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Hello readers!!! How have you been? I hope you are doing amazing work and are also reading new stuff. If that is the case, then this web blog will be of immense use to you. You must be thinking. Why? And How? As readers, we often fail to notice the little things that make the whole literary piece come to life. The minute details that make the writing touch the emotions of the readers and help the readers relate to literary work. Don't you sometimes use words like the breeze is singing or the woods and sky is dancing etc. to convey your emotions?

Why do you use such phrases when it is well known that the breeze can't sing and the sky can't dance? Well. Knowingly or unknowingly, you use it to add more depth and intensity to what you are saying. You use it to convey your emotions deeply to the other person. This my dear readers is personification. Don't you want to use such imagery more often while communicating and while writing? Why wouldn't you? After all, language is an art and one should know how to use that art in the best way possible.

Today, we are going to shed some light on a similar subject and that is personification.

So, What Is Personification?

Personification is a literary device used to give life, to add vividness, and agility to the inanimate characters of the piece of writing. Personification is used for defining the scenic beauty, the natural wonders, inanimate subjects of importance in a literary work as a pet of the protagonist. It acts as a figure of speech to explain the characters, the scenes, and the time while the scene is played.

Sometimes the inanimate object is itself the protagonist. In such situations also, different types of personification are used to make the inanimate character come to life and feel emotions so that through that the reader also feels the emotions.

Why Is Personification Important?

Literary works make an effect only when they can instil and stir emotions in the reader, and doing this is the purpose of personification. Some writings are more emotion and imagination-centric than others. Fiction for example is a highly imaginative genre of literary work. The protagonists and the antagonists along with other characters have a life of their own as they are living objects but sometimes the writer wants to give life to inanimate objects to set the scene or to create the mood. It is at such time that the literary tool of personification is used to define the characters, the objects, and the scene.

E.g.,Because I could not stop for Death -
He kindly stopped for me -
The Carriage held but just Ourselves -
And Immortality.

See how these lines touched the chords of your heart? How they stirred the emotions in you? Fear, sadness, gloom could be felt in just a matter of moments. Personification creates a stir of emotions and gives life to otherwise lifeless objects.

What Is The Effect Of Personification In A Poem?

Poetry being a more emotive literary work, its whole plot is dependent on the tool of personification. The example of such personification is mentioned here. Like while talking about a river, the glistening sounds of the river are described to make the reader feel the movement of the river. In the poem, 'road not taken', Robert Frost personifies road in the phrase, 'like it is grassy and wants to wear'. The words here imply as if the road was a human who could feel wear and tear. The winds, whispering, the water cutting the stones, the sun burning in anger, the hurricane being mad with fury, all of these are the effect of personification in poetry. The effect of personification in poetry is not only to add more meaning and emotions but also to add more intensity, clarity, and drama.

Not personification but sassy!!!

Cause And Effect Of Personification

To understand the cause and effect of personification, we have to understand in detail what personification is. How did it come about and how to differentiate it from other similar literary devices. In simple terms, a personification literary term compares things by picturing them as similar to each other as possible.

There is a thin line of distinction between metaphor, anthropomorphism, and personification. Metaphor is referring to one thing as another while anthropomorphism means to extend human qualities to deities and animals like in Greek philosophy. Anthropomorphism does not however extend human qualities to inanimate objects. This is achieved by way of the tool of personification.

An example to explain the above point is the extracts from the poem of Robert Lee Brewer. According to Robert Lee Brewer, 'the leaves are dancers twirling with abandon. The phrase, 'the leaves are dancers' is a metaphor while 'twirling with abandon' is personification. SEE, how in metaphor one thing becomes another while in personification a rhythmic touch is given to add more vibrancy in the text.

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