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The Unexplored dynamics of IBO05 International Marketing Logistics Master of Commerce

Basics from the house of experienced IBO05 International Marketing experts

Marketing Logistics is the coherence between the distinct disciplines of logistics and marketing. It may be defined as an ecosystem of strategies acting which ensures that the merchandise for whose procurement the order was put, will be provided on schedule. This is done by utilizing legit means of transport, as soon as possible with the availability and conceivably the least expensive. It has to be understood that the intervention of logistics into marketing happens when they both meet i.e. at a point where logistics is applied to delivery and distribution. This creates a matrix of logistics and marketing. IBO05 International Marketing Logistics assessment answers prepared by experts can get you t have some insight. Let us see how these two work together in evolving businesses.

Cutting-edge distribution and advertising techniques

There is a need for alignment in the decision-making process in both segments. Whatever plan is employed in the distribution must be in congruence with that deployed in the product area. These decisions about the types of channels of distribution. It involves the process of delivering the product to stores from where the consumers can purchase it. For that, the team needs to know about the store type, its location, how it operates, etc. that influences the purchasing behaviour of the customers. The diversity of the goods and services, their structure, and other minute details help identifying plausible solutions for problems posed by the dynamics of marketing. The control of retail stores by an enterprise, their exact location and patterns in which the sales are carried out there influences the design or features of a product and other modes of marketing.

When logistics meet marketing

According to Truck who is an authority on IBO05 International Marketing Logistics assignment solutionlogistics and marketing were being dealt with exclusively and differently in the last decade. The functions of both domains were rigid and traditional. The terms were defined and followed in a narrow sense. For instance, logistics meant gaining and sharpening competitiveness. This purview of the definition was small. Logistics was limited to handling the transportation and warehousing of the product. It was seen through the kaleidoscope of expansion and growth of the company. The approach was judged by the effectiveness and success for asset acquisition which was against the dictums of general marketing.

The marriage of logistics and marketing

Logistics had nothing to do with business before the 1950s as it was a term widely used in the military. It was so because computing devices were not sophisticated enough to do integrating functions. The volatile nature of the economy forced businessmen to look out for solutions for cutting costs effectively. Because of technical unavailability, profitable gains were not quantified. With the overlapping of both domains, a need was felt to integrate the two exclusive disciplines over the last decade. The fundamental reason behind this is attributed to the diversifying of the market which is otherwise known as market differentiation. The term means that the need of the customers and preferences vary on a large scale, the market has been diversified and divided into segments which eventually leads to the diversification of products. One of the reason was escalating competition in terms of quality and consumer satisfaction. A growth of demands concerning additional benefits related to the spending habits of the customers and sales of the goods is considered to be another. As consumer was always looking out for new products, their life cycle was short. Tendencies were showing and revealing that there is a concentration of trade leading to the development and creation of new distribution techniques. The amalgamation of the economic procedures and decision-making processes also played its part in the integration of logistics and marketing. The modes of dissemination of information too changed with the growth of technology. The constant demand for newly updated products surged with the surge in their promotion and sales. Markets were witnessing a major overhaul with booming entrepreneurs that introduced innovative ideas into the market and challenged the traditional working modules in dealing with economic activities. Globalisation also was a key player. This is why it is important to take an online international marketing assignment solution.  How things worked out? After the solemnisation of the integration of logistics and marketing lead to the formation of better, updated goods and services by addressing primary concerns of clients. These novel ideas were planned introduction of logistics and systems, maintenance of unbridled mode of transport internally, and post-sales services.

Garbaski’s view on functions of marketing logistics

  • Determining where the product would be exhibited for display.
  • Launching the product and giving out key features and functions
  • Facilitating appropriate testing by customers like test drives when the product to be sold was cars. events like these are made with paying attention to details such as:-
  • Tracks
  • Lights
  • Fancy rotating platforms
  • Display of gadgets
  • Showing off the features through a screen and other multimedia devices
  • Digital and traditional posters
  • Seating arrangement for audiences
  • Managing sanitation facilities at events and taking care of cleanliness
  • Maintain the supply of products when needed
  • Update features of a product with changing demands
  • Hiring qualified and reliable employees
  • Making arrangements for them to ensure good working conditions
  • Highlighting the need to connect to customers with customer services
  • Assessing the outcome of these events with a view of logistics and giving recommendations
  • Endeavouring to make such events more productive and successful in future.
In this way, businesses gradually moved up to have logistics and marketing division instead of having the logistics division and marketing division separately. In the contemporary world of business, the techniques of the integrated domains are employed to enhance customer satisfaction. This is done by working in alignment coordination of marketing techniques with the product, selling price, advertisements, and distribution. Logistics come into play for achieving these goals when it makes the availability of product feasible in terms of time and place. On the other hand, a company may achieve a targeted level of profits by reducing expenditure on global logistics. As the realm of the domain is expanding, a career in ignou ibo01 international business environment master of commerce looks priming. Being a subject that requires you to be extra careful and precise, completing its assignments on time can be difficult. So, if you are looking for IBO05 International Marketing Logistics assignment help, look no further than Sample Assignment. We have the best assignment experts employed with us who work tirelessly to provide the best assignment help to students. So, place an order and release all your assignment making stress.
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