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2024-05-22 17:12:16

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Slow Cycle & Fast Cycle Market Strategy

Market condition and the market cycle is dependent on each other and the competition itself is dependent on these factors as well. The market cycle is divided into three parts and two major parts which are the slow cycle market strategy and the fast cycle market strategy which would be discussed and are contemplated as vital topics in understanding the business and its marketing strategies.

Slow Cycle Market

Coming firstly to the slow cycle, if the market is in the slow cycle, then the significant competitor would be different from the fast cycle. The slow market cycle is less violent than that of its other parts due to the rapid decline in the prices of it the organization thereby decreasing the profitability. The change in the profit in any form would also change the significant contributors. In this state and situation, one of the major companies named Ford motor has introduced one of the most significant and creative products which would have the competition in the industry based in the US. This would help in the competitive advantage of the company in the slow cycle market.

Fast Cycle Market

This concept is not a new one in the operating concept of the business strategy. It has been a key factor in the success of the business which ranges from every business and every work. In the present time, businesses that are complex are achieving competitive sustainable advantages by making changes in a radical way.

Through this, the company makes the decision fast and the conversion of companies can be done ensuring deliveries sooner than that of the other competitors in the market. This leads to the provision of unique value in the market they serve and their values are translated and grown at faster and higher profits rates.

A fast cycle plays an important and vital role in companies that are in the top performing zone. Firstly it has the organizational capacity and a level of performance which helps in shaping the management and building the company and the attitude of the employees as well.

The main idea is to design an organization that would perform without any little necks, errors, and inventories where most companies live. Through this information, they flew out fastly and largely. The faster the information flows the better the response of the customer is received and the adjustment in the market demand and competition can be done. A major amount of time is lessened fighting with the coordination problem.

Secondly, the fast cycle market in terms of management provides a way of thinking about how to organize and lead a company to gain an advantage over the competition. It helps in organizing the message because of its simple approach. This phase allows the compressing time reinforcement.

Need of the Competitive Advantages in the Market Cycle

The competitive advantage is made to protect, maintain and expand the other forms of advantages that are present in the market. This has a role to play in the market and its cycles. The time when the market faces a slow cycle. The company can return to the advantages of the competition by launching a strategy when the cycle is slow. On the other hand, these advantages on the creative level protect the company and its products from getting imitated as in the cycles, the imitation takes place quite quickly and early. Sustainability if the advantages in this cycle do not remain constant. The major advantage is to make sure that the advantages in the slow cycle can be taken as one which ensures non-imitation of the products.

If the market is in slow cycle form, the most important competitor would be different as compared to the fast cycle market. The major reason here is the alliance which is made on a strategic basis and the other reason is the increase in the accessibility of the market which is restricted. Through this, the foundation of the new franchise is done thereby stabilizing the market. In the slow cycle market, it is quite easier to lead and make an advantage at a competitive level. This can lead to company gain and also taking advantage in this case.

Throughout the analysis, it can be understood that competitive development can be gained by the fast-cycle market as it contributes to better performance across the board. Service provided to customers also increases and the speeding up of the production cycle is done as well. Innovation becomes a behaviour that is helpful in the development of new product development and helps in keeping the company in touch with the customers and their needs.

Development of the fast cycle is not easy and it cannot be done in one night. It needs a series of rethinking procedures and the ways through which company goods and services can be delivered to the customers. It also means that many parts organization would need to work together in varied ways which would help gain maximum results and output.

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