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Want to Stand out from the Crowd? Read the Guidelines to Write a Cover Letter
If you are an international student pursuing an undergraduate, graduate, or research degree from an Australian college, it is highly likely that you will be searching for part-time employment at the same time. It is true that employment does depend on the visa you are carrying. Willing to join job hunt? If yes, then you must have to prepare a wonderful and impressive resume along with a cover letter. For many students, it is a nerve-wracking job especially when you want to see yourself out of other applicants. You may already have created a resume or CV depending on your education, work experience, skills, etc. but what about a cover letter? To help you with this, we are here with a set of guidelines to write a job-winning cover letter. In Australia, many employers or recruiters require a cover letter to be submitted by the applicant along with the resume. The purpose of writing a cover letter is to highlight how your skills, accomplishments, and previous experience connect with the designation you are applying for. Here are the hints explained below by our experts providing resume writing services in Australia.
Talking about the formatting of a cover letter, it is generally written in about 3 to 5 paragraphs in length which is written by following a standard business format. Your cover letter should be:
  • Single spaced
  • Left alignment of the page
  • Contact information
  • Font shouldn't be smaller than 10 points and
  • One inch margins
Apart from this, your cover letter should be free from any sort of error. You must include a header stating your name and contact details. Make proper use of active voice and action verbs at the time of writing a cover letter.
The initial paragraph of a cover letter generally introduces you to your recruiter and explains the reasons behind interested in this job role. It is just like your thesis statement of an assignment. If you are referred to the organisation by anyone, let your employer/ recruiter know.
The main purpose of writing these paragraphs is to highlight your qualifications. It means you are required to connect your qualifications with the professional experiences as explained in the job description. Your experiences and job role with the previous organisations should be written in one or two paragraphs. Avoid including the facts that you have already discussed in your resume. Your cover letter should be created in such a way that it fits best for the position you are willing to apply.
The last paragraph of your cover letter should thank the employer for their time and consideration. You should also mention how the employer should contact you in order to schedule an interview. Lastly, you should give one final statement for why you think you would make an excellent candidate for the opening based on the information you gave in the previous paragraphs. Recommended: Difference and Similarities Between a CV and Resume

Things to Avoid While Writing a Cover Letter for International Students

In order to prepare an impressive and effective cover letter, there are few things you should know not to include. They are – Typos error Once you are done with writing a cover letter, you must check for spelling mistakes or typos errors. You can ask your friends, families, or even the experts providing resume or CV writing services as they have proofreading and editing professionals. Including your resume in a cover letter Never write your cover letter in a hurry by putting all the information on a resume to cover letter. You should re-word or paraphrase the information you have taken from the resume. Keep the information short and clear to understand. Don't use "I" too many times Avoid overuse of phrases like 'I have', I believe', and 'I am'. You must understand that writing a cover letter is not about you, it is about how you can help your employer. Once you are finished with the writing process of a cover letter, hire a cover letter writing expert to check the quality of your cover letter. Still worried, how to create an eye-catching cover letter? Contact us! With us, you will find a team of professionals assisting students in writing a cover letter, creating a wonderful resume, CV, proofreading and editing of your document. Our resume writing services are found online 24 hours to provide a cover letter sample for international students at a reasonable price.
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