What is a Realistic Job Preview

A Realistic Job Preview is a tool that equips both the employers and employees to help them make the right decision. It gives an insight into the work culture, environment, company policy, etc. to the individual. When an employee is hired using the realistic job preview, the employee is well aware of the company, its benefits, and other information like working hours, late hours, customer interaction, culture, pay, etc.

As the name suggests, it offers a realistic view of the job to the potential employee. It lets the candidate know the expectations of the employer as well.

What are the benefits of a Realistic Job Preview?

A Realistic Job Preview comes with a long list of benefits both for the employer and the potential employee. Some of the benefits are:

Increases self-selection - It increases the quality of applicants while reducing the number of applicants. It benefits the employer by informing the candidates about the company, job profile, workplace, etc. The use of a realistic job preview has a positive impact on the candidate because more knowledge about the job motivates them to crack the interview and land the job which means they will pay more attention and effort.

Candidate Experience - Realistic job Preview improves the overall experience of a candidate by exposing the pros and cons of a company. Although it is uncommon for a company to enlist its cons in a job description. The lack of certain crucial points hints at these cons. Be careful to make the right use of a realistic job preview.

Commitment - It has been observed that people who know the company and the job are more committed to the job than the ones who are unaware. The reason behind this is that candidates feel connected and honesty as they join the company via the realistic job preview.

Better Performance - Any person who knows their work and the organization they are becoming a part of, will by default perform better in comparison to someone who is not well-informed of his job profile, work culture, job responsibilities, etc.

Job Satisfaction - It is yet another perk of a realistic job preview. Any candidate that joins a company via the realistic job preview has more realistic expectations and hence is satisfied with their job.

Low employee attrition rate - Since the expectations and demands of a job are clear and met, it leaves no space for an employee to quit. Realistic Job Preview reduces the number of bad hires and hence decreases the employee attrition rate. Employees who underperform or quit shortly are eliminated via the use of a realistic job preview.

How to Create a Realistic Job Preview?

As difficult as it may sound, realistic job previews are not difficult to create. Follow the given steps to create a realistic job preview for your organization:

  1. Vision
    This is the first and the most crucial step of drafting a realistic job preview. While writing a realistic job preview, make sure you shed light on the vision and goals of the organization. Since every action is routed in the direction of realizing this vision and goals.
  2. Mission
    The mission of an organization is about the objectives of the company. It also covers the steps and methodologies of achieving this mission. Mission differs from vision. While the mission is the short-term goal of the organization, the vision is the long-term goal. Present actions and moves are targeted towards achieving this mission.
  3. Job Description
    This is yet another important part of a realistic job preview. It tells the candidate about his job responsibilities and what is expected of him at the job. It is important to give a clear description of the job, key responsibilities areas, etc. in the job description.
  4. Benefits and rewards
    This is another important aspect that draws a candidate towards a job. Every employee expects to be rewarded with incentives, compensations, recognition, and new opportunities.
  5. Promotion
    Displaying career rewards presents a positive outlook towards an opportunity. Any person who expects to grow in a job will be attracted to a job that has good policies for promotion.
  6. Development Opportunities
    As we all know, no two persons are the same. Some expect to grow in a job while some enjoy a stagnant life. It is alright to be of your kind and to choose a job that lets you be you. Hence, it is advised to mention the developmental opportunities in a realistic job preview.
  7. Training Opportunities

There are two kinds of jobs - one that requires extensive training before you lay your hands on it and the other is where you do not require any such detailed training. It will be good if the same is mentioned along with the information that the company will provide such training or not.

Tips to write a Realistic Job Preview

Tips to Write a Realistic Job Preview

Given below are some of the tips to help you write a Realistic Job Preview:

A Day in the Job: Do add a description of a typical day at work in your organization. Include the boring activities and the good ones so that the potential employees have a clear idea of what their day would look like at your company. More details about the company can be given in this section to invite the people who would match the vibe and repel the ones that mismatch and cannot survive in such an environment.

Make it Captivating: Writing a compelling statement about your company, the work environment, and the job description attracts candidates. The words that you use to describe your company speaks a lot about your company and the people.

Interviewing Employees: Interviewing existing employees is a great way to share the experience, specifics of the job, company culture, and relevant department. This will give the prospective employees a chance to articulate the pros and cons.

Culture-fit: It is important to hire an employee who shares the same culture and values rather than just meeting the job requirements. Every company has a culture that varies from the other. Displaying the culture of your company in the realistic job preview is a way to filter the applicants.

Assessing Candidates: Applicants are given hypothetical on-the-job situations to act and respond to. This assesses their skills and gives them a peek at what the job is really like.

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