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essay structure

Are you one amongst the many students who are stuck with their assignment and despite all efforts always lack in getting the grades of your choice? Then this blog is for you. Essay writing assignments are the most looked after and sought after assignments by teachers. There are many reasons for this writing style being the most common. Firstly because this writing style is the simplest if understood properly and therefore caters to the starters but at the same time it also helps the student’s ace up.

Depending upon the essay question and the type of essays that you are required to write, the essay can also turn into an assignment that tests the critical and analytical thinking of the student. But to be able to ace up your skills you need to know the structure of essay writing and also the way to approach the essay with essay writing help experts.

Essay writing is not only limited to the student's assignments. Teachers, professors, or simply anyone interested in writing writes essays and the standard of essays that are accepted for publishing is quite high. Therefore if you are not at least close enough to their standards there are very few chances that you will get good scores in exams or your paper will be accepted for publishing.

Although the students may lack in many aspects while writing an essay like researching, drafting, etc, the one thing where they lose most of the marks is the essay structure. So let's see what essay structure is all about.

What Is An Essay format?

An essay like every other academic writing type has a set structure. The essay can be short or long but ultimately no matter the length of the essay, certain sections of an essay remain the same like the introduction and conclusion, etc.

Other parts of the essay like arguments, counter-arguments, analysis, and other things like background can be placed anywhere depending upon the context and the information meant to be imparted. E.g. an introduction would always come first and a conclusion would always come last. The background can come either after the introduction and the argument or before the argument to which it pertains. Similarly, counter-arguments can run either along with their respective arguments or can come in a separate paragraph altogether.

Apart from the introduction and conclusion, you must ensure that you write the essay in a form that answers the question of people reading your essay. The coherence should be maintained. That is one thing that must be kept in mind at all times. The flow and structure of the essay will decide the engagement quotient of the essay. So, if your counter-argument comes up after the respective argument, it would be more engaging than having a separate paragraph for counter-arguments detached from the arguments they are countering. Therefore, the structure of the essay or identifying the types of essay format is important to meet the ultimate objective and goal of the essay. There are different types of essay format including APA essay format, Harvard essay format, Chicago style essay format, Schaffer essay format, and many more.

Essay Assignment Samples

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essay assignment sample

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What Is The Outline Format Of An Essay?

Now coming to all the common college essay formats, it can be divided into three parts-

  1. Introduction- Introduction is the most important part of the essay and why shouldn’t it be? After all, this is the first part of the essay that your readers will read. It should put forward in the best and shortest way possible what all you want to convey. The introduction should end with the thesis statement. You must be wondering, ‘What is a thesis statement?’ A thesis statement is a statement that will state what you are trying to prove in the essay. Make sure that your thesis statement is such that it can be contested. Statement of a fact which is not contested or contestable cannot form a strong thesis statement because there will be no critical discussion on the same.
  1. Body- The body is the part of the essay where the discussion takes place. It is three paragraphs generally but maybe more than that if required. This comes after the introduction and it explains the thesis statement. As mentioned earlier, the essay should be coherent so the paragraph that follows after the thesis statement must reflect the thesis statement and must also elaborate on the same. This paragraph however should not exceed one-third of the length of the essay. This portion will answer the ‘what’. So here all you are doing is explaining the thesis statement.

In the next paragraph, you need to answer the how. How will answer whether the thesis statement will stand the test of time and the test of counter-arguments. ‘ How’ will answer why is the thesis statement the expected outcome of the evidence that you stated? Why the thesis statement is a better outcome than any other outcome of the evidence.

The last paragraph just before the conclusion part must reflect why you think this information is important. After all, no information is important unless you show that it is relevant and useful. So, demonstrate how your take on the topic is useful and why people should be interested in it before writing an essay with the standard essay format.

  1. Conclusion- The last part of the essay would be the conclusion. A good conclusion should mirror the introduction and should contain these

essay structure

How To Write A Persuasive Essay Format?

A persuasive essay as the name suggests is an essay where the goal is to persuade the readers into accepting an argument and thesis statement. The difference between other types of essays and persuasive essay is that a persuasive essay is written to change opinion whereas other essays are written to give information on the topic. There is no intellectual force to accept or not accept the claims made in the essay.

The basic structure of the persuasive essay is the same as the other essays but the tone and pitch etc, are to be kept in mind. Additionally, you also need to take care of the content. The content should be based on strong evidence and the research needs to be very credible and diverse.

  1. Take a stand- Good, bad, or ugly take a stand and stick by it. That is how it is to be done. It may be difficult to take a stand especially where the popular opinion is against it but that should not deter you to take that stand as long as you believe in your stand and have enough logical significant information to back it up.
  2. Know your audience and what side they are on- When you know your audience you will be able to understand which side they are on and why and this will help you persuade them in a better and more efficient manner.
  3. Do extensive research and identify the most persuasive argument- As far as possible do the required research and identify some basic points which you find the most convincing. Keep repeating the same to convince your audience.

How To Write An Essay In APA Format And Answer A Question?

APA format or APA 6th edition essay format of the essay is more about the look of the essay than the content. All you have to do is follow the below given simple steps-

  1. Page number- the page number should be included on the top right in the header portion of the document.
  2. Cover page- the cover page should have the name of the student, the name of the institution.
  3. Margins- margins should be one inch.
  4. Font size – font size should be times new roman 12
  5. Lining- double space lining should be used throughout the document.

How To Do An Essay In MLA format?

  1. Font size- times new roman 12
  2. Spacing- double spacing to be used throughout the document.
  3. Cover page- heading should be upper left corner and the cover page should have the name of the student, teacher's name, name of the student, and date of the document.
  4. Margins- margins should be placed at the top, bottom, left. Right, and the spacing should be one inch in the MLA essay format.

essay format

Cause And Effect Essay Format

The cause and effect format is also similar to the other essays except for the Introduction and thesis stamen which you have to use to state the main cause, the main effect, or a multiple cause and effect of the essay. In the body part, you can mention causes first and then effect or vice versa. The discussion should also involve why a certain effect is caused by a thing or vice versa.

How to Format A Scholarship Essay?

A scholarship essay does not involve discussion rather it is based on stating your achievements and goals most persuasively and succinctly. So it may involve characteristics of the persuasive essay, the cause and effect essay ( while describing experiences ), or a descriptive essay. The introduction should introduce the main aim of getting the scholarship and the conclusion should show why you are the best candidate over any other.

So what are you waiting for? Start writing that essay on which you were afraid to take a plunge. In case you still do not have the confidence of writing the essay then you can take help from our essay typers online. Our essay writing help has experts who know the art of essay writing and can write a beautiful essay on any topic. Be that persuasive essay, cause and effect one or any other. We are always there to have your back. And guess what all this at a minimal price. We provide a revision facility in case you are not satisfied the first time. our services are timely and our service is based on communication with the client. so you have your perfect assignment on time as per your wishes and at low rates.

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