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One type of assignment that never leaves the students alone irrespective of the academic level is essay writing. Hundreds of students flock to the internet in the hope that they will find the steps to write academic essays. For them, essay writing is not a skill but just a tiresome task that needs to be done as quickly as possible. The experts at Sample Assignment present to you an essay writing guide that will help you to write quality academic essays.

What is an Essay?

We know that you do not need to know what an essay is but we are going to tell you anyway. Essay is written to give response to a question. Essay writing involves evaluating different arguments and related evidence about a particular topic. The best essay is the one which has information organised in the form of supporting evidence and structured arguments.

Every essay has following components -

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion
  • References

Begin with introduction

The best essay writing is the one which has one paragraph essay. Sounds stupid that who would write a two paragraph introduction? No, it is not stupid. There is a proper way of writing the introduction. What happens is that most of the students are not aware of how. Thus, when they write the introduction, their essay writing fails to include everything that is necessary of an introduction. The introduction is the part which gives the readers a brief history of time, sorry, of topic. This background of the topic is necessary to understand what the author is discussing about and how did he/she reached this stage. An essay writing with a good introduction provides the readers a clear approach of the essay question. Also, the readers get to know the key argument of the essay and how it will proceed. In the end, the introduction creates an outline of the entire essay. Once you have polished the introduction and left it to dry overnight, carve the body onto it. how to Write Academic Essays steps to Write Academic Essays

The body forms your essay

Essay writing has the second component called body. By body we do not mean that you start showing off your abs. No, not essay’s abs also. The body of the essay is a collection of arguments which are supported by facts & evidence and then analysed. The best way to write essay body is to follow “One Paragraph One Idea” format. Your essay writing process is simplified a lot when you do this. If not, our experts are available to help you out. Every paragraph that discusses an idea should be formed in two parts -

  • The first one is called Argument. In this part you need to present your idea. This idea is formed either from your understanding or from the support of an evidence.
  • Essay writing continues with an Evidence. The evidence is used to support your argument. Without evidence not even courts accept the allegations, how can the professor accept your ideas without supporting evidence? The evidence can be secondary literature, results from a different author, historical example, instances from your own life, etc.

The final part of essay writing is when body has been carved and now it will be packed in a conclusion, ready to ship. essay writing help

The conclusion can make or break the essay

If the packaging is not good, the goods may be damaged during transit. Similarly, if you do not conclude accurately and correctly, your essay may go to zero from hero. Conclude the essay writing by presenting the main arguments discussed in the essay in one liners. When we say one liner, do not try to sarcastic like Chandler Bing. The findings from various literatures that you studied also has to be mentioned here. Do not, we repeat, do not mention any new evidence in the conclusion. The conclusion in an essay writing is simply a brief repetition of what is discussed in the essay.

Well, looks like you need help.

Sample Assignment has sensors on the website which tells us that you need help in essay writing. Just kidding. But seriously, if you need essay writing help, there ain’t no better destination than Sample Assignment and its essay writing help experts! Recommended: 7 Tips to Become essay writer

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