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With the decreasing attention span and limited time to read long-written stories, short stories are gaining popularity among people. The foundation of a good story, be it long or short, relies on a fascinating idea. Getting these captivating ideas is not very daunting, and one may come up with one effortlessly. But there could be days when hunting for an innovative idea becomes a challenging task. If you often get out of short story ideas that are worth reading or you consider it a difficult course to follow, you can get help from Sample Assignment experts. Moreover, read this article to make brainstorming trouble-free.

What is a short story?

A fictional short story of 1000 to 10,000 words. It is shorter than a novel and entails fewer characters. Writing short stories is completely different from writing long stories in every aspect. While writing a short story, it is crucial to use all the important elements, such as plot, pacing, character, theme, and conflict, to align with each other smoothly.

Why are the Right Ideas Essential for a Bewitching Short Story?

A prospective topic that directs writers to create a write-up effectively is very important. If you pick up an idea that doesn’t resonate with your interest, your write-up will not attain the depth that is required to enchant the audience. Therefore, the ideas or prompts that make the foundation of your short story are something about which you can write impactfully.

How do you make sure a story idea is good?

You may be good at some things, and you may confuse them as your areas of interest for writing. But, this may not be the case. If you are going to opt for a certain topic to write about, you need to make sure if you strive for that idea or not. If the answer is affirmative, go for it! This is the idea that can help you create an out-of-ordinary write-up.

What if the Idea is not Unique?

The uniqueness of an idea is often a matter of concern while writing a short story. But let me tell you that your chances of writing on a genuinely original topic are almost nil. Therefore, it is useless to waste time searching for an original topic. Since every person has different thought processes and different perspectives on things, therefore, if you are going to write about your experiences, then the originality of your topic doesn’t matter. You are only required to be clear about whether the topic enthralls you or not. And, if the answer is yes, it is the idea for your short story.

Tips For Coming Up With Short Story Ideas

The most amazing ideas can come from within oneself, as these are the ideas that motivate writers to create some astonishing write-ups. If you are confused about filtering out the most worthy ideas that will lead to high-quality stories, read further and get clarity. 

1. Explore Your Surroundings

While searching for an original idea, writers often forget that the most original thing is their own mind. One should observe everything around them and keep a note of all the things that drive them. This could be anything from people’s sayings to images or characters. You can definitely get enormous ideas if you observe things properly and find out the things that are the most appealing to you.

2. Life Experiences

Every person has a number of moments, incidents, and people that leave a forever mark on their lives. You can take prompts from your childhood memories or a decision that didn’t go as you planned. These incidents can be natural prompts or ideas for short stories. You just need to identify the most appropriate ones among them and whether you are able to write a convincing story with them or not.

3. Other Write-ups

If you love to read, you can take inspiration from the write-ups of other writers. Moreover, you should assess and try to figure out the reasons why you found those write-ups impressive. Inspiration can come from anywhere, so it is better to be always vigilant. 

4. Prompt Lists

Another decent way of getting inspiration or ideas for a short story is getting prompt lists from search engines. You just need to find out the genre that excites you be it horror, fantasy, romance, sci-fi, or mystery, and you are good to go. Just enter it on Google, and you are sorted. 

short story ideas 

 Easy Steps to Write a Short Story

1. Idea Identification

Idea identification is both the most crucial and the most difficult step in writing an interesting short story. Once you are done with this part, you are halfway done with your story. This is because the success of your story relies on the good story ideas you opt for. As explained above, there are various smart ways that you can apply to get the idea of your interest.

2. Defining the Character and Its Goal

Writers often immensely focus on every other major thing related to story-writing, such as a good beginning and an engaging end. But, they often ignore the significance of a character in a story.  It is essential to save time and make the write-up catchy and engaging. Keep the momentum of ups and downs going in the story, and don’t skip any opportunity to show tension. Moreover, one should not be afraid of experimenting with the format and structure of the story.

3. Head with a Strong Start

The beginning of any write-up is its backbone. If the opening lines are not impactful and catchy, the further content becomes useless. No one would love to read a story with a stale start. Therefore, a bold beginning is a must for a short story. Put your efforts into creating strong opening lines that engage the reader and encourage them to keep on reading. Start with a bang and keep it so interesting that readers want to read more and more to know what happens next. Another outstanding way to keep your start top-notch is by using a captivating image. 

4. A Middle That Resonates with the Message of the Story

The middle section is actually quite essential when it comes to a short story, as it consists of a very small number of words. Many writers give a very enchanting start to the story but often get confused in the middle. As a result, the middle goes out of the way of the topic. If you want your story to be appealing, then it is a must for you to keep track of all these small details. Your story should not lose the path in between and must keep up with the original message of your story.

5. A Memorable Ending

The ending is another important part of a story that should be intact. If the end doesn’t go well, it could be very disappointing for the readers.  There is no set way to conclude a story. Obviously, you can choose a way that aligns well with your storyline. It could be something that leaves questions in readers’ minds or could be something that is conclusive. But the most important thing to remember is that the conclusion should be compelling and revolve around the main characters of your story.

6. Rectify the Plot and Structure.

Writing a short story is one thing, and creating its best version is another. It is vital to keep the mood, viewpoint, and emotion of the story progressing with every sentence in the story. One should never aspire to write that perfect piece for the very first time. The journey from good to perfect is not easy. You need to edit properly and refine the original draft while keeping the central idea of the short story aligned. Read it again and again and jot down all the mistakes, errors, and inconsistencies.

7. Optimize the Length

While creating the final draft, if you feel that some parts of the story seem repetitive or don’t fit in properly with the other parts. The best way is to delete those things.  If you want to know if a sentence or part of your story is required or not, you just need to ask the question, “So what?”. Is it actually needed to be a part of your story? If not, it is always best to omit such perplexing parts.   

8. Go for a Second Opinion

Many writers don’t feel confident while sharing their piece of writing with other writers. But, it is really a helpful method to learn about the mistakes in the short story. There could be nothing like opting for this method to get a clear understanding of the errors in your work. 

9. Professional Editing

If you want to get rid of these complications, it is a great idea to get professional assistance. If you are writing a short story as an assignment, then it is advisable to opt for "do my assignment" services. This reduces your efforts and eases your work exceptionally. Moreover, you can get complete help with the creation of a short story with the help of professionals.

To conclude, it can be said that getting ideas using the above methods can make writing effortless for you. Hence, it is crucial to follow all the steps and tips while writing a short story. Also, if you need assistance regarding assignment help in Australia, you should connect with professional experts at Sample Assignment and resolve your concerns. While keeping all the points mentioned in this article, you can write an engaging and interactive short story for sure.

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