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Unified Communications

In the assignment of unified communications at Boeing, there is a case study that you need to study and analyse. On the basis of that study, there are certain discussion points that you need to write. Sample Assignment brings to you a quick guide on writing the unified communications at Boeing assignment answers prepared by case study assignment help providers.

The assignment discussion points

Here is a snapshot of the assignment’s discussion points that you need to answer on the basis of the case study. Unified Communications At Boeing In this blog post, we have discussed what do you have to write in response to the 3 discussion points for the unified communications at Boeing assignment answers.

Discussion 1

For the first discussion, you need to conduct internet research on various UC security mechanisms. These measures are to ensure the privacy and integrity of the organisation (Boeing, in this case). For this Communication assignment, you can find a lot of UC security mechanisms. Some of them for the unified communications at Boeing assignment answers are -

1. Firewall

The use of a firewall that is properly configured blocks unnecessary and unwanted traffic into the online database of Boeing.                 Using this, only trustworthy sources gain access to the traffic of the organisation.

2. VPN

The employees operating the files from a remote location, particularly overseas, should use a VPN. Boeing promotes the use of VPN so that a secure connection with the company servers is established from a location that is virtual.

3. Strong passwords

Passwords that are of sufficient length and have a right mixture of the alphabets and numerals are recommended. Moreover, Boeing can also ask their employees to update their password every week or they will be locked out of the system.

Discussion 2

The second discussion wants you to explore if the benefits that Boeing experiences by deploying UC are similar to those experienced by other organisations well or not. Unified Communications At Boeing Unified Communications At Boeing Assignment Answers If you take a deeper look throughout the internet, you will see that there are a lot of UC benefits experienced by Boeing that is also by other organisations using UC capabilities. In your unified communications at Boeing assignment answers, you can mention some of the benefits like -

  • The employees are able to share knowledge and information effectively
  • The company also allows the employees to access the data remotely
  • The company also provides their virtual teams with an interactive communication path
  • A real-time information system is also there
  • Better productivity and efficiency of the teams and individuals in the organisation
  • The audio conferencing costs if the organisation are also reduced

Discussion 3

In the unified communications at Boeing assignment answers, you are to assume yourself to be the CIO of Boeing. In the final discussion, you have to see what additional UC capabilities will you implement at Boeing. For that, you need to first identify the present ones. Do not explain them in detail as the above question but simply write the headers. For example, the ones you had discussed in point 1 can be mentioned here once more. I also talked in my unified communications at Boeing assignment answers that people only use UC for video conferencing. Then proceed to talk about what more features of the UC will you use in the system. I mentioned the following in my answer -

  • Unified messaging
  • Business process integration
  • Disaster recovery
  • Collaboration tools implementation

If you want, you can also mention the benefits that will be experienced by the use of these additional UC capabilities. These can be -

  • More interaction
  • Data recovery facility
  • Supported supply chain management

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