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SITXFSA002 Assessment Answers

Write the Perfect SITXFSA002 Assessment Answers

Sitxfsa002 is the unit titled Participate in Safe Food Handling Practices. Many Australian universities offer this coursework, like Victoria, Open University, etc. This unit applies to all organizations and places with kitchen premises or other small food preparation areas established either on a permanent or temporary basis. This can include restaurants, cafes, canteens, hotels, clubs, functions, events, catering services, catering, residential catering, in-flight and other transport catering, defence centres, and other places.

This unit deals with the skills, practices, and knowledge of handling food safely during the processes of preparation, storage, display, serving, and disposal of food waste. It involves following the food safety program and learning the skills listed in the program. Food handling practices are essential to learn and have significant applications and implications. However, students often face various difficulties forming a quality Sitxfsa002 Participate in Safe Food Handling Practices assignment solution and look for Sitxfsa002 assessment answers online on different academic writing services. Sample Assignment provides you with instant assignment help for your problems related to Sitxfsa002 assignment answers and other subjects and units.

SITXFSA002 Participate in Safe Food Handling Practices assignment solution

The Sitxfsa002 unit is based on the individual safety program of the organization, which is usually based on hazard analysis and other crucial control points. This unit applies to food handlers involved directly in handling food in their daily activities, including cooks, chefs, kitchen hands, caterers, and food and beverage servers. Food handlers need to study this unit and comply with the Australian New Zealand standards code. Businesses have to appoint and employ a food safety supervisor explicitly trained in this unit in various states and territories.

The steps involved in an ideal Sitxfsa002 Participate in Safe Food Handling Practices assignment answer are as follows:

Following the food safety program

The first and foremost step in safe food handling is following the food safety program that government agencies and organizations have developed. It involves accessing and using the relevant information from the food safety program of the local authority and the organization.

The next step is after the information has been received, the program should be followed along with all of its guidelines. Food hazards at critical control points should be paid attention to and health with. The food safety monitoring process should be conducted, and documentation of it should be done systematically. Non-conforming or unhealthy practices should be identified and reported. Moreover, corrective actions should be taken where food hazards are not controlled healthily.

Storing food safely

The second step involved in Sitxfsa002 Participate in Safe Food Handling Practices assignment answer is the storage of food safely. Following food safety policies is necessary not only in preparing food but also in storing it. Specific food storage conditions should be chosen for particular food types as per the conditions of storage required by the food type.

The food should be stored in environmental conditions which protect it against contamination, and it is the most suitable for maintaining its freshness, quality, and appearance. It is necessary that the food remains stored in a controlled environment and temperatures and that the frozen food remains frozen during storage.

Preparing food safely

It is essential to prepare the food safely; otherwise, storing it in safe conditions is useless. Colling and heating processes during preparation should be used in such a way that it supports the microbiological safety of the food. This microbiological safety can be used by constantly monitoring food temperature during the preparation stage through required temperature measuring devices.

The security of food at all locations during preparation, storage, and serving to the customers must be taken care of. It should be taken care that no amount of unhygienic conditions exist in the preparation area. The individuals involved in the preparation process follow all the required norms of hygiene and maintenance as needed for the food safety program. 

Providing safe single-use items

The fourth step involved in the Sitxfsa002 Participate in Safe Food Handling Practices assignment answer is the provision of providing single-use items to maximize hygiene conditions. Safe single-use items and of good quality should be provided to protect items against contamination and other forms of damage. Single-use items ensure safety and hygiene conditions. However, all the conditions and guidelines for the use of single-use items must be followed, and they should be disposed of properly after their use.

Maintaining a clean environment

Maintaining an overall clean environment is a necessity when running a food centre. Clean and sanitised equipment, and utensils surfaces should be there and used. Appropriate containers should be used to store food, and the accumulation of garbage should be prevented at all costs.

Cleaning requirements and unsanitary conditions should be identified, reported and taken care of without any delay. Broken or cracked equipment, pieces of furniture, or food should be disposed of at the earliest opportunity there should be no scope for any hazardous environment. Moreover, special care should be taken to ensure that the food handling areas are all free of pets, animals and pests and if identified, they should be immediately cleaned, reported and dealt with.

Disposing of food safely

The last step of the Sitxfsa002 Participate in Safe Food Handling Practices assignment solution is the disposal of food waste safely. It is very necessary to dispose of food waste hygienically. All the foodstuff that is to be disposed of should be separated from the other food and stored differently to prevent contamination. This food should then be disposed of healthily and systematically to prevent cross-contamination.

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