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2022-08-16 12:54:25

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Some tips for Research Writing

Research-based writing follows a specific format. The expanded form of APA style is American Psychological Association. It includes several rules based on which the writing should be based.  The rules of the writing style are described here: End of the sentence: After the end of a sentence the research writing style States to incorporate two spaces after committing period. The reason behind this is to enhance the readability of the content. Font and styling:  Times New Roman with font size 12 is the standard that is incorporated by the APA research writing style.

Following the same format throughout is the basic rule of the research writing style. About Notes:  Use of Footnotes and Endnotes are not included in APA research writing style.  It is one of the common rules in other research writing practices like MLA and others. The Apa research paper Assignment Help incorporates the use of in-text citation and reference page. The style allows five levels of headings. The rules for writing heading include:

•    The first level of heading should be bold and positioned centered.

•    Second level should be bold and flush left

•    The third level should be italicized and bold and flush left.

•    Fourth level should be indented, bold and italicized

•    Fifth level should be indented and italicized For writing general text and for level fourth and fifth heading the indent incorporated should be 0.5 inches for new paragraph starts.

However, in the abstract page no indent is allowed. The margin on all four sides should be maintained at 1 inch. The number included in the text should be in the included in the spelling if the number represented is less than 10.

The decimal number presented in the text greater than one should be written like 0.43. Don't use the leading zero of the number. The order of the section should not be disturbed. The first section must be introduction following and Abstract Page, the main body, reference page and table, figures and appendices. Start each section on a fresh page. The page header should be in capital letters. The first page should not contain a header. Page numbering is an important element in research writing.

Do not use the title page for numbering. Use standard paper size for writing usually it is 8.5 by 11 inches 8.5 by 11 inches.  The color should be white always. There are other programs available for the student to help them in writing the best academic writing. Information Technology Assignment Help UK provides tips to students to incorporate in their writing.

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