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Essay writing is an important pursuit in academics. Many factors work in favour of students when they write essays, and that’s why universities emphasise students to work on the given essay assignments within the deadline. Essays help students to develop an overall subject learning, from understanding the subject concepts to research, learn, and analyse them well. Also, there are different types of essays that develop a knack for writing a variety of content with ease. One such type includes a personal essay.

What Is A Personal Essay?

A personal essay includes the explanation of a personal experience or an incident. It should be written in a way that shares some knowledge, inspiration, and prompts the reader to get inspired and react. Personal essays are written in the first person. Either it can be written as a formal essay or creative non-fiction.

How To Write A Personal Essay?

A personal essay is written to satisfy different purposes. Students do personal essay writing to exhibit their candidature in college admissions for which they often look for personal essay samples or personal essay examples. Authors who involve in personal essay style writing share a personal experience, enlighten and inspire the readers. These essays are written in a conversational style to give a personal touch and connect with the readers.

One of the important things that essay writers need to take care of is the essay structure and format. Here are some important tips that you need to keep in mind while writing a personal essay.

Tips To Write A Personal Essay

  • Write the Essay Outline

An essay outline includes the main points and phrases that are to be covered in the essay.

  • Write the Introduction

The introduction is important to make an emotional connection with the reader, hook the reader and create an urge in them to read ahead.

  • Create the Body

The body is the main section to create a story, explain a sequence of events, and describe your learning or experience in detail.

  • Add Specifications

Being specific helps a lot, instead of reading a general explanation of things, readers like to read about specific details of a particular event.

  • Conclude with a well-written Conclusion

In the conclusion, add things that you want your readers to take along with them after reading your essay. It can be your learning or the inspiration you have gained from that particular incident.

  • Proofread

No matter how good you write or how confident you are about your writing, it's always important to read your work after completing it. It helps iron out small grammatical glitches or big explanatory mistakes.

How To Structure A Personal Essay?

An essay has some basic sections which make the mandatory parts of it. The personal essay is no different. It consists of an introduction, the body part, and the conclusion.

Introduction The first few lines of your essay make the introduction. It hooks the reader and provides a glimpse of what the reader is going to unveil ahead.

Body contains all the relevant information, experience, or explanation that you want to provide to your readers. It makes the main part of the essay.

Conclusion The last few lines that conclude a write-up is called the conclusion. It gives a glimpse of what you have covered in your essay. No new information is added in the conclusion, but it is just a crux of what all you have discussed.

Types of Personal Essay Narratives

Personal essay narratives are divided into four types:

  1. Secret live stories these stories are fresh, surprising, and hook the readers till the end.
  1. Defining moments it explains a unique moment of the writers life that changed his viewpoint, or impacted his life in some or another way.
  2. Identity essays convey how the personal identity impacted the writer's life.
  3. Family mysteries are essays in which the writer uncovers or untangle a family mystery.

Some of the personal essay examples are:

  • The secret life of a failed entrepreneur
  • The moment that saved my life from being a failure
  • The movie that motivates me
  • The mistakes I have one in my life

Here's A Glimpse Of Personal Essay Sample Assignment Task For Your Reference

personal essay sample personal essay sample

How To Write A Personal SWOT Analysis Essay?

Personal SWOT Analysis refers to a persons analysis of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. To write it down, divide your page into four sections and then fill in the details.

Strength Showcase your potential to its fullest, include everything relevant to an organisation and explain how you can add value to their organisation.

  • Include everything you excel at
  • List your personal and professional skills
  • Mention your key achievements
  • Mention other personal skills that helped to develop your skill-set

Weakness The best way to write about your weakness is to be truthful and real. Mention your weaknesses along with the ways you are trying to overcome them.

Opportunities Your list of opportunities should be realistic and relevant to your business. Look at the opportunities around, the influential people, the potential courses that can help improve your skill-set.

Threats - Mention real threats, your threats can be linked to an over-performing colleague, about evolving technique and technology.

How To Start A Personal Essay For College?

If you are struggling to write a personal essay for college, here are some tips you can follow to give it a great start.

  • Start with an image-based description or story to let the reader connect with it easily.
  • Tell about yourself, your life events that encouraged you to take up a particular subject
  • Tell about your passion or achievements about the same
  • Add some surprise elements to make a stronger application
  • Add some random interesting fact about yourself

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