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SIT718 Real World Analytics Assessment Answer

The students are often asked to write an assignment for the SIT718 Real World Analytics . Many student are are right now looking for SIT718 real world analytics assessment answer. Maybe you are also one of them. Guess what, the answers can be found at Sample Assignment. Business analytics is something which is not a cup of tea for most of the students. Owing to this, the IT assignment writing experts available at Sample Assignment are geared to handle all the concerns and provide a complete approach to solve data analytics assignment solution.

Introduction to SIT718

This unit has two concepts of real world analytics which are multivariate data aggregation and optimisation. In this unit, the you will learn about the decision-making problems within a business, civil services or an industry. It will also teach you how to solve these problems using solution methods and modern modelling.

SIT718 Real World Analytics Assessment 2 Answers- Medibank Private Limited

SIT718 Real World Analytics Assessment 2 (Question 1)

Question: Analyse the performance and behaviour of share prices of a company using the stochastic model?

To answer the above question, you are required to know what is stochastic model and its use. Our IT assignment writing experts have defined the stochastic model as a type of financial model which is used to make investment decisions. This modelling calculates the probability of different results in different situations. It is also used to present data and estimate the probability of outcomes account for the level of randomness. According to our IT assignment help experts, the SIT718 Real World Analytics Assessment Task 2 Question 1 can be done in the following way - SIT718 Real World Analytics Assessment Answer Here, the symbols mean the following - s- Stochastic process T- time w- Brownian motion dt- Newtonian term dWt – Brownian term SIT718 Real World Analytics ACC00145 Financial Reporting

SIT718 Real World Analytics Assessment Task 2 (Question 2)

In order to answer the below given question, you have to choose one company of the given companies. Also, you are required to implement the stochastic modelling of share prices. SIT718 Real World Analytics The experts offering IT assignment help offer complete guidance to students on collecting exact historical data of a particular company. They also assist students in answering the questions that have been asked in SIT718 Real World Analytics Assessment Task 2.

SIT718 Business Analytics Assessment Task 2 (Question 3)

Question 3: Discuss the conditions that share prices have to satisfy so that it can be represented by a Brownian motion?

The above question is of 10 marks. Students who are going to answer this question need to be well-versed with entire conditions and situations which are suitable for share prices. All these need to be shown by using Brownian motion. You should also have to check whether your data falls under this condition or not. Also, remember to use the statistical tests to find out this. At last, represent it in a tabular form.

  • Correlation
  • Spearsman correlation
  • Pearson correlation
  • Chi-square
  • Independent T-tests
  • Paired T-test
  • Wicoxon rank-sum test
  • Multiple regression
  • Simple regression
  • Sign test
  • Wicoxon sign-rank test

SIT718 Real World Analytics Assessment Task 2 (Question 4)

SIT718 Real World Analytics Assessment Task 2 Question 4 Now, you are required to find ? and ? assuming that these two are constant. You can also go through the research about ? and ?. If you face an issue with research, our IT assignment help experts are available for assistance. They can be the one to help you as they have complete knowledge of the formulas. SIT718 Real World Analytics Assessment Task 2 Question 5

Get Complete SIT718 Real World Analytics Assessment Solution

We hope that the approach followed to answer SIT718 Real World Analytics Assessment 2 will be beneficial for you. You can download the complete solution for SIT718 Medibank private limited business analytics assignment from below. These solution has been drafted by our IT assignment subject matter experts. SIT718 Real World Analytics SIT718 Real World Analytics Assessment Answer

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