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Tesla New Model 2024

Hello car enthusiasts let’s take a deep dive into Tesla interior and cars with this blog. If you don’t know anything about Tesla, just keep reading this, and you will get all the major updates and information. When we talked about Tesla's founders then they were Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning. These two started the Tesla company. Elon Musk is the CEO now. Elon Musk is one of the first investors in Tesla, and he also co-founded PayPal, one of the top online payment services in the world. He is also the owner of Space-X, one of the leading spacecraft companiesand also a self-made billionaire. Some people say he is crazy because he talked about population control, but he has 11 children. Let not go in deep and keep reading to know about Tesla interior and their cars.

Tesla interior

Tesla cars are known for their looks and interior. We will be discussing more about every car model and their Interior. Taking a step inside Tesla is like entering the future of automotive design. The interior is a perfect mix of futuristic technology and refined aesthetics. The first thing you'll notice is the huge touch screen in the centre it's like the control centre of the entire car. Everything from navigation to climate control is right at your fingertips. The seats that Tesla fitted in their car are comfy, stylish and often made from top-notch material. These seats and interiors give the car a modern look. Tesla cars are known for their roominess, giving both the driver and passengers plenty of space to stretch out. And there's no traditional dashboard, which makes the whole interior feel even more spacious and open.

More about Tesla

Moreover, Tesla is one of the best car manufacturing companies in the world. Did you know the cars developed by Tesla are electric cars? This means they use electricity for running the cars. The mileage of their cars is the topmost with minimal electricity bill. Tesla cars help reduce air and noise pollution as they are also silent. These cars use Artificial intelligence Machine learning for automatic driving. These cars are mostly known for their mileage, Interior, look, silent and pollution-free.

Tesla Cars have very different models. These models are based on different people with different tastes in the car. There are very few models of cars that are S, Y, X, 3, Cybertruck and roadster. Tesla also offers many things from fashion, fleet, semi [electric truck], solar panels, solar roofs and power walls. In this blog, we will cover only cars one by one, from S to Roadster. Let’s go my fellow car enthusiasts learn all about these cars.

Tesla Model S

It is one of the luxury cars of Tesla. This car is for wealthier and middle-aged around 40 years old persons. Its target is specific, but many young people also drive this. This car has many models, from all-wheel drive to performance models, which cost more than all-wheel drive because of the extra third motor. This model is one of the most significant successes.

Tesla Model S

  1. This car has good looks, design and colour; let’s discuss them all individually.
  2. Look - This car's looks are comparable to many best-looking cars.
  3. Design - it is a mid-sized luxury sedan car.
  4. Size - it is a four-seater car with a big trunk space at the front.
  5. Colour - This car comes in 5 colour models: red, blue, white, black and silver metallic.
  6. After looks and design, let’s talk about its features.

This car has many features, from all-wheel drive to high-performance power. Let’s discuss them one by one.

  1. All-wheel drive - this model offers AWD [ All-wheel drive], which is best for on-road and little off-road driving.
  2. Dual Motors - this is the engine you will get if you choose the base model S Tesla.
  3. Tri-Motor - This is the engine you will get if you choose the Model S Tesla plaid model.
  4. Mileage - This car gives a mileage of about 405 miles [651 kilometres].
  5. Interior - The Tesla Model S Interior is customizable, in many styles like normal and leather. Tesla's interior consists of a giant 17-inch touchscreen monitor. That monitor is the control panel of everything and features from the car on and off to the AC on and off.


Tesla Roadster is one of the fastest cars in the world. This is Tesla’s fast and premium car targeted at wealthy people. This is the quickest electric car in the market, with 1-60mph in just 1.9s and more than 250mph top speed. The Roadster is the first car of the Tesla company. This car is famous for its range and looks that are similar to the world's best premium and supercars.

Tesla Model Roadster

Now let’s talk about all the designs and colours.

  1. This car has a very peculiar and slim look based on aerodynamics for fast driving.
  2. This Tesla Roadster has only red colour on Its website. So, people had to wait for the roadster to become commercially available for everyone.

Let’s talk about its features and interior design.

  1. This car offers an extensive range of 620 miles (998 km approx) as per company standard means the range can be less and depends on how you drive it.
  2. This car offers a premium interior with many different designs from normal to premium design.
  3. This car has three batteries, three bases, and 4 pole induction electric motor.
  4. This car offers 800-1000 horsepower.


This is the new pickup truck designed and manufactured by Tesla. This is a futuristic-looking car with abilities or features that have been developing for many years. This car's first talk and design was showcased in 2019. Moreover, CyberTruck is a triangular and cubed-shaped car that is on the talk for its game looks. This car offers many things to many people, and its target audience is still wealthy people. This car price starts from 90000$ U.S.D to 120000$ U.S.D. CyberTruck is for offroading and to take shelter from many natural disasters.

Tesla Model Cybertruck

Now let’s talk about this car's features.

This car is designed to be a futuristic and game-looking car. Its targeted audience mostly consists of gamers and wealthy people.

  1. This is a pickup truck which is 5-seater with a large trunk and bed space at the rear.
  2. It can tow up to 11000 pounds (4989.5161 KG).
  3. This car also has an air purifier that kills all the viruses and purifies the air from bio-chemical attacks.
  4. This car came with the standard interior, but people and buyers can pay more to get the perfect leather Interior. Tesla Cybertruck interior is the most advanced compared to other Tesla cars.

Tesla Model 3

This is the most awaited car model of Tesla as this is for every person from middle class to high class. This car is the cheapest compared to any other Tesla car and still provides many benefits that are only found in the luxury car. Moreover, This model came with three types RWD rear-wheel drive, AWD all-wheel drive and a performance sedan model.

Tesla Model 3

Let’s learn all about this model in deeper detail.

  1. This is the cheapest car available in Tesla, with a price of 40,000$ U.S.D TO 60,000 $ U.S.D depending on the model any person chooses.
  2. This car comes with 5 colour models.
  3. This car comes with three types of battery: standard range plus, long-range plus and performance model battery. Battery is dependent on the choice of the model buyer chooses.
  4. This car comes with a normal or standard interior with no extra charge and premium leather with extra cost.

Tesla Model X

This is a costly and premium model of Tesla. This model mostly targets wealthy people for its sales. This car is not a sedan but an all-electric SUV model. Moreover, This car comes in two models: one is a dual motor, which is standard, and the other one is a Ludicrous Mode model for performance.

Tesla Model X

Let’s get to all the inside details of this model.

  1. This car comes with falcon-wing doors that are very different from any other model of Tesla.
  2. This car comes in 6 colour models to different people's tastes.
  3. This car is an all-performance SUV, but it provides a whooping 360 miles range
  4. This car's interior is the same as normal Tesla luxury cars, but as an SUV, it comes with 7 7-seater option. Tesla Model X comes with a premium leather finish for all buyers.

Tesla Model Y

Now we have come to the last model of Tesla, which is Y model Tesla. This Tesla is also an SUV like the Tesla Model X. But this model is for average or middle-class families that are looking for spacious SUVs with an electric motor. Moreover, this car comes in two models: long-range and performance model. Tesla Model Y interior is very normal or standard, but if you want to upgrade it, there are many options, from normal leather to premium leather.

Tesla Model Y

Let’s take a deep dive into its features.

  1. This car comes with a 330-mile range on long-range and slightly less or around 300 miles on a performance model.
  2. This model comes with only 5 colour schemes.
  3. Unlike Model X, which is a premium SUV, Model Y is just a Normal Electric SUV.
  4. People can upgrade its interior based on their preferences.

Does Tesla have a real leather interior?

This question can be answered both yes and no because the leather used by Tesla is Synthetic Leather. Synthetic Leather or vegan leather is a leather that is purely man-made rather than killing anime to get pure leather. Moreover, Tesla is an animal and environment-friendly company. That’s why they make electric vehicles and solar energy products like solar roofs, solar panels and many more to save the earth and scarce resources.

Does a Tesla have a camera inside?

Yes, Tesla puts a camera inside for many reasons. First, to ensure driver safety, driver monitoring and potential autonomous driving functionalities. However, Tesla still has not started this service because of privacy laws. This function will start after an update on the Tesla car software.

Can you change your Tesla interior?

Yes, but at the time of purchasing the car. As it allows you to make sure to get every function you want. If you add some features later after purchase, it can damage the car or can be a hassle for you in many ways. However, sometimes changing anything outside the Tesla service centre can result in a warranty void, which is very bad for buyers.


In conclusion, Tesla is one of the biggest car manufacturing companies in the world. To learn all about the Tesla automobile industry keep reading the blog related to tesla and also get help in your automobile assignment, contact or visit sample assignment. We provide tutorials session to students to get an overview regarding case study as well as assignment help to those who are struggling and don’t have extra time for writing assignments. We also provide many services that are very useful for many students who need academic type help.

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