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What Is A Special Occasion Speech?

The most basic answer to the question of what is a special occasion speech is the speech that is given on special occasions. These occasions can be anything like a retirement party, a conference, a farewell, an orientation for an upcoming class, funeral, birth, marriage, anything.

Speeches are given on all of these occasions, and they need to be memorable, dynamic and empathizing with the audience. They must possess the capacity to move the audience emotionally. Writing a Special Occasion Speech is, therefore, an essential task.

Students may be asked to write special occasion speeches as part of essay writing exercises or assignments or write and deliver speeches on special occasions. Apart from this, people may often face the task of writing and delivering special occasion speeches. Most people dread the idea of even writing a speech, let alone delivering it. Well, bid a farewell to all of your fears and worries.

This blog contains an Excellent Special Occasion Speech Writing Guide which provides you with essential special occasion speech writing tips with examples. If you still feel confused, you can always take the help of our speech writing service and leave all of your troubles behind.

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What Is The Purpose Of A Special Occasion Speech?

The purpose of the special occasion speech can be multifold and depends upon the special occasion. It can be to congratulate someone, wish luck, say goodbye, welcome, express happiness and gratitude, etc. and so on.

What is the purpose of a special occasion speech is one question that can help the individual to decide upon a special occasion speech topic and write the speech effectively. Before writing, the individual needs to understand the main reasons behind this process of writing clearly. It is necessary to examine and analyze the purpose of the special occasion and the speech to write a good speech.

Thinking about what is the purpose of a special occasion speech, whether to spread joy, or express the loss of someone, motivate or congratulate, etc. can help you to understand and think about the points to be included in the main content.

How To Start A Special Occasion Speech?

Many people wonder how to start a special occasion speech effectively and powerfully. The essential thing to remember is that the introduction section of your speech should have a hook. It should spark the interest and the curiosity of the audience.

For this purpose, you can read and pay attention to good special occasion speeches. Another ideal practice would be to experiment with different ways and receive feedback from friends and family if your introduction is good enough.

Another essential thing to take care of when writing the introduction is to state the specific statement of the occasion and why you are giving the speech. The speech should contain the introduction of the special occasion and the purpose of your speech, along with your introduction.

Attempts should be made to write relatable content, and the main ideas of the speech should be listed in the beginning section of the speech. 

Special Occasion Speech Outline

Students often feel confused when it comes to writing a special occasion speech and cannot understand how to go about the process. The ideas Special Occasion Speech Outline looks like this:

  1. Introduction: Involves introducing the idea, purpose, the person giving the speech and providing the hook.
  2. Main Body: Involves talking about the main points of the speech, can include facts, stories, anecdotes, pros and cons, etc.
  3. Conclusion: Involves summarizing the main points and ending either on a powerful or humorous note.

Special Occasion Speech Writing Tips With Examples

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A few tips to follow when writing a special occasion speech are:

  1. Write briefly: No one likes to listen to long speeches on special occasions. For example, nothing kills the mood of a convocation ceremony than that one professor who has been hogging the mic for almost an hour while students sit in the scorching sun. Keep your speech to the point, concise and direct.
  2. Take care of the time when writing: You should always pay attention to the content you are writing and how long it will take to speak the written content. For example, if your wedding toast is 20 minutes long, chances are you will put the whole party to sleep, but if the eulogy that you are giving is less than a minute, people might suspect that you hardly had any feelings for the passed soul.
  3. Research and write: Do the required research about the occasion, about the topic you are going to be talking about, talk to more people to do your research, and gain information to use the researched points in your speech. For example, suppose you are to give a speech bidding farewell to a colleague on their retirement. In that case, you can research about the person by listening to other colleagues' stories and talking about them.
  4. Take notes: Writing a speech is a complex process and taking notes during research and ideation stages goes a long way when writing the final draft.
  5. Use humour: On most special occasions, adding a pinch of humour to the speech can help lighten the mood, connect with the audience and make a powerful impact.
  6. Proofread: Proofread, receive feedback from others and make the necessary changes as required. For example, you may have inserted a joke in your speech, but it might come out as not funny or even offensive when practised on a friend. The ideal thing here would be to either modify it or remove it altogether.

List Of Special Occasion Speeches

A list of special occasion speeches can include:

  1. Special Occasion Speech Toast: Special occasion speeches are given as toasts often in weddings or other events. The classic example would be the toast of the best man and maid of honour at a wedding.
  2. Special Occasion Speech Birthday: Special occasion speeches can be given on birthdays talking about the journey of the person whose birthday it is, their stories of childhood and others.
  3. Funny special occasion speeches: Some special occasions speeches are also funny. A few funny special occasion speeches include toast at your birthday, toast at a friend's birthday, congratulating a friend on finally completing graduation, congratulating a friend on finally getting into a relationship, etc.
  4. Other special occasion speech ideas: A few other special occasion speech ideas include:
  • Birthdays
  • Farewells
  • Commencement speech
  • Tribute speeches
  • Acceptance speeches
  • End of the year
  • Christmas celebrations
  • Retirement

Special Occasion Speech Essay Examples

Students often take our help in writing speeches and essays. A free snapshot of a special occasion speech essay example written by our experts is provided below, which helped the student secure HD grades on the assignment and make a fantastic impression in front of his professors and peers.

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