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Are you passionate to discover more genuine ways of observing students’ progress and achievement? Many educators, mainly from the modern world, are restrictive and require standardized tests. Providentially, many educational science groups support alternative methods to conventional assessment strategies by involving creative ideas, course structure advancement, and increasing student involvement in course curriculums.

Alternative Assessment is a holistic approach for assessing individual progress in the classroom. With alternative assessment tools, students can develop their solutions rather than selecting from the given list of options. Moreover, students can deliver a vigorous response in the assigned tasks, examinations and assignments by applying it. It evaluates the student’s proficiency rather than the knowledge gained.

It identifies student’s abilities in the forms of what they can do or cannot do rather than what they already know or do not know. It gives alternative ways to assess students learning as it deliberates diverse education methods and approaches. It encourages learners to comprehend, analyze, and evaluate the problem more innovatively, creating an appropriate learning outcome. Thus, alternative assessment strategies are in contrast to the traditional forms of standardized assessment strategies.

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What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Alternative Assessment?

The alternative assessment can evaluate individual skills and performance that cannot be measured directly through traditional methods. The advantages of applying alternative assessment strategies in the course curriculum are as follows:

  1. The alternative assessment offers an alternative method of assessment for all students and allows them to apply their knowledge to resolve practical queries.
  2. It is a cost-effective approach for assessing student's knowledge within the learning context.
  3. These methods are easy to use and understand.
  4. It makes the learning and teaching process more efficient, as teachers can evaluate and support students who need more supervision.
  5. Alternative assessment methods encourage students to think out of the box and come out of their comfort zones. The learners will identify, evaluate and apply their knowledge to generate answers to the problems.
  6. It is an efficient approach to determine student progress levels and building their logical aptitude.
  7. It reduces traditional variable methods of students’ progress assessment such as written tests, examinations, etc.
  8. Such methods are flexible and broad-minded as per the curriculum objectives and consider learner background skills and requirements.

The disadvantages of alternative assessment are as follows:

  1. The outcomes of alternative assessments could differ according to the teachers’ preferences.
  2. It is a time-consuming assessment process as the analyzer has to pay attention to each student to effectively evaluate their skills and capability.
  3. The alternative assessment methods in higher education are hard to develop and grade.
  4. It is not easy to evaluate all the results developed from alternative assessment ideas, as most are qualitative.
  5. In particular, when teachers are not aware of the alternative assessment methods, it becomes costly for the educational authorities to train them in setting up test arrangements.

However, learners can easily overcome the disadvantages of alternative assessment methods if their aims and objectives are easily understood and implemented correctly. Moreover, it is crucial to ensure that the education process is fair and transparent and encourage open thinking.  

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What Is The Importance Of Alternative Assessment In Education?

While most of us are familiar with the traditional assessment approach in education, alternative forms of assessments are slowly increasing in today’s scenario. It is crucial to understand the importance of alternative and authentic assessment in the education system and ensure to implement it correctly during the adoption process.

The benefits students will gain through applying alternative education equivalency assessment are listed below:

  • The students will gain an opportunity to apply the knowledge they have established and put it in a constructive way to solve the problems.
  • They are encouraged to increase their logical reasoning skills and apply them in analyzing the problems.
  • The students will have an augmentative and alternative communication assessment to optimize the communication skills that will aid them during logic explanation to the examiners.
  • As these assessments are complete and realistic, they will bring the importance of knowledge gained.
  • Offers real-time understanding to the teachers about how to improvise the teaching methodology to maximize the students’ learning capability.
  • Applying alternative assessments in education systems will make it easier to grade students on their overall performance than securing marks through superficial recitations.
  • These systems are much more transparent as each student is given a fair chance to apply the gained knowledge adequately instead of restricting them.   
  • There are many examples of alternate assessments for students with disabilities available in the education system. These strategies are used to evaluate students who are unable to participate in general assessment procedures.   

What Are The Strategies Of Alternative Assessments?

Exams are not the only way to assess students’ progress. Here are few alternative assessment examples to evaluate learner’s knowledge outcomes:

  1. Open book tests: Open book tests motivate students to apply their knowledge critically and express content in a comprehensive manner rather than remembered text. Such types of exams will increase self-understanding and self-analysis characters in the learners while answering.
  2. Portfolios: Sometimes, the students’ might be asked to develop a class assignment to determine students’ overall achievement during the term rather than relying on end-term examination. Portfolios are a combination of homework assignments, written projects, drawings, and many more. The application of alternative assessment portfolio will encourage students’ towards self-assessment and enhance learning skills.
  3. Viva-voice: Instead of conducting written exams, the viva-voice examinations can enhance the students’ memory recall ability.
  4. Presentations: Students are asked to prepare a power-point presentation on a specific topic to enhance their verbal and communication skills.
  5. Rubric and assignments: The method of implementing alternative assessment rubric and assignment designing in the education system is to evaluate students’ learning ability for a specific concept or technology.
  6. Create innovative solution: The students can demonstrate a technique or engineering strategy solution by implementing alternative assessment ideas for math accessible to a broader audience.  
  7. Performance examination: In a performance test, students are required to demonstrate something or execute a task. For example: applying alternative assessment in physical education will recognize students’ success directly and enhance their self-improvement skills.

What Is Meant By Assessment Of Strategic Alternatives?

The alternative strategic assessment is the process of directing research on a business and its working environment to articulate a strategy. To establish an enterprise strategy, a company requires precise knowledge of what it wants to achieve in the future and its fundamental beliefs. The alternative assessment meaning for strategic analysis differs for academic and company perspectives, but the method includes similar common factors such as:

  • Determining and evaluating data related to business strategy
  • Identifying internal and external environmental data to be assessed
  • They are utilizing multiple investigating methods such as SWOT analysis and value chain analytical processes.

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Here Is The Sample Of Alternative Assessment For Your Reference

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