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What is a Case Study?

If you are intrigued by what is happening in today's world and how can we compare it to the past scenario and make future goals. Then you will be happy to know that if you ever come across a case studies assignment in your college at any level of studies, you can attempt it is very well. Now you might have a question What is a Case Study? Is it enough to just have an intriguing mind, or do we need anything else?

To write a case study, you need to analyse the real-life situation. For that, you need more than just a thorough knowledge about the topic you are going to write a case study on. Students need to include real-life situations, examples, stats and justify their answer with the statement of what to do and what not to do. And to do so, students need to do a specific type of research question. This approach can help you provide answers to all the questions. The paper should be concluded with key pointers to aid that design and proposal you created on the case study. This article provides an insight into how students can draw up a case study and what are the things they should keep in mind.

What Is Case Study?

A Case Study is an in-depth study of one individual, event, or group, nearly every attribute of the subject's life history and current life phase. It is interpreted to identify the causes and patterns of behaviour. Furthermore, it can be used in several disciplines such as education, political science, psychology, and many more. The objective of the case study is to gather the knowledge gained from one case study and learn from it. However, case studies are highly subjective which results in difficulty in generalising the outcomes to a larger population. 

how is a case study beneficial

How To Write A Case Study?

Rather than moving right into the section on writing a case study, we'll first examine and comprehend what a case study is and how it differs from other types of case studies in the industry. An impressive academic case study is described as analysing a real-life situation in which existing problems must be resolved. Many colleges require students to prepare case studies in subjects such as law, management, health, business, finance, and economics.

So here is the answer to what is a case study and what are different sections of the same.

  1. Synopsis/Executive Summary: This is the introduction part of the case study. In this, you need to add the following content:
    • What is the purpose of this case study? Write an outline?
    • What is the field of research?
    • Describe the issues and findings of the case study without any brief description.
    • What is the theory that will be used to identify it?
    • Also, note down the assumptions that you have made.
  2. Findings: Your next step is identifying the problem and then analysing the problem. Once you have identified the problem, support your findings with facts given in the case with relevant theory and course concepts and then search for what is the reason for the problem. This section can be divided into various sub-sections.
  3. Discussion: Discussion and summarise the major problems, then identify an alternative solution to the problem. Once you have identified solutions, briefly outline them and evaluate their different advantages and disadvantages.
  4. Recommendation: After identifying different solutions and drawing their outline choose the one that should be adopted. Explain the reason for choosing the one and how will it solve the problem. The writing style should be persuasive so that the person taking it is persuaded by the result.
  5. Implementation: Now, you need to plan out the implementation process on how, when, whom and what all needs to be done to come to the desired result. You also need to estimate the cost and time required for the whole procedure to complete.
  6. Conclusion: A good ending is very important to cover not so strong points you mentioned in the beginning and hence writing a good conclusion is very important. A solid rule of thumb for good conclusion examples is to reiterate your case study statement if you have one. In addition to referring back to your introduction, your conclusion should outline three key aspects from your case study and conclude with a final observation. Readers will be grateful that you spent effort on your writing if you end with an insightful insight.
  7. Referencing and proofreading: Mostly ignored but very important part rather than adding more content till last minute perfect what you have written be editing and revising the content. Also, you need to cite and reference to avoid plagiarism of any kind properly.

This is a basic Case Study Template that you need to follow. You can always add or delete the content according to your need and the topic you are working on.

Case Study Example

Not sure on what topic you should write a case study on, here are a few examples for you.

  • The mobile vessel pump systems reduce ocean pollution.
  • The challenges of remote education in rural locations in the USA.
  • The use of politics in the Global Warming campaigns.
  • The teaching methods of Montessori schools.
  • Is saving endangered species possible in our times?
  • How to motivate children with learning disabilities?
  • The cons and pros of ecological tourism.
  • Pros and Cons of AI-based systems in education.
  • The Earthquake prevention systems in the United States.
  • The degree of freedom in Scandinavian schools.
  • Male teachers commonly use educative methodologies.
  • The changes that have taken place in education during the Covid-19 period.
  • How can college students help promote environmental protection?
  • The use of Green Technologies during pandemic times.

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