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What Is A Memorandum And How To Write It Perfectly?

Hello everyone!!! Are you ready to know something new today? Something that will not only help you increase your knowledge domain but also come in handy while managing work at your organization. So what are you waiting for? Let us dive into the various concepts of our topic for today.

What Is A Memorandum?

Memorandum is a piece of information or a circular which is meant for a particular audience. It is an official document and is mostly formal. It is generally circulated and presented by the officials of an organization, but sometimes the interns or lower officials are also given the work of circulating a memorandum. Sometimes even the students are required to write memorandums in schools or colleges. So, there are different types of memorandums, it can be for work or school and college i.e., for academic purposes.

How To Write A Memorandum?

Just like every other document, there is a definite way of writing a memo. If the structure is not followed properly, the memorandum may not serve its purpose. Given the fact that the purpose of a memo is to give clear and critical information, it should follow the format of memorandum writing that is formal, clear and addresses directly to its audience. Any discrepancy in the above would lead to miscommunication.

  1. Make it short and crisp- The memorandums should be such that they are short and crisp, imparting more information in fewer words. Most people dislike reading long documents. Short documents are easy to read. So as much as possible, summarise the information.
  1. Use simple and clear language. Avoid jargon-Although a memorandum is an official document, avoid using jargon. Use simple language without no ambiguous words. So, there is no confusion regarding important information.
  1. Divide the information into sections- Continuous long pieces of documents can be tedious to read. So, divide the information into sections with separate heading for each section.
  1. Make the heading catchy- Memorandum is a form of notice with the difference that it is more formal and business-oriented. Therefore, ensure that the heading of the memorandum is such that it catches the attention of the readers and listeners. Write to gain attention and keep the listener or reader hooked till the information is completely departed.

General Tips-

Here are some general tips shared by the experts of the memorandum writing service. Keep the headings in bold and highlight the part that aims at imparting the main information. Use different colours for different sections.

Proofread your memorandum. You do not want to create any confusion because of some silly mistakes. So, just ensure that all your memo is correctly worded and grammatically checked.

A legal memo is one of the most widely used documents in legal assignments. Mostly legal memorandums are related to business law. Sometimes, however, even in criminal cases and constitutional cases, information is conveyed through a legal memorandum. The legal memorandum is written similarly to the general memorandum, with the difference that the legal memorandum must use IRAC or PLAC or MERAT as a part of their format. You can also check out a legal memorandum example for better clarity.

Issue- Start with the legal issue. A legal issue is the main question or problem arising out of the scenario.

Facts- State the facts in brief, mention the cause of action and the parties involved in the suit. There may be many people given in the assignment, but include only the name of the parties whose act or omission gives rise to the cause of action.

Law or rule- State the law or rule that applies to the given situation and also write mention the important case laws on point.

Application- The laws or rules should be applied to the given facts and a connection should be made to ascertain the liability of the parties if any. This section of your memorandum should take a maximum of your word count, as this is where your legal attitude is tested.

Discussion- Next, discuss the issues that arose in the law that applied. Why that particular law applied and then come to the discussion of liability. Relate the facts to the most closely applicable case laws.

Conclusion- While writing a legal memorandum, conclude the document by stating the issue again and mentioning the outcome that you could arrive at after discussion.

This was IRAC. MERAT and PLAC are similar with a few changes in the headings.

How To Write An MOU Memorandum Of Understanding?

Memorandum of understanding has a slightly different purpose than general memos. The general memorandums are mostly one-way communication where one party imparts information to the other. The memorandum of understanding is two-way communication between parties. The purpose of the MoU is not to just convey information, but to put into writing the intentions of two or more parties who want to agree on something. It is a kind of exchange of promises as well as a statement to clear the terms on which the promise is made. This can also be termed as a letter of intent, and in certain cases where the parties want so, it may be legally binding.

A memorandum of understanding should contain-

  1. The name of the parties-
  2. The terms on which the understanding is taking place-
  3. The background of the matter in question-
  4. The conclusion (binding or not binding)
  5. Do not forget to include the memorandum in a template.
  1. business memo template

    How To Write A Memorandum Of Advice?

    A Memorandum of advice is a type of legal memo. It is also called a legal memo. A memorandum of advice can be addressed to the client or a colleague or a boss. A memorandum of advice differs from a legal memorandum. A memorandum of advice will not be conclusive, nor would it be too analytical. It would be like a dialogue where the writer explains to the client the liability of the client or some other person the client is inquiring about.

Therefore, the document has to be semi-formal. Laws are to be used to supplant the arguments, but that should not be too technical to miss the point of communicating the advice to the client. If the memorandum is addressed to the colleague or boss, keep the document formal and explain the legal technicalities. Your audience would decide the structure of the memorandum of advice.

  1. How To Write A Business Memorandum?

Business memorandums are used to communicate between business parties. This document is used generally to communicate at the initial stages of making new connections.

The business memorandum is quite similar to an email with the difference that an email is less formal than a business memorandum and a business memo can be used as a physical copy, but an email cannot be used as such.

A business memorandum should be in a template form. It should start with the main heading of the memorandum. Next, the receiver's name should be added. The date and subject of the memorandum should be written. And finally, the receiver's name and designation should be added.

How To Write A Legal Memorandum Of Understanding Between Two Companies?

A legal memorandum of understanding between companies is a type of contract only less enforceable. The legal memorandum of understanding will lay down the terms of the contract and the duties of the parties. The parties may very well make the understanding of binding or non-binding. That is the discretion of the parties.

It must appear that with the plethora of types of memorandums, writing a memorandum may seem like a daunting task for you. So, what do you do about it? Do not fret over it. It is a matter of some practice that you may be writing a wonderful memorandum yourself. But you have that important assignment to complete. You do not want to practice writing a memorandum by jeopardizing your marks. So what option are you left with then?

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