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Hello readers!! How are you doing? Hmm! busy with your work and tonnes of reading that you put yourself in or just chit-chatting with one of your pals? Anyway, you are using language as a tool for either write or read, knowing other people's thoughts or communicate with them. It is amazing how we use language to communicate all sorts of emotions, information, etc. but still fail to realize it. So what do we do? Well. Well. Do not worry. We are here to introduce you to the concept of language and types of emotive language.

What Are The Different Features Of Languages?

As mentioned above, we can use language for a multitude of purposes. Language can be used to express emotions, thoughts, feelings, and needs.

How Can We Use Language?

  1. It can be used as a means of control. Control can be either by way of asking, request, command or insist. A language of command creates an atmosphere of deceit or distrust.
  2. Language can also convey performance. When the words used are- I promise', 'I guarantee' etc. it denotes performance and action. Using such words can give rise to obligations. Therefore, we should use action words with care and caution.
  3. The language used for fun- Language can denote humor, fun, and jokes. Such language is for entertainment purposes. Although, generally such a language creates a light environment, using such language at the wrong time can lead to absurd results.

Effects Of Language

  1. Language can bring people together. Language is an important way of making connections by communicating feelings of love and affection.
  2. Language can separate people from each other. Language has as much negative power as it has positive. When the language is used to display the emotions of hatred or disrespect, etc. Then the language can act as a barrier or lead to separation. Sometimes using sarcasm or humor at the wrong places can lead to separation as well.

What Is Emotive Language Definition?

All language denotes something as explained above. It can show command, request, respect, persuasion, love, etc. it is the choice of words that gives different colors to language and expresses different emotions. When you use words that stir the emotions of people at once, then the language being used is emotive. You can convey the same information or the same emotion, but the usage of words will make all the difference in the weightage of the emotions.

E.g., the petrol price has increased or the increase in the price of petrol has wreaked havoc. Both are conveying the same information, but the former is less expressive than the latter. The latter does two things. First, it conveys information. Second, it invokes the emotions of anger and de settlement.

What Does The Emotive Language Mean?

Emotive means connected to emotions. It is opposite to the non-emotive language which does not evoke emotions. Due to the powerful impact of emotions, this kind of language is used in a multitude of writing styles. Since the emotive language effect is strong, it leaves an imprint in the minds of the reader, and the readers can understand and memorize the information conveyed more efficiently and speedily.

Emotive language is used to instill emotions strongly. Mostly the emotions invoked are strong emotions like anger, excitement,

What Aare Emotive Language Examples?

Can a concept be understood without going into the details of the practical examples? Guess not. Well, we know definition alone is not enough. So, let us explain to you the concept of emotive emotions with the help of a few examples.

So here we go-

  1. Non- Emotive- The police caught two thieves.
  2. Emotive- The police played with their lives to get hold of the dangerous thieves.
  1. Non- emotive- A person got injured in an accident.
  2. Emotive- A person was smashed by a car while he drove at a lightning speed.

Emotive language can be used for evoking positive and negative spin. Examples of emotive language are:

  1. The racer was driving the car at the speed of lightning. (Positive)
  2. The car driver blew past like lightning putting everyone on road at peril. (Negative)

See how the same technique or tool of language can create two different results. Language is just the play of words, and emotions created with the interplay of words. While using emotional language, one is both the narrator and judge. We use emotional language for influencing others by being cautious that they do not get influenced by others.

Once you use the words to influence others, make sure that the words you used are subtle and not outrightly strong. You do not want to give away your emotions while communicating. You want to influence the emotions of others. Your dispositions should not come out while communicating. Thus, look for subtler versions of the words that you want to use.

Use the understanding of emotive language to understand the intentions while reading. E.g., if extremely negative or positive language is used, then the reader should be cautious as this may be a personal reflection of the writer. There may be a lack of logic and a balance of facts. Thus, the writing cannot be trusted much for its facts and information.

What Does Emotive Language Do?

Emotive language stirs emotions, creates opinions. Persuade people into believing a point of view, etc. It inculcates into the reader or listener something of the beliefs of the speaker or writer. It is a persuasive tool that may be used in politics, opinion building, personal relationships, etc.

Why Is The Emotive Language Used?

Emotive language is used when the writer or speaker intends to influence people into believing something or to feel certain emotions that would change or influence their beliefs and actions. Therefore, it is used in debates, sensational news, public speaking platforms, drama, and arts, etc.

In terms of writing styles, it can be used for writing opinion blogs, biographies, autobiographies, and personal blogs.

This is how the use of language can make an impact on the reader or the listener. So, a writer or the speaker should be mindful of the subject he wants to emphasise.

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