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Theme of Organizational Structure

If you are a student who is looking for Organizational Structure assessment questions and answers, then Sample Assignment is the most rightful destination for you. Before we tell you about how to solve its assessments, let us first convey you about the main concepts. An organizational structure defines the assembly of an organisation. It outlines how the tasks and activities of the organization are directed in a particular direction to accomplish the objectives. It also determines the flow of information between different levels of the company and unifies the operations.

Effective organizational structure aids the organisation to remain focused on its objectives. It aids in the allocation of tasks and supervision. It also facilitates the coordination of different units of the organization and synchronizes their man oeuvres. As per our Management assignment help experts, Organizations often consist of clusters of different departments and units; in this case, it becomes extremely important for the company to incorporate precise ways to amass the organization. Organizational structure aids organizations to be efficient, flexible and innovative to obtain a competitive advantage.

Centralized And Decentralized Organizational Structure

If you ask our Business Management assignment help experts, they might tell you about the classifications of Organizational structure which is described to be as centralized or decentralized. Centralized organizations examine clearly, which directives to follow. They have clarity about the path to follow for achieving the targets. New employees find it useful as it helps them to effortlessly understand their jobs and errands. In addition to this, it helps them to attain a top-level authority. The clarity in the centralized organizations helps in deflating the dismissals.

It minimizes the overlapping of tasks and also reduces duplication of operations. If you come across any type of difficulty regarding the assessment and how to go about, you should feel free to contact our online assignment help experts at Sample Assignment. In a decentralised organizational structure, managers and employees take initiatives to take decisions and the engagement level is more as compared to the centralised system. Perspectives of all the employees are taken into consideration and flexibility in work is more. But there is an unclear chain of commands that are not consolidated in the decentralized structure of the organization.

Types Of Organizational Structure

Functional structure

This structure of the organization determines how the organization performs. It entails activities including supervision and coordination. In a functional structure, these activities are centralized which makes it the best structure for the organisation retailing goods and services at enormous volume and squat cost. There are a lot of questions asked regarding the corresponding topic which our Management case study assignment help experts can easily assist you in. This structure integrates the activities vertically which can aid companies to sell their goods at a faster rate. Functional organizational structure

Figure 1: Functional organizational structure

Divisional structure

This structure typically encompasses multiple divisions. This type of organizational structure is usually incorporated by those companies or organizations that have numerous units and departments. A division of the company basically involves all the functions that produce a product. You may contact our Management Accounting assignment help experts to get to know the intricate depths in the corresponding discipline. This structure involves deputized authority, which results in measuring the performance with reference to each group. This structure helps in coordinating the actions between different structures of a group. It also has some associated disadvantages like, it can lead to unhealthy competition among the divisions of the company. Financial requirements also increase for this structure, as for each division, a leader or manager is required in the organization. Divisional organizational structure

Figure 2: Divisional organizational structure

Matrix structure

As per our Strategic Management assignment help experts, a matrix structure is the least used forms of structure in the organizations. It embraces grouping the employees and staff members of the organization by their performance and proficiency. In matrix structured organizations, groups of employees are formed to accomplish a particular task.

Advantage of this organizational structure involves the fact that it creates a horizontal structure in the organization to ease the flow of information. Disadvantages of this structure are that it increases complexity in the chain command and often leads to power struggles, anarchy and plummeting the divisional groups. It can be puzzling for the employees and the team members to understand the next element in the command chain. If you come across any difficulty related to Organizational structure assessment questions and want to complete it within the stipulated time, then Sample Assignment is exclusively the place for you. Matrix organizational structure

Figure 3: Matrix organizational structure

Flat structure

This structure is often referred to as flatarchy and is used in start-up companies and small companies. This structure flattens the hierarchy and usually incorporates less complexity in the chain command and provides employees with a lot of independence.This structure results in increased haste of application. Flat organizational structure

Figure 4: Flat organizational structure

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