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What is a Project Synopsis?

A Project Synopsis is the gist of a project plan. It mentions the aims, objectives, and other important details of the project. It is submitted to the competent authority for approval, ethical clearance, peer review, formal registration to universities to get an award or degree, or financial assistance from organizations. A project synopsis gives a panoramic view of the research work conducted for a quick analysis.

A Project Synopsis is an integral part of a thesis or research project. Several universities across the world have made it compulsory for postgraduate students to write a thesis as a part of their training. A project synopsis should be conducted to facilitate the reviewer to understand the project in a go. It should be precise and brief.

How to Write a Project Synopsis?

A Project Synopsis focuses on the summary of the entire project. The factors that affect the synopsis are style factors, improper investigation, incorrect information, etc. The benefits of Project Synopsis are better understanding, enhanced critical thinking, identification of knowledge gaps, etc. Such needs should be met to write a successful project synopsis. One should also follow a Project Synopsis Format.

Project Synopsis Format

Format of Project Synopsis

A Project Synopsis should be written in the following format:

  • Title

It is crucial to give a title that aligns with your project. Any reader or reviewer will eventually lose interest if the title does not justify the contents of a project. The title should not be too short or too long. It should adhere to the standard length of the title of a Project Synopsis. Make sure not to mention the name of your university or the number of cases, or any such irrelevant information in the title.

  • Statement of the problem and hypothesis

Do not skip writing a statement of the problem in clear and concise terms. Developing an understanding of the reader's problem at the beginning of the project synopsis helps the reader understand the research proposal. It also allows the reader to devise a hypothesis. Ensure that the problem is relevant to the present and mention the present status and relevance of the problem.

The hypothesis is not haphazard guesswork. It should display the experience, imagination, and knowledge of the researcher. The hypothesis is an explanation of the relationship between two or more variables which should be expressed in more than 200 words.

  • Aims and objectives

A project synopsis should have the aims and objectives of the concerned topic. There is no need to write a long list of objectives.

  • Literature Review

Literature Review makes the reader familiar with the research. It emphasizes on the research conducted by other researchers to help the reader comprehend the difficulties and anticipate additional problems. The literature review should be written within 300 words with proper references.

  • Research methodology

The research project comprises a research methodology. It should be written in 150-200 words. A research methodology should cover study settings, variables, data analysis, study design, sampling, controls, ethical clearance, references, study methods, etc.

  • Study Design

Study design should incorporate community diagnosis, prospective study, animal studies, follow-up study, descriptive designs, retrospective study, etc.

  • Sampling

Sampling means choosing a sample of apt size for conducting the study. The size of the sample depends on the study design. The study population can be a population of people, a population of recipients, or a population of cases. The sample size should be enough to give meaningful results. Systemic, simple, stratified, and cluster sampling are some of the methods of sampling. It should represent the population.

  • Variables

It is crucial Variables affect the outcome of a research project. Variables should be quantified using a measurable unit. The use of multiple variables in a research project helps in achieving the objectives. There are four major types of variables, namely dependent variable, independent variable, background variable, and intervening variable.

  • Data Analysis

Data analysis is one of the most important aspects of a research project. It leads to results using statistical methods, data sorting methods, and computer programs.

  • Data Collection

Data Collection states how the data used in the research was collected. It includes logistic support, organizational setup, and training. It also mentions plans for collaboration or partnership with other organizations.

  • References

Ensure to give proper referencing and follow the referencing style recommended by your university. References and citations are an important part of any project.

So, these are some of the elements to keep to successfully create the project synopsis. All you have to do now is continue to work professionally as you did on the assignment. The project includes a synopsis as well as technical and professional work. Give a clear concept of what the project is about, and then wrap it off with a synopsis.

Without a synopsis, the project will have a non-professional feel to it, which you do not want. The project overview will aid you in determining the project's success or failure. It serves as a portal to the project's interior. So, only if everything is visible from the glass will the view captivate the readers.

What are Some of the Topics of Project Synopsis?

Project Synopsis topics can be divided according to the subject. Some of the trending topics are:

Software Development

  • Bug Tracker
  • E-learning Platform
  • Biometric-based ATM
  • Android Patient Tracker
  • Data Leakage Detection System

Human Resource Management

  • Job Satisfaction Survey
  • Health and Welfare Measures
  • Effect of Retrenchment on Workers
  • Grievance Handling
  • Employee Motivation

Electrical Engineering

  • Power Saving Project
  • Fire Detection and Alarm
  • Critical Temperature Alarm System
  • Smoking Alert System
  • Design of Microcontroller

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