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Get Accurate Solutions with our Strategic Management Assignment Sample

Strategic Management study deals in developing and applying strategic plans for businesses by the use of planning models, develop values, performance data review, PEST, SWOT & STEEP analysis, cost-benefit analysis, and many more. The strategic management assignments require the knowledge of organisations’ strategy, sustainable vision, smallest footprints, development goal, etc. These sorts of assignments sometimes become challenging especially when you are asked to analyse an organisation and make a report. But now, no need to worry because Sample Assignment is offering strategic management assignment samples by a team of academic professionals. We have explained a strategic management assignment sample with all its requirements and the best way to write.

Requirements of Strategic Management Assignment Sample

strategic management assignment sample The above-given assignment is about company analysis. It is an individual task in which you are required to choose a company just like you have done in the Strategic Management Assessment 1. In the previous assignment, we have developed strategies for an organisation, and it mainly focuses on the analysis including understanding the organisation’s internal environment and revised or new strategy. As per our management assignment experts, you must present your outcome in a series that showcase the lists of strategies recommended for the company you have selected.

Tips on writing A Strategic Management Assignment

Worried for your strategic management assignment? Take a deep breath and read the instructions and tips given by our management assignment experts.

  1. Before starting your assignment, you are required to have enough information about the topic. You can refer to related books, chapters or collect information beyond your subject-books.
  2. Once, you have analysed the company and done with developing the strategy, you are required to make a report of 2500 words discussing the company’s current situation and potential to implement new strategies.
  3. You must also illustrate the strengths and weaknesses of the company. Doing so will require the knowledge of tools like BCG Matrix, core competencies, value chain, and VRIO/ VRIN framework.
  4. Your new strategies will be based on corporate-level strategy, cooperative strategy, international-level strategy, and business-level strategy.
  5. Our strategic management assignment professionals recommend including relevant media reports, market intelligence database, and other company resources to justify and support your strategy.
  6. You must also have the knowledge of models like evaluation models, BCG Matrix, and dynamic SWOT. Along with this, provide at least 10 references to be included.
  7. You can make use of resources like articles, journals, business magazines, newspaper articles, subject-related textbooks, etc.

How to Write Strategic Management Assignments Effectively?

Willing to write your strategic management assignment on your own? Here are the few steps that could be quite helpful for you: Step 1: Start with the executive summary where you are required to share a quick overview of the company you have selected. For example: if you have analysed Optus, you will come to find that it followed people planet profit and triple bottom approach elements. Step 2: Now, give an introduction to your assignment discussing sustainability, growth opportunities, the impact of effective decision-making, and formulation of strategies. Step 3: Further, you are required to discuss the internal business environment of Optus. You are required to conduct SWOT analysis presenting the following things:

  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Opportunities
  • Threat

Step 4: Next to your assignment, analyse the external business environment of Optus through the PESTLE analysis. In this section, you will discuss the Political, Economical, Social, Technological, Legal, and Environmental terms. Political: Optus is a company that is ranked as the 2nd largest in the telecommunication industry. The company’s political environment in Australia is almost stable which creates a positive and healthy work environment for the abroad companies. Economical: If we talk about the financial aspects, Optus has propitious circumstances. The devices like mobile phones, technology, security services, and broadband have now become an important and necessary part of a people and they invest blindly to avail them. Therefore to provide an effective report, you must focus on the price competition in Australia, what services and packages to be offered, etc. Social: Moving ahead to Social factors, Optus is a company that has both B2B and B2C customers due to which it has more possibilities and opportunities to grow in Australia. Technological: As we know that Optus is a company related to the telecommunication industry thus it becomes essential for it focusing on the area of technology. You can discuss over the 5G technology, big data, and cloud which are being used nowadays for decision making and better client relationships. Legal: This could be an aspect where Optus can have the pressure to meet the Australian standard regulatory framework and legal policies. For example - hefty penalties and challenges in maintaining and sustainability can occur in the case of non-compliance to the legal aspects. Therefore, you can discuss such points to support your observation strongly. Environmental: While writing the environmental aspect of Optus, you can discuss the different ways in which they can reduce the carbon footprints, the ways to guide and train society for the conservation of the natural resource and how to support the climate change control procedures. If you face any sort of trouble while writing the Environmental aspect of Optus, just take help from Strategic Management Assignment Professionals. Step 5: Once you are done with the company analysis (industry scenario and business environment), find whether the organisation is following the strategic management principles or not. Step 6: This section deals with the strategic recommendation and options available for the organisation. Hence, provide the lists of options and recommendations based on your observation. Wherefore, these were the steps that management students can follow to effectively complete their strategic assignments. If you still need help in your assignment, simply contact Sample Assignment.

Why Contact Sample Assignment?

Sample Assignment comes with highly-experienced management assignment experts who not only assist students in writing assignments but also provide samples that can be used as a reference guide. In addition to this, you will get various features such as 24 hours of live support, discount offers, online guidance, assistance in online quizzes and examinations, etc. We provide a plagiarism-free assignment each time even on the same topic. This ensures that our strategic management assignment experts are highly skilled and well-known with the process of writing a unique and original solution papers. To know more dial our customer support phone number or email us directly to book your order.

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