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Blue Spider Project Case Study Assessment Answer

The field of management studies is vast and project management is a subfield that all students come across. This is because in today’s times there is a huge scope for managing different projects. According to our project management assignment help experts, a project is one that has a fixed beginning and end. Naturally, it includes a defined set of operations and a list of resources that are used to complete it. Sometimes, the team that is working on the project does not even work together they just manage their sections. Thus, students sometimes face certain complications while solving their assessments.

Today, we will help you uncover the essential elements of a project management task so that you can craft accurate and appropriate solutions for your assignment. Before we explain Gary Anderson’s case study, let us discuss the project management process in brief. Being thorough with these vital aspects will help you prepare better assignments. The process of project management includes five steps that help you meet all requirements of the project by applying the correct techniques and tools. These five steps are:

  • Initiating the process
  • Planning the project
  • Execution of the plan
  • Monitoring and controlling the executions closely
  • Closing the plan

Now, we can discuss the specific areas of project management that will be vital to your management case study assignment.

The Important Areas Of Project Management That Will Require Your Attention

Usually, whenever students receive a case study, they have to deal with a certain area. Once you have gained expertise in the common focus areas, you will be able to draft appropriate and relevant solutions for your assessments. These ten focus areas are:

  • Integration
  • Scope
  • Managing the stakeholders
  • Time
  • Risk management
  • Cost
  • Communications
  • Quality
  • Human resources
  • Procurement

Our assignment writers have solved numerous assignments for students in the past where they have had to deal with these ten particular aspects of project management. That is why they are extremely proficient in drafting management assignments now. Let me now take a moment to explain how we approach case studies like Gary Anderson’s. We can start by giving you a brief idea of the case study:

Gary Anderson’s Case Study

You should use the above concepts to study Gary Anderson’s case and effectively segregate the information into proper sections. In this particular case, Gary Anderson and his team are working on the Blue Spider Project. By utilising the information given to them, and relating it to the process of project management, you are supposed to answer all the questions that are given at the end. We will now talk about the questions in detail. parts of case study

Ques 1: If You Were Gary Anderson, Would You Have Accepted Your Position Once The Director Had Asserted That This Particular Project Would Be His Like Baby?

Our case study help experts say that to answer this question properly, highlight some of the skills and techniques that would have helped you add something extra to the project. This can include your brilliant communication skills, ability to adjust to a new working environment, a result-oriented and dedicated attitude, conflict resolution skills, etc. You can then state that these skills encouraged you to accept and complete the Blue Spider project without locking horns with anyone.

Ques 2: Do You Think Engineers With MBA Degrees Want To Obtain High Positions In Management?

Talk about how it is obvious for every engineer with an MBA degree to aspire for high positions in management and state people’s natural desire for promotion and seeing results on their work-time investment as the basis for it. After this, you should back up this point of view with some real-life evidence of an engineer who attained a high-level managerial position to add credibility to your answer.

Ques 3: In Your Opinion, Was Gary Qualified To Be A Project Manager?

Start by giving a brief background of Gary which showcases that instead of concentrating on the overall project, he only focused on the technical aspects of it. After this, you can try to bring in some qualities of a good project manager that you thought was lacking in Gary, concluding that he was not a good project manager.

Some Crucial Concepts Of Project Management

Every project management case study includes some crucial concepts that must be highlighted in your final draft otherwise your solution will not be useful, nor will it score you great marks. Thus, before you submit your management case study to your professor, make sure that your solution includes the following points:

  • Your assignment should always present the scope, quality, and timing of the project according to the definitions that were put forth by the project stakeholders.
  • The solutions that you come up with should always be in sync with the strategic plans that the company has devised for its life cycle.
  • Our experts also emphasise that you should pay attention to the goals, project deliverables, constraints, and other needs associated with the control and performance of the entire project.
  • Ensure that you have implemented your knowledge of project management techniques and all other important concepts of this field into the assignment accurately.
  • Document all the internal and external issues that you may have to face.
  • Finally, always devise the solutions for your case study after you have interacted with the stakeholders professionally.

Good luck!

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