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What Is A Reflection Paper?

A reflective paper is an attempt to convey one's thoughts about understanding and reflection on any part of the course material. Reflection as the word suggests is an attempt to convey what all the student could gather from what the teacher has taught. A reflection paper although is an informal writing assignment, it still has to include certain things to serve its purpose. For this, few steps have to be followed for writing an effective reflection paper that will ensure that the paper was written is of good quality.

Explain How To Write A Reflection Paper?

Reflection is generally informal. There are no hard and fast rules that you have to follow but the essence of a reflection paper needs to be fulfilled which can be done by the following steps-

  1. Identify and jot down the main themes for making your reflection paper outline. The themes should relate broadly to your topic. No need to get into details at this point. This is the first step so your thoughts and opinions also need not be that refined.
  2. Now start being more peculiar. Start by jotting down all the things that have stood out in your view from the course material. Also, note down why these things have stood out. You can take this from lecture notes or the audio lectures were given to you by the teacher. For writing a reflection paper, you can also take these notes from the experiences that you have. These experiences may be in the form of images, sounds, or any other experience.
  3. Explain what you experienced, what you read, and most importantly what you understood out of the paper.
  4. You can also make a list of your thoughts so as not to lose track of your thoughts.

Start with listing out your thoughts which you feel are relevant for the paper.

Secondly, show what is the relationship between your thoughts and the course material. This needs to be a critical analysis and not only a descriptive analysis.

Thirdly explain your thoughts in detail. This would form the chunk of your reflective paper as it will consist of the main arguments you make, their explanation, and what made you have the thoughts which you have.

  1. Writing reflection will not require you to have any additional research but you would need to go through the content on which you have to write the reflection. The ideas you get on the subject matter being discussed would be the reflection. The reflection should come as a critical reflection of what you have read and understood and not just a descriptive analysis of the topic. You can opt to look out for an academic reflection paper example for better understanding.

reflection paper help

How To Write An Introduction For A Reflection Paper?

Start with the introduction. Mention the topic you are writing the reflection on. The introduction should start with the expectations you had from the course material or lecture or in case you are writing about an experience, then explain what you had heard about the experience. End your introduction with a thesis statement that explains what the lecture and experience taught you. This should be brief but clear.

Thereafter, in the body portion of reflection, write the conclusions and why you came to that conclusion. This part should start with a topic sentence. This should be in the form of a claim, the claim should be backed by a reason which should be backed by evidence. The claim should end at a warrant. According to reflection writing instructions, it should have a logical ending that explains the claim, reason, and logic behind the conclusion. Every conclusion should start in the same manner as mentioned above. This should contain what you understood, why you came to the conclusion you did, and what are the particular contents.

How To End A Reflection Paper?

The reflection paper should end at the conclusion which should succinctly sum up all the ideas and feelings you have. The main conclusion should be in consonance with all the ideas mentioned above. It should be written in such a manner that any person who reads the conclusion should be able to understand the whole experience and reflection on the paper.

How To Write A Reflection Paper In APA?

A reflection paper is different from a research paper and a critical paper. It has a set format that is to be followed and which is discussed above. To write APA style reflection paper, follow the APA referencing guidelines.

How To Conclude A Reflection Paper?

A conclusion should reflect not only what you gathered by way of reflection of the reading or experience but also what you could have done better and how you can improve the reflection next time. You can also suggest how better course material would have helped you. Also, restate the thesis statement and summarise all the ideas, thoughts and also give suggestions. Make sure that your conclusion reflects the ideas mentioned in the body as much as possible.

Types Of Reflection Paper

The reflection papers may be of many types depending upon the question of the assignment. The purpose of the reflection will determine how to write a reflection paper. Majorly there are two types of reflection papers. These are-

  1. Low self-reflection- This is an informal way of reflection. Under this, you have to write the reflection in a way that need not be that refined. This writing is generally ungraded. This type of reflection is generally written as draft writing. Writing notes, in-process reflections, and other meta texts are included in this.
  2. Textualizing the writings of students- Another type of reflection is having a reflection on the works of others. This may involve reflecting on debatable topics like education, politics, literature, etc. Here a student reads someone else writings or experiences and gives feedback of the same. The difference between reflection and criticism is that the tone is personal here as opposed to being critical.

How To Make A Reflection Paper In Philosophy?

  1. Make sure that at the inception only, you identify what you want to show.
  2. In case you are persuading the audience into believing your reflection make sure that the persuasion is rational.
  3. Don’t adopt the fortress approach meaning that all your statements need not be backed by strong arguments.

How To Write A Reflection Paper On An Interview?

Writing a reflective paper on the research you are writing the reflection on, then you can write the reflection as per those parameters. If you want to analyze an interview for its authenticity, then you will see what information is gathered from the interview. If you want to write a reflection of the research methods used, then you will write the reflection on the research, methods used.

How To Write A Self-Assessment Reflection Paper?

A self-assessment paper as the word suggests will be less formal and would require analyzing one’s improvement on a particular subject. Generally, it would require studying the notes, checking the assignment papers are reflect on the improvement the person has made. Similarly, the assessment would require reflecting on the course material and what the student could gather from it.

How To Write A Reflection Paper On A Case Study?

  1. Reflection on a case study would require you to take some topics to form the case study that has caught your attention.
  2. Start by eliminating the extra material or extra information that you feel is less relevant. Move onto the important parts of the case study.
  3. However, make sure that you have provided at least a basic context to set your reflection.
  4. Identify the main concepts and give your feedback on the same.
  5. Then go on to explain why a piece of certain information touched you more than other aspects of the case study. Give reasons for your argument backed by evidence. Check for case study reflection paper example in case there is any confusion and you need more clarity.

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