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College and university life gives a fascinating switch in student's lives. At times you get challenged, and sometimes the things just go right. One of the challenges is writing a PEEL paragraph that might give you a headache.

Talking about PEEL writing, it is basically an approach to writing that provides authors with a definite structure and format. Writing a PEEL paragraph helps you to express your ideas and opinions in front of the reader. It makes it simple for the readers to remember the fact that the writer is writing for his target audience. PEEL writing gives perception and techniques for writing simply by representing your thoughts following up the complex procedure.

By the end of this blog, all your queries related to the PEEL will be cleared, and you will feel much better. We will help you with the best methods and tips to write the PEEL paragraph and great PEEL paragraph examples.

What Does Peel Stand For In Essay Writing?

PEEL is a contraction that stands for Point, Evidence, Explain, and Link. As far as we know that steady performance is the key to master the peel method of essay writing. If you implicit the essay nature, you would stumble to learn. However, research and planning are the other facets of writing.


  • This is the opening part of the paragraph that reflects the main idea of the paragraph.
  • The intro sentence is the topic sentence; hence, the sentence should be understandable to the readers to communicate better in the first sentence of your paragraph.
  • Don't add irrelevant facts and assumptions; this may confuse understanding of the paragraph to readers, due to which they may lose interest in your writing.
  • Begin your persuasive writing peel with the indispensable argument that can converse to the central point of the paragraph. It would be best to start the topic of your essay by providing reliable statements to it.
  • It will help if you present your point in such a way that readers can effortlessly connect with it.
  • Keep in mind this it is incredibly imperative to discuss your major arguments clearly and concisely.


  • Present your opinions or views, and arguments must include facts, statistics, and data from trustworthy websites, analyses, journals, or magazines to give a firm base to what you are shaping.
  • Collect evidence from approved sites, books, research papers, and the internet. The audience must accept your opinion and your point.
  • Evidence isn't somewhat that needs a lot of research and efforts. It would help if you work simply and smartly.
  • Take time and research thoroughly. Present a concise idea of what are the pieces of evidence and points that demonstrate your point right.


  • In the following sentence, you will have to explain crucial concerns and the evidence you have given. Explain what you want to describe in detail.
  • Understand the evidence to give your reader a clear meaning or sense about the essay.
  • Your arguments and evidence must support each other; hence, justify it subtly to improve your writing skills.


  • This is a complicated point as structuring and linking are significant. Linking sentences connects the relevant points.
  • It must represent a realistic conclusion to the sentence. It ought to have the alternative to present a broad idea of the paragraph to the readers.

Examples Of PEEL Paragraph Sentence Starters

Here are some PEEL paragraph sentence starters to help you out; these are great to use whenever you are writing persuasive texts.


  • The writer explores
  • The author conveys
  • The narrator demonstrates
  • The speaker portrays


  • For example
  • For instance
  • The evidence suggests/shows
  • The evidence is undeniable
  • Considering ... it can be concluded that
  • Based on the findings of ... it can be argued
  • Another point of view suggests, however, that


  • Most people would agree that
  • The key aspect discussed
  • It is overwhelmingly convincing
  • While this is the case
  • With regard to … argued that …
  • This indicates that


  • Moreover,
  • Ultimately,
  • Subsequently,
  • More importantly,
  • Another essential point

How To Write A PEEL Paragraph?

The peel paragraph structure can be draft by the following method:

  • Plan your paragraph first: One of the best things that writers often ignore is planning. Always keep in mind that this is the foremost step that should be considered carefully before starting the writing section. Planning facilitates you to save a lot of time before you write down your thoughts on paper. Map your essay so that it will be easy for your reader to understand and access the information. Don't skip brainstorming your ideas and opinion; note them down. Simultaneously, think about the examples of PEEl to sustain your arguments.
  • Write the introduction paragraph: The introduction part should be catchy as this introduces the primary idea to your readers. As we discuss peel structure essay writing, it would be best to avoid using personal pronouns such as I and me.
  • Select the best examples: After writing the intro section, you have to select perfect examples that convey the information while supporting it. The reader may also understand your point of view easily. Try to develop many helpful examples and choose the finest among them, which is more compelling and persuasive Peel persuasive writing must carry more information and should be accessible in a direct way. Explain examples by providing their significance and the meaning they expressed.
  • Linking statement: Now, coming to the next significant step for recapitulating the argument. This section frame the wider argument. A linking sentence sums up the paragraph in a maximum of one or two sentences. It also must link the primary point of the essay so that readers understand what you've stated.
  • Proofread your paragraph: After finishing the essay, now come to the proofreading section. It is critical to proofread the essay and look after your mistakes and try to fix them. Check out the grammatical errors, spelling errors, the structure of sentences, and readability.

Peel Paragraph Examples

Even though each paragraph concentrates on a different point, they are still linked together in some manner so that your discussion is cohesive. Try to use transition phrases to indicate how the various points you make relate to one another. Let's have a look at examples of PEEL paragraphs.


The advocates of online learning refer to its benefits over conventional instructor-led training.


The most instant benefit is that online learning smoothes the delivery process where employees may be geologically isolated or where arranging a physical space for training would take the time or even production space.


Therefore, a considerable advantage of online learning is that it is lucrative: the company does not earn travel expenses or lose production hours.


Given these savings in costs, it would look like computer technology easily substitute the HRM professional.

Tips For Writing Peel Essay

While writing PEEL paragraph structure, you have to recognize what makes a wonderful essay. The structure and format help in organizing the facts of the essay. Here are some more attributes. Here are a few tips for writing an outstanding PEEL essay:

  • Try not to cover more than one principle idea in a paragraph.
  • Remember to add the word "direction" in the essay; this shows what kind of approach you have maintained throughout your conversation.
  • Always link paragraphs to one another to the question – this is a good way to integrate keywords throughout your essay.
  • Collect information only from recent and credible scholarly resources.
  • Never skip to outline your essay and ensure a fine flow before setting the writing section.
  • Make sure you have written an apparent thesis statement in your opening paragraph.
  • Ensure that every paragraph of the essay must focus on the primary ideas related to the topic. Avoid giving more than one idea that makes it hard for the readers to understand the major points.
  • Try to follow a format and structure that would help your essay to make it well-constructed and maintain the flow of paragraphs.
  • Keep away from plagiarism issues. Paraphrase your essay well if you use the ideas of others to write your essay. Also, always cite your essay with adequate referencing styles.

Are you confused about where to exploit the peel method in writing? If yes, then, use it while writing an essay. Also, you can use it in descriptive essays, analytical essays, expository essays, persuasive essays, and essays about yourself.

Still, Need Help With Peel Writing Structure?

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