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What Is ILAC Law Method?

ILAC law method is a style of writing of legal papers and analysis, widely followed by universities across the world, especially in Australia. The ILAC law method is like the holy grail for the students of law. This article will explain the ILAC method and ILAC format in detail, and provides an ILAC example.

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ILAC Method

The ILAC method is the acronym for Issue Law Application and Conclusion. In different parts of the word, it is often referred to as FLAC (Fact, Law, Application and Conclusion) or IRAC (Issue, Rule, Application and Conclusion). Whatever the name may be, the general principles remain the same. ILAC is used as a format for legal writing or headings to follow when writing a law paper.

Components Of ILAC Format

Let’s delve deeper into the ILAC format and understand how it is written:

  • Issue

The first and foremost component of any paper should introduce the topic. Similarly, when following the ILAC method, the first step involves introducing the issue or the central idea of the paper. In the first section, you should introduce your topic, issue, case and thesis statement. This portion performs the function of introducing the purpose of the paper and the topic of the paper to the audience. It has to be presented in a neutral and unbiased manner. It is also considered an ideal practice to follow to explain every legal and law-based jargon that you are writing in the essay assuming that the reader is unaware of the facts or the laws. The focus of the issue section should be on the area and jurisdiction which involves the issue in focus. 

  • Law

The section that comes after having introduced the issue and provided the background on the topic is the section where you have to write laws that are specifically applying to the case and your problem. This process requires daunting research and citing constitutional provisions and case laws. The law section involves elaborating the rules and cases that apply to the issue you are writing the essay on and how they can be used in a case.

One important thing to remember is that the law should be stated as general principles and arguments to make your point and not as a conclusion in itself. It is also imperative to take care that you only include the relevant information when quoting a law or a case example and not include all the pieces of information that you might be knowing. It is necessary to present your report as concise and to the point rather than being stretched out and filled with irrelevant information.

  • Application

After providing clear knowledge of the laws and cases issues, the next step involves analyzing the issues and applying the rule to the concerned cases. The first step here is to gather information and data and provide a convincing solution to the problem. This requires the selection of law cases that are related to your case or situation. It is necessary to remember that your arguments and points of analysis should be realistic and not out of proportion. Real-world examples and cases are the best ways to prepare the application section. The application section is used to quantify an argument.

  • Conclusion

The last section of the conclusion comes after you have explained the situation and the laws in detail and made your point. The conclusion is the section where you are required to wrap up your essay in an effective manner. Here, you should summarize and include the main points and arguments of your essay without sounding repetitive or restating already stated points.

The best technique here is to focus on a remarkable statement rather than providing a direct answer. The conclusion should include both positive and negative responses based on the verdict. The conclusion should effectively include, apart from a summary, the liabilities of the accused, the penalties to be imposed, and the compensations to be provided and such details.

ILAC Example Answer

Students often face various issues when it comes to writing legal analysis in the ILAC format and search for ILAC examples to refer to. A short outline of an ILAC example answer is provided below :

ilac method

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