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Critical Analysis

What Is The Critical Analysis?

Critical analysis as described by Brown and Keeley is the process of disintegrating the information you have read, written, or experienced in a manner that gives you a deeper understanding of the issues that are being discussed. Here are the steps to write a critical analysis-

  1. Descriptive – This stage is limited to knowing what, where, and when? This is not the same as a critical analysis, just a part of the whole process of critical analysis. This is however important as research and reading will build the ground for critical analysis. The more you read and research the better you will be able to criticize.
  2. Analysis- analysis is where the critical process starts. This is the stage where the questions like how and why are asked. These questions involve reflection, analysis, and evaluation. This gives a deeper understanding of a topic, a piece of writing, or an experience.
  3. Evaluation- this stage is the real stage of critical analysis. It involves giving answers to questions like what is the aftermath of this, guessing the answers for an alternative course, how something can be taken forward from this.

Critical essay example in nursing is also a good way to understand the writing of critical analysis.

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How To Write A Critical Analysis Essay Step By Step?

To write a critical analysis essay, follow the below-given steps-

  1. Read the content you want to criticize thoroughly. As mentioned above, reading extensively is the first step in critical analysis. But make sure that you do not read stuff that is immaterial as that will waste your time. Skim through the contents of articles, or journals and carry on reading thoroughly only when you realize that the articles, etc. contains the information that you need.
  2. Next, it is important while writing critically to choose a critical thesis statement where you will make your stand regarding a topic known to the readers. You can take a particular stand or just pose a question or make a statement that indicates what you are going to cover in the essay. Your stand may also be neutral. It should refer to some perspective. The perspective should be backed by evidence from the text you have read. A thesis statement that cannot be backed is of little value. Remember your whole essay will more or less revolve around your thesis statement so be cautious about how you frame your thesis statement. You can also hire experts in case you are looking for a critical analysis essay help.
  3. Organize the body of the essay- this is the part of the essay where you will discuss all the points of the topic. This would discuss the thesis statement. In the body part of the essay, start with a topic statement which would be a broad observation of the person writing the essay. Next, step onto narrowing the topic statement by mentioning details. Now make an argument relating to that topic statement. Back the argument with a reason and support that with evidence. Round the argument up with a warrant that closes off the argument, make sure to close off every argument that you start. The topic sentences should be such that they tie back to the thesis statement representing some aspect of the chosen thesis statement.
  4. The last step in writing a critical essay is to write a succinct conclusion of the essay. The conclusion is a mirror of your introduction. The conclusion should reinstate the important points made in the essay and should also give certain suggestions to improve the information on the topic or the process of research. Make sure that your conclusion is as good as the introduction. Just as the introduction is an insight into what you will write in the essay, the conclusion will give you an insight into what has been included in the essay. You can also look for critical analysis essay conclusion examples for better understanding.

What Is The Purpose Of Critical Analysis?

The purpose of a critical essay is to evaluate the writings of some author or to increase the understanding of readers on that topic or on the writings of that author. But depending upon the topic, the purpose may change and vary. E.g., to explain some facts in detail, to persuade readers into accepting a viewpoint, this may be persuasive but would have to start with critical analysis as once you can critically analyze the information you are presenting then you will be able to persuade others towards your opinion or point of view. You can also write a critical essay to affect people’s emotions. In such a case, the essay would be more subjective than objective and would focus on feelings than facts.

Types Of Critical Analysis Essay

Types of critical essays are determined by the topic that is being criticized-

  1. g. if you are writing a critical analysis of a literary article or writing
  2. If you are writing a critique of political speeches or interviews.
  3. Critiquing debates etc.

These are not the topics per se but the broad spectrum from which the topic can be taken. Critiquing a political interview would be different from critiquing an article. Critiquing an author will also be different from critiquing a debate.

How To Format A Critical Analysis Essay?

To write a critical essay, you need to follow two main steps-

  1. Read critically and
  2. Write critically

Reading critically means that while reading you have to analyze the information into the important and unimportant ones. All information is not relevant and all information may not catch your attention. Your critical analysis will be only on information that you find worthy of attention. You may have to gather information through research, that research will help you to make an argument on their viewpoint.

Writing critically would follow the above step. Start by gathering your thoughts about the topic. Start from general ideas and then narrow them down further. Make a claim and back that claim with facts, reasoning, logic, and evidence.

Critical Analysis Essay Topics

  1. Politics and finances - is politics worldwide run by money?
  2. Capitalism v socialism – what's the way forward?
  3. Professional studies or arts-related studies. Which one to choose?
  4. Literary forms that bring literature to life- which one will you choose?

How To Choose A Topic To Write A Critical Analysis Step By Step?

Choose a topic that can be critically analyzed. E.g., something that is controversial or has different views about it. Famous literature articles, controversial debates, views on politics would be an excellent choice.

Look for a topic that is widely talked about. You should be able to get enough material on it to think out of the box. Also when you take a broad topic, something that is widespread, then you can narrow down the topic and analyze it critically because you would have different views and opinions on that topic from different angles which would broaden your horizons.

Critical Analysis Essay Outline

The critical analysis outline is similar to most of the essay formats-

  1. It has an introduction- give some idea about the context of the topic. If it is related to politics and money laundering, then start by giving the relevance of politics and the history of funding in politics.
  2. A body (mostly 3 paragraphs) - then refer to a topic statement. Like how much money is funded in politics and its implications. Support whatever claim you make with facts, data, etc. Connect the claim with the conclusion. This can be a final statement like if the influence of money in politics is not stopped, politics may lose its authenticity soon.
  3. A conclusion- the last conclusion should sum up all other conclusions mentioned in the foregoing section. This will not have any new information though, mirror the introduction and answer your thesis statement. If possible, give suggestions for studying the topic or the improvements that can be made on the study of the topic.

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