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What are the Debatable Thesis Statement Examples?
It is said about research that not all essays are required to be written having an exclusively blatant thesis. This is not so in the case of argumentative essays. Rather than inferring or indirectly stating your thesis or the focal point of all things, you will probably need to work out your thesis statement for your readership for an argumentative essay. A thesis statement is one or two sentences long that presents the principle thought and makes a foundational argument on the subject matter or issue at hand. You may write a lengthy thesis statement for a lengthy essay but generally, one or two sentences are good to go. What's more in an argumentative essay, the idea that is presented through vehement and emphasising language is going to become the central theme of the study. But, even though debatable thesis statements gives more scope in terms of creativity and introducing fashion terminologies, it must put forward the idea in a non-ambiguous and concise manner. If you are not able to get the hang of it, you may always take assignment help online It must be based on proven facts and real statistics as per thesis writing experts. All the arguments made in the thesis statement and the body of the essay must be justified by furnishing relevant and reliable examples. Statements that are a result of a moral, religious, or biased belief will not form a basis of a debatable thesis. You need your readership to have no qualms or confusion about what you are trying to propound. How emphatic language is used in your thesis and the substance you decide to incorporate would relate to the kind of argumentative essay you are composing. As per the classical or Aristotle’s philosophy of arguments, the statement should be made in a way that introduces your issue. However, if you are following a Rogerian style of argument, you would include both the sides of the coin or all the aspects of the issue which is warranted in an academic essay. Debatable thesis statement template available online could be perused for getting a view. All things considered, there are some fundamental rules to remember and follow regarding writing an argumentative thesis statement that is given below:-
  • The word limit of the thesis statement is less. It should be written in two or three sentences at the most.
  • It should give a clear picture of the line of argument that is going to be followed in the essay and put forward the main idea in an assertive manner.
  • A good debatable thesis statement is the one that provokes or stirs. We can say its unconventional as it doesn’t simply convey the idea behind it, but readers are able o get a glimpse of what your essay would be dealing with.
This can be understood through debatable thesis statement examples in a better way. Example 1: Statement 1: In this paper, I will persuade the readers to vote for candidates who support the rights of the animals. This is a simple declaration. It is not evoking anything on emphasising. Statement 2: Because we need to raise our voice against escalating cruelty against animals, we all must show our solidarity by voting and supporting those who support animals.

What are the essential features of an argumentative thesis?

It should be debatable An argumentative thesis must be written in such a language and it must be based on a claim on which some people might disagree. Universally accepted statements or a topic on which generally people could agree, even if they do not follow that, doesn’t make a topic for an argumentative thesis. Example 2: Statement 1: Fried and food high on fat increases cholesterol are not a debatable at all. it is a proven fact. Some people disagree with it because of their bias doesn’t make it debatable. Statement 2: Because fried and food high on fat is bad for heart, the government must take steps to regulate its consumption in children at it eventually affects the human resource of the state. This is debatable as on one hand there is freedom of choice and on the other hand there is a concern of the state to improve its human resource. It must emphasise on the issue propounded A debatable thesis defends and justifies the stand taken by the author. Random questions, vague statements remotely related to the issue, or quotes from some very general authority do not form an ideal argumentative thesis because there are ambiguity and lack of assertion. Example 3: Statement 1: Laws relating to the right to property of refugees is a complex issue about which many people have disagreements is not at all assertive as it is not making the point, it is just stating the status quo. Statement 2: Laws relating to the right to property of refuges must be made more certain and confirmatory as far as property rights of refugees are concerned as it makes their future uncertain is apt for making a debatable thesis because it asserts that the right of the property be conferred on refugees. It must be based on facts A debatable thesis is not based on assumptions as it is not a product f suspension of disbelief; rather it is an epitome of facts. The impossible and impractical argument does not constitute a good thesis. Example 4: Statement 1: Politicians and corrupt and follow unethical code of conduct to win and should be thrown in jail is a general argument. Not all politicians are like that. The fact that someone is a politician would become liable to get a jail term is preposterous. Statement 2: To prevent nepotism in the political realm, the next of kin of any politician or person in power must not hold any public portfolio is based on a fact that seems prudent because it disallows favouritism and allows appointment on public offices on merit rather than connections. These debatable thesis statement samples will throw some light on the purpose and structure of a debatable thesis statement. If you are stuck with writing your debatable thesis statement, the best you can do is to take the thesis writing help from the experts of Sample Assignment. They are in your service 24*7.
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