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top 5 metaverse coins prediction 2022

Are you one of those who spend time endlessly on the Internet? Then, you must have heard about the term metaverse. Meta verse is the virtual world where people connect with each other through their digital avatars. In this virtual world, you can do anything such as playing games, shopping, and many more. Did you know? Recently, Facebook renamed itself to Meta for associating with its objective of building a metaverse in the near future.

Several institutions and main players are well versed with the metaverse and its implications on the contemporary world. With the help of several technologies such as Mixed Reality, Virtual reality, and Augmented reality.

As you must have heard about blockchain, it assists in storing the data concerning the transactions in the digital format. Also, the transactions are instant and secure in the metaverse. In cryptocurrencies, the metaverse platforms have their own digital currencies or NonFungible Token known as NFTs. So, are you planning to write an essay on the current situation of cryptocurrency in the market? But, you are confused as you are facing an issue in the collection of credible sources for the essay. Worry not, get our assignment help from experts and solve all your queries. Moreover, if you are planning to invest in the market, the article will answer all your questions.

Axie Infinity native token, AXS

It is looked upon as one of the most popular blockchains based on the game. In 2018, the game was launched and became famous as players play-to-earn cryptocurrency. For that particular reason, the founders created a blockchain for the game called Ronin. Also, the game is inspired by Pokemon and Tamagotchi. As the sidechain of Ethereum, the players use the AXS as a native token to sell, breed, buy and sell Axies in the blockchain. The AXS coins are earned as rewards and players can also use Axies to buy land. It is used as a governance tool that helps the players to get voting rights for further developments concerning the game.

AXS Prediction

  • As per our forecast, the price is likely to reach an average rate of $74.59 this year. Including the evaluated minimum value of $72.05 by the end of the current year.
  • There is a possibility that it will reach $85.70.

One can possibly invest in Axie Infinity as it has the possibility to reach new heights concerning pricing.  Moreover, as per our assignment Maker & Helper Australia concerning business, the price might reach a hike of $2,120.39 in the year 2030.

Decentraland's native coin, MANA

In 2017, a 3D virtual-based platform was founded based on the Ethereum blockchain. With the help of this metaverse platform, you can buy the parcels of LAND (Nonfungible tokens).

Land in Decentraland is permanently owned by the group, providing them the authority over their creations, applications, and games. Including partnerships with a few of the important technology organisations. Also, it assists in acquiring voting rights.

MANA Prediction

  • In 2021, MANA came up with a market cap of $124 million, which looked upon as considerable for a project in the cryptosystem.
  • By March 2021, the metaverse token upgraded its position by inflating its market cap to $1B in a period of two months.
  • The uniqueness in execution and the depth of it assisted in increasing the market value, it got doubled by $2.47B till the month of May.
  • In the last quarter, the token value rose by five times with a market cap of $10 billion.
  • The current market cap is $5 billion, still higher than the market capitalization of the previous year with the same date.

The Sandbox (SAND)

In 2011, the coin was launched by Pixowl. It is a blockchain-based virtual world providing access to the users to construct, sell, and create assets. By associating with the powers of DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisations) and NFT.  As we can easily find on the web, the coin is popular for its utility to build a decentralised platform for a flourishing gaming community.

The Sandbox Prediction

  • As per the WalletInvestor, SAND is one of the best metaverse coins for an awesome long-term investment.
  • According to their technical analysis, it is possible that it could trade at $16.213 by the end of 2023, and by the end of 2026, it would reach $37.046.
  • However, the DigitalCoinPrice provides the backup to the bullish SAND, after seeing that the coin reaches $4.08 by the end of this year and $6.45 by the month of December in 2025.
  • Also, they forecasted that the token can outshine its all-time high in the year 2027 at $8.36. The price will increase by $14.55 in 2030.


On  July 21, 2019, this blockchain gaming platform was founded by Eric Schiermeyer. It plays a major role in providing a space for the users to own game assets, trade at an international level by interlinking with the Non-Fungible Tokens to build a  blockchain game ecosystem. The objective is to take the gaming sector to a higher level by retrieving the control of the game. 

Gala Prediction

  • Currently, the maximum trading price is $0.33. And in the next year, the price is expected to reach $0.41. In 2024, it is expected to reach $0.59 including the minimum price of $0.89 in the year 2025.
  • By the end of December, it can reach $0.60. Moreover, as per the prediction, in the one-year time, it can reach $0.65 to $2.21 in the next five years.
  • Recently, TechNewsLeader published data concerning the GALA coin price prediction stating that it may cross $0.41 in 2022. The average price will be $0.36 held out by the long-term investors. For the year 2030, they forecast that the maximum price will be $7.98 with a minimum price level of $6.43.

Enjin (ENJ)

In 2018, it was launched on the Ethereum mainnet. Did you know? The organisation behind it was established in 2009. This reflects that it is one of the oldest in the cryptosystem and metaverse. The objective is to provide a platform to the user that will help the user to access the multiplayer mode. So, that they can connect with the new players globally.

Enjin (ENJ) Prediction

  • As per the WalletInvestor, the minimum price will be $4.310 and the maximum will be $4.75. At the end of 2022, there is an expectation that the ENJ will trade at an average price of $3.858. By 2025, its price will rise by $10.444.
  • On the other hand, as per DigitalCoinPrice, it will be profitable for you to invest in it. In 2022, the price can rise by $3.4. And in 2025, it will inflate by $5.3.

This is not the end, we have more in our bucket. We can assist you with the data related to other coins such as Star Atlas (ATLAS), WAX (WAXP), and many more. Also, our experts at finance assignment help Australia can help you in collecting credible sources for your essay or research concerning cryptocurrency. So, what are you thinking? Connect with us today!

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