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Discursive Essay

What is a Discursive Essay?

A discursive essay is a type of essay, in which the writers usually pick one topic or side of an argument and present points either supporting or against that particular topic. This is the definition of a discursive essay. In some cases, the writers do not select a single opinion but discuss the positives and negatives of the concept to provide more content to the reader to help them develop their idea. Discursive essays are often confused with argumentative and persuasive essays, but there are some very significant differences between them discussed later. First, let's understand how to write a discursive essay.

A discursive essay example would involve examining the idea of parliamentary democracy wherein the writer would provide information about the parliamentary form of government, talk about its positives and negatives, and then reflect and provide his viewpoint on the topic.

How To Write A Discursive Essay?

A discursive essay plan covers several points. The points to be kept in mind when trying to write a discursive essay are outlined below:

  1. Introduction: Start with an exciting introduction that makes the reader interested and eager to read your essay. You can begin your essay with quotations, examples, poems, etc.
  2. Opening Paragraph: In the opening paragraph, you should introduce your point of view for the topic in the essay, which requires you to present your point of view up front. You can clearly state whether you are for or against the issue of whether you are ambiguous about the topic and believe that there are both positive and negative sides to it and wish to discuss them. In essays that do not require your opinion upfront, you should wait till the end of the paper to let your reader know your point of view.
  3. Subsequent Paragraphs: The following paragraphs are where you should straightforwardly present your argument. You can offer your views in favour of or against the topic, whichever side you choose to support. However, your arguments should be clear and backed up with evidence that is reliable and valid.
  4. Alternating arguments: Discursive essays are not argumentative essays and may often require discussing both sides of the topic. In such cases, the writer should keep alternating between the arguments. For example, suppose the first paragraph deals with arguments supporting the topic. In that case, the following paragraph should be against the issue, and then the next paragraph can again be in the supporting tone and so on. This alternating between the arguments is one of the critical features of a discursive essay.
  5. Conclusion: This is the end section of the essay, and one of the most important things that you should do here provides a summary of the paper. You can choose to end the paper in support of the topic or against the subject or neither as per the essay's requirements and structure. You can also reflect and talk about your personal opinion in regards to the essay topic. However, you should provide justifications and evidence for your subjective opinion while relating it to points presented in the essay. It should be kept in mind that the conclusion is an essential part of the essay and it does not involve restating the issues raised in the essay but rather a summary of those points.

How To Write A Discursive Essay Introduction?

The first paragraph of your discursive essay deals with the introduction to the essay. Here you can briefly introduce the topic and present one argument supporting the essay and one against the essay. An example of a discursive essay introduction will look like this:

"Veganism is a topic of heated debate in the 21st century. For many years supporters and opposers of veganism have argued the cases for and against. On the one hand, veganism is seen by the people opposing it as unnatural, breaking traditions, and unhealthy in food structure components. On the other hand, many people now see it as a cruel and selfish act because of which millions of animals suffer. With strong feelings on both sides of the argument, what then are the main issues surrounding veganism?"

The reader should understand the topic and what type of content the essay will cover. The introduction should be interesting and intriguing so that the reader is motivated to read the whole essay. As in the example above, you can also end the first introduction paragraph with a question to encourage the reader to think for themselves and remain hooked on the topic. Another technique involves talking about a story, giving an example or lines from a poem.

Types Of Discursive Essay

There are essentially three main types of discursive essay as follows:

  1. For and against essay: This is the type of discursive writing where the writer has to highlight and talk about both sides of the story, that is, present arguments both in favour of and against the topic. Before concluding, the writer usually has the liberty to state their opinion on the topic by talking about what they prefer and the reasons for it. For example, writing a discursive essay on veganism can involve highlighting and talking about both sides of the topic.
  2. Opinion Essay: In this type of essay, the writer should put forward their opinion at the beginning of the essay and provide their justifications and arguments in support of their opinion throughout the essay. In the ending paragraphs, the writer should also counter their opinion and provide arguments against it to provide a complete holistic picture of the topic. For example, on a discursive essay about studying abroad vs. studying in one's own country, the writer, if of the opinion that one should study in one's own country, can state that opinion and provide arguments in its favour. However, in the end, the writer should also highlight the positive sides of studying abroad.
  3. Solution providing essay: In this essay, the writer discusses a particular problem, offers various solutions to the problem, and highlights the best solution to the problem. For example, a discursive essay on the ways to boost the global economy after the pandemic would require in-depth research about the effect of the pandemic on the global economy and ways to boost it.

These are the types of discursive essay types.

Difference Between Discursive And Argumentative Essay

The points of difference between discursive essay and argumentative essay are as follows:

Discursive Essay

Argumentative Essay

Discursive essays try to analyse an argument by giving both perspectives and highlighting both sides of any topic or argument.

An argumentative essay focuses on only one side of an argument or topic.

Discursive essays discuss any argument or topic in a broad way which allows the readers to acquire a holistic complete picture and then form their own opinions on its basis.

Argumentative essays usually force the argument on the reader and do not provide the full picture but talk mainly about one side of the picture.

A discursive essay has a neutral style of writing to it.

An argumentative essay has a persuasive style of writing to it.

Discursive essays are written to be unbiased, objective so that the readers can receive complete information and a holistic perspective enabling them to form an opinion of their own.

 An argumentative essay is written to convince the reader of any one side of the argument that the writer believes in.

Why You Should Take Help With Discursive Essay?

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