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Sample Assignment Webinar

Are you tired of dealing with the challenges concerning your nursing assignment? Are you looking for someone to help you with your nursing assignments and career aspects? Then, you landed at the right place. On 27th July 2022, Sample Assignment conducted a webinar on Future Career prospects In Nursing Profession. In the webinar, the expert, Dr Sonal Gupta, shared her experience in the field and recommended a few websites that students can look at to complete the assignments.

The expert at nursing assignment help covers several pointers, such as guidelines for writing nursing assignments, types of nursing assignments, ethical Issues in nursing practice, and nursing career outcomes.

Role of Nursing in Daily Lives

Nurses focus on health promotion, helping the patients, spreading awareness about the prevention of disease and injury, active participation in rehabilitation, and assisting. Until now, no other healthcare expert has such a wide and over-arching role.

By assisting people in comprehending the variety of emotional, physical, mental, and cultural experiences they encounter during health and sickness, nurses assist families in learning to become healthy. For other aspects of their lives, nurses assist patients and their families in coping, managing, and, if necessary, enduring illness.

Writing Tips for Nursing Assignments

Writing nursing assignments is a requirement. Thus everyone needs to understand how to do it well. Using the steps below, you can write a nursing assignment that informs and interests the reader.

Pick a pertinent topic

You must select a subject that supports the objectives of the nursing assignment. The subject should educate, evaluate, and influence the reader to accept a particular viewpoint.

Conduct research to uncover evidence to bolster the claim

Find information on healthcare and medicine from various sources that fall within the parameters of the paper. Additionally, look for reliable sources of information.

Form a thesis statement

You must consider your viewpoint and provide an answer to the research question. Get the reader's attention by making your writing clear, easy to understand, and interesting.

Create an outline

The sequential ordering of ideas makes writing easier. Additionally, it enables authors to group key points, arrange a paragraph in an orderly manner, and develop ideas.

Draft the article

The introduction, body, and conclusion need improvement.

Proofreading and Editing

Verify the text for repeats, wordiness, and typos. And. Use online grammar, spelling, and plagiarism checking tools for a more thorough, accurate check.

Types of Nursing Assignment

There are various types of nursing assignments where our skilled writers have helped the students in crafting.

Health Essay

An academic essay on a nursing-related subject is used to demonstrate your knowledge during programmes or as part of the admission process for nursing schools.

It demands greater attention to detail, scientific accuracy, in-depth study, and well-sourced citations than other types of writing while still properly presenting an idea.

Here is a step-by-step breakdown of what you should do if you need to write a nursing essay:

  • Read the task thoroughly.
  • Select a topic.
  • Examine a summary
  • Conduct analysis
  • Make a draught.
  • Review, edit, and submit.

Additionally, the processes for creating a nursing essay outline are listed below;

  • Background information, a thesis statement, and a transitional phrase make up the introduction.
  • Body Paragraph: The topic sentence for the second body paragraph or the evidence, statistics, and facts that support the second body paragraph's argument regarding the first subtopic.
  • A summary of the key points, a restatement of the thesis statement, and closing remarks are included in the conclusion.

Example of Nursing Essay

Example of Nursing Essay 2

Example of Nursing Essay 3

Nursing Analysis

In a reflective essay, you can communicate your opinions by drawing on your experiences, knowledge, beliefs, and reflections. You will have a lot to consider, understand, and explain when writing a reflective essay, which is best described as an exceptional and personal article. You must express the genuine emotions you have previously had. Write down any contradictory ideas and sentiments you may have regarding the subject.

Let's discuss how reflective essays and analytical essays compare.

A reflective Essay focuses on reflection on previous experiences, whereas the analytical essay focuses on analysing a controversial topic. The writing style of the reflective essay is free and relaxed. On another side, it is formal in the case of an analytical essay. A reflective essay is a personal experience, and in an analytical one, it depends on the project. When it comes to the thesis statement, the focus is on the narration. In an analytical essay, the focus is on the paper's topic.

Reflective Tools And Models

Gibbs’ Reflective Model

Graham Gibbs unveiled his reflexive model to the world in 1998. Since Gibbs' model is cyclical, it is ideal for examining repetitive experience. Setting up an action plan is the first step, followed by working on the description and your own emotions. The assignment's evaluation follows. The analysis of the assignment follows. Finally, the assignment's conclusion is reached.

Example of Nursing Reflection

Example of nursing Reflection 2

Nursing Care Plan

A structured process known as a nursing care plan accurately identifies current requirements and recognises possible needs or dangers. The care plans facilitate communication between nurses, their patients, and other healthcare professionals to accomplish healthcare results. The nursing care plan is formatted according to the guidelines below;

  • Data collection: You must compile all of the data into a client database.
  • Data organisation and nursing diagnosis are required for data analysis.
  • Prioritising - Create a plan for addressing nursing diagnoses.
  • Nursing interventions are actions taken by nurses to meet the needs of their patients.
  • Reasons for selecting nursing treatments based on science
  • Evaluation: Create a focused, continuing activity and gauge the client's progress.

Example of nursing Care Plan

Issues With Ethics In Nursing Practice

The integrity of the nursing profession depends on ethics since it helps to provide better patient care. Five ethical concerns currently affect nursing practice:

  • Aware Consent
  • secrecy and privacy for patients
  • Advanced care planning and shared patient decision-making
  • inadequate staffing and resources

Nursing Career Outcomes

Here are the nursing career outcomes:

  • Nurses provide medical and nursing care to patients.
  • Nursing care can be provided in a hospital, home or outpatient facilities.
  • Nurses work as part of a care team that includes doctors, therapists and social workers.
  • The nursing profession includes roles such as
  • Enrolled Nurses
  • Registered Nurses
  • Practice Nurses
  • Theatre Nurses
  • Mental Health Nurses and
  • Clinical Nurses

Duties and tasks

  • Developing a care plan and preparing nursing requirements.
  • Vital indicators, such as the patient's temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, and blood sugar, are taken and recorded.
  • Gathering samples from patients.
  • Giving nurse care both before and after surgery.
  • Composing care letters.
  • Supplying patients and their families with emotional support.
  • Administering and monitoring intravenous drips and medicines.
  • Junior nurses and students are being supervised and tutored.

nursing career outcomes

Students like to study in Australia since it is one of the top three international study destinations.

  • International students' living expenses in Australia (without tuition and transport) come to about 20,290 AUD.
  • For overseas undergraduates enrolled full-time in a nursing school, the tuition ranges from 20,000 to 35,000 AUD annually.
  • If the student is not from an English-speaking nation, they must demonstrate that they have the necessary level of English proficiency. IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE are tests that may be taken.

Our expert at Assignment help in Australia covers several other pointers, such as leading universities and the admission requirements of those universities.

We hope the article helps you develop a detailed perspective about the nursing assignment and perspectives concerning career prospects. You can connect with us to get more information about it. Call us now!

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