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What Are Subject Matter Experts? Explore Their Roles And Responsibilities

Subject matter experts are those people who are experts in a particular subject, technology, function, machine material, etc. These experts help us in dealing with the subject-related issues in which they have expertise. They help in solving specific problems and overcome challenges. Subject matter specialist are found mostly in technical subjects but they can be found in almost all subjects albeit with varying numbers. Mostly they can be found in software engineering, software development, technology, marketing, customer relation, etc.

How To Become A Subject Matter Expert?

Subject matter experts as the name itself suggest are people who have a lot of expertise as well as years of experience. Moreover, they are people who do not only have the expertise that is gained through academic degrees but from their special capabilities. Moreover, they have had specialized degrees to get better expertise on a particular subject and also some particular aspect of a subject.

Additionally, experts have to keep updating on their knowledge and expertise and that is why to be a subject matter expert one needs to keep upgrading their knowledge to know more and stay updated about the subject.

A person who researches constantly can be the best subject matter expert. A subject matter expert can also write books, articles, etc. This helps because authors read a lot especially while writing about their subjects. They would have in-depth knowledge of the subject, therefore, to be a subject matter expert a person must keep on knowing about the subject or some aspects of it in a distinguished manner.

Teachers and instructors can also be good subject matter experts as their knowledge is also expanding all the time because they keep interacting with students and come across new challenges and updates.

If you google subject matter expert, you will get to know that one needs to be immensely immersed in the research related to the study. Moreover, you cannot be a subject matter expert unless and until you have given some considerable time to the subject and its study.

Being a subject matter expert also requires you to get expertise and research in one area of the subject. Thus before preparing to be a subject matter expert, you need to see that whether you are willing to dive so deep into the subject or you want to have a general understanding of most areas of a subject that would keep you in safe waters.

A subject matter expert also has to be quite adept in dealing with unique, off the track, and be willing to take on challenging tasks.

Role And Responsibilities Of Subject Matter Expert (SME)

The responsibilities of the subject matter expert are as follows-

  1. Supply the customers with policies, rules and procedures and communicate the same with the client.
  2. Represent the unit or problem at hand to the project team to reach a solution.
  3. After discussion brings back the information and suggestion to the client.
  4. Look at and analyze different case studies which are similar to these and come up with the best solution as per the peculiarities of the case.
  5. Execute the solution to the given case situation and analyze the outcome.
  6. If you are working in a team, then co-ordinate with the team members and be participative in projects.

Students need subject matter experts because there are some major responsibilities to which they can help with-

  1. Managing the workflow- managing work is all that is needed in the first place to have a good hold on any project that you are working on. If the project is not managed properly, then the team members will leave one by one, or the project will not take off in the way expected.

How To Manage Workflow?

Creating an organization that works simply and lucidly. The calendar should be used to track the delivery dates of small units of the projects. The details of all the projects are also useful.

  1. Asking the questions - asking questions prevents confusion, inconsistency, or miscommunication, therefore it is very important for having a clear understanding of the project as well as the practical smoothness of the project.
  2. Relationship building- is a project everyone needs every other person for information or performance or delivery, etc. therefore, for a project to run smoothly and for everyone to work as per their best of capacity, there need to be good relationships between people.
  3. Accepting challenges- change is the only constant. That is true for projects as much as it is for other aspects of life. The projects sometimes slack or the projects get changed due to one reason or the other, that is one thing subject matter experts need to be aware of.

Importance Of Subject Matter Experts

A top subject matter expert is important to reduce the costs and increase the efficiency of the project. Due to their expertise and proficiency, they have the exact idea about the prospective expenses as well as the ways of achieving the best results in the least possible time. Especially an internal subject matter expert will better be able to achieve all this as they have the right idea of the workings of the organization and the purpose and budget of a project as compared to an external one.

A good subject matter expert has the best knowledge of the issue in question, they would know what an organization is expecting from a project and whether that is achievable or not. The subject matter expert will also be able to let the organization know which goals and objectives are achievable and what time and resources will be required to achieve the goals.

How Do You Deal With SME (Subject Matter Expert)?

While dealing with SME's, one has to see that the Subject matter has the following aspects-

  1. Expertise- the expert is supposed to have the best understanding of the facts and the processes.
  2. Experience- knowledge of the work gained through the practical application of the knowledge.
  3. Influence- to be able to understand a situation and how to handle that situation and the ability to take such decisions that will have a long-term impact on the issue.

The management should see that a subject matter expert has the above-mentioned qualities and uses them while handling projects. The management has to take care that the subject matter expert takes care of the following things- that he has the right idea of the outcome of each worker, the current challenges faced by the employers, the obstacles faced in a particular project, the opportunities coming from a project and how to make the best of them, etc.

Sometimes the subject matter expert has no idea of what they are doing. Yes. That's a thing. If a subject matter expert is insincere and does not concentrate on his work, then the project manager has to look out for ways to extract work from him.

How To Work With A Subject Matter Expert Who Knows Nothing?

  1. Educate them about what you expect from them vis-a-vis the project.
  2. Give them a briefing of the project and its aims and goals both immediate and far-fetched.
  3. Ask questions related to their project and previous experience. This way you would know where they stand regarding their expertise. Also, ask them what challenges they faced and how they overcame those challenges.
  4. Keep reminding them what you are looking for in terms of efficiency and time management.

Some experts may on the other hand be know all and want to control everything to the effect that it created a lack of flexibility in the project management.

  1. Demaracrate the roles and responsibilities of all the members involved in the project and make sure that the roles and responsibilities are followed as prescribed and there is no overlapping.
  2. Let everyone know the importance of proper communication with each other whilst working on a project.

As per our academic writers, there may be other problems that a subject matter expert poses you with but that is something that you would have to figure out on case to case basis.

How Many Types Of Subject Matter Experts?

There are different types of subject matter experts. Roughly we can divide them into seven subject matter experts. Each type has peculiar characteristics which may at times overlap each other.

  1. The AWOL subject matter expert- absent without any leave. A subject matter who cannot be found at the right time and the right place.
  2. The unreliable subject matter expert- capable but lacks time management.
  3. The unfocused subject matter expert- derails from the real subject matter and engages in non-important matters.
  4. Include it all subject matter expert - work in too much detail and fail to see the bigger picture of the project.
  5. The busy bee subject matter expert- overly enthusiastic and gets into things that don't require their attention.
  6. The control freak subject matter- overconfidence and dominating.
  7. The clueless subject matter- confused and disinterested.

In addition to this, we also have academic subject matter experts from different fields like-

  1. SAP subject matter expert
  2. Nursing subject matter expert
  3. Managing subject matter expert
  4. IT subject matter expert
  5. Finance subject matter expert
  6. Law subject matter expert
  7. Programming subject matter expert
  8. Technical subject matter expert
  9. Marketing subject matter expert
  10. Thesis subject matter expert
  11. Tafe subject matter expert
  12. Dissertation subject matter expert

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