: The short essay format by American Psychological Association involves essays on the topic of psychology and consists of following specific margins on both sides and distinct formatting styles. More information about APA short essay format and APA short essay format examples can be accessed by contacting online essay typers.

MLA short essay format: MLA, which stands for Modern Language Association, deals with scholarly manuscripts and student research papers. More information about MLA short essay format or MLA short essay format examples can be accessed by contacting online essay typers.

List of Short Essay Topics

A list of short essay writing topics for practice is:

  • Effect of media on eating disorders
  • Exposure to media violence and aggression in children
  • Censorship on digital platforms
  • Environmental degradation
  • United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  • Religion and interconnectedness with politics
  • Factors behind the growth of obesity
  • Mental health issues and stigma
  • Should Contemporary exams be continued?
  • Gaslighting

Guidelines for short essay

A few short essay writing tips are:

  • Research: Researching is always a crucial part of writing any form of essay. A short essay also requires adequate research which is relevant to the topic given by the supervisor. However, one of the merits of a short essay is that since it is short in length, it does not require very extensive research. Finding 2 to 3 articles or papers to cite and talk about is quite enough for a short essay.
  • Brainstorm: Short essays require you to stay as focussed as you can. You do not have the scope for random babbling or going off-topic here because of the limited length of the essay. Therefore, brainstorm and decide upon the arguments and points you want to include in your essay before you start writing. Brainstorming is thus an important exercise to be performed when writing a short essay.
  • Outline: After brainstorming, write down a basic outline that you would like to follow when writing your essay. Getting engaged in chaotic and unnecessary information and going off track from the topic is a very serious threat that we face when writing short essays. Therefore, a rough outline of all the paragraphs, the points to be included, arguments and counter-arguments, and a conclusion should be prepared before you start writing the main essay.
  • Write: Now that you have an idea of what you want to write and an outline of how you want to write, writing the main essay would not be a very difficult task for you. You will, of course, face many difficulties in writing down the essay but they won’t be burdensome and the quality of your essay will be phenomenal.
  • Proofread: Proofreading and editing your essay after writing the first draft is a very essential practice that should be followed before submitting your essay. You should proofread to make sure that none of the ideas is rushed or left unexplained and edit any kind of grammatical mistakes committed during writing.

Short Essay Example

Examples of a short essay assignment is given below:

Example 1

Example 2

Why To Choose Our Academic Essay Help?

Writing a short essay, especially in APA short essay format or MLA short essay format is very difficult yet essential and requires in-depth knowledge, analysis, understanding and writing skills, etc. Students often find it confusing, challenging, and exhausting to work on a short essay response format and require professional assignment help in completing their assignments and learning the whole concept properly.

Moreover, supervisors often have unrealistic expectations from students and hand out impossible-to-meet deadlines, making it almost impossible for students to complete the assignments independently. Many students work various jobs to support themselves through college, and it becomes difficult for them to take the time out for completing such exhausting tasks.

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