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2023-09-22 13:27:10

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Ottawa Charter

Hello peeps!!! How are you? All you policymakers and healthcare enthusiasts. Then, this web blog is for you. Want to know something new today about healthcare and the new world of information that is hidden in there, carry on reading the blog and ignite your minds with the beacon of light that is the Ottawa Charter, a first of its kind global healthcare promotion document.

What Is The Ottawa Charter?

Ottawa Charter for Promotion of Health is an international document signed for promoting global health. It was signed at the first International Conference on Promotion of Health, Ottawa in 1986.

What Is Ottawa Charter For Health Promotion?

Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion is the new document for the promotion of health meant to cater to the growing demand of movements around the world for taking the agenda of health globally. This discussion was started vis- a vis the industrialized and industrializing country but ended up getting extended to almost all regions of the world irrespective of the level of industrialization in that place or region.

What Is The Ottawa Charter Health Promotion?

Health promotion means that intentional efforts are taken to ensure that health standards are raised exponentially. The whole idea of health promotion is the plan or map to identifying the specific needs, goals, and targets that are achievable and at the same time necessary for the emotional, social, and physical well-being of the population, and the same was found in the Ottawa Charter. Health promotion is an essential part of every public health program.

As per the definition given by WHO, health is an attainment of the social, emotional, and physical well-being rather than just the absence of disease. The Charter also recognized certain fundamental aspects as the pre-requisites for health like-

  1. Peace
  2. Shelter
  3. Education
  4. Equity and social justice
  5. Income
  6. A sound eco-system
  7. Sustainability of resources

Health is not just affected by a single factor but a myriad of factors that include social economic and environmental factors that not only impact the health but also hinder any attempt made by individuals to improve their health. That is why the need for the adoption of a comprehensive approach that covers a broad spectrum of variants and factors was felt.

In consonance with this, the first international conference on health promotion was organized by WHO in Ottawa which resulted in the creation of a one-of-a-kind document called the Ottawa document. You can opt for health promotion assignment help to put more light on the topic.

What Does The Ottawa Charter Do?

It outlines certain important principles of health promotion, also called the Ottawa charter principles.

Why Was The Ottawa Charter Created?

The Ottawa Charter action areas include giving the world a document that is recognized internationally as a document for health promotion.

What Is The Aim Of The Ottawa Charter?

As per the Ottawa Charter definition, its main aim is to promote health care around the world by catering to the bigger factors which are outside the control and purview of individuals or groups of people like the social, economic, and environmental factors.

Key Components Of The Ottawa Charter

The Charter provides for five action areas and three strategies. They are discussed below by the experts who provide assignment help on global health.

Five action areas and three strategies

  1. Building health policies for the Public
  2. Create supportive environments.
  3. Strengthening action at the community level.
  4. Personal skill development and
  5. Re-orientation of health services.
  • Building health policies

The health policy can be

  1. Legislative
  2. Regulatory
  3. Organizational

The health policy focuses on how to make healthier choices. The suggestions for health policy are to be made not only by the health department but by all tiers of the government. This provision ensures that there is participation from all sides of the government and in all matters.

  • Creating supportive environments

The next thing to be included for sure is the natural and built environment where people work, live, and play. E.g., promoting health at the workplace, preventing advertisements for the ban on junk, and other discussions on matters related to healthcare.

  • Strengthening action at the community level

Community action where people communicate about health, the dangers to it, and the solutions for the same. Moreover, it also focuses on the community interaction of the people who are already suffering from some disease like HIV AIDS, cancer, etc.

  • Personal skill development

Personal skill development is the development of health consciousness amongst individuals. The goal of this agenda is to carry forward the big ideals of health promotion by focusing on incorporating health promotion as a part of one’s life.

  • Re-orienting health services

This Charter aims at a holistic approach that goes beyond the traditional medical and curative and treatment needs. This focuses on strengthening productive factors and reducing risk factors. Additionally, it also ensures that the social determinants of health are improved. The examples of re-orientation are- programs that focus on stop smoking and the inclusion thereof both active and passive smoking. Improving access to different communities to health care facilities or services.

  • Development of personal skills
  • Information through online sources and videos
  • Education by way of the school curriculum, multi-media, etc.
  • Seeking feedback from people on issues related to public health and the changes they seek.
  • Participation of individuals and groups to attain the individualistic and socialist goals.

Three strategies online teaching videos multi-media etc.

  • Advocate- Individual and social actions that support a particular health goal political commitment policy support social systems to attain a health goal.
  • Mediate- Mediate interests of different communities are reconciled and mediated to reach a consensus where the interests of all the communities are served in the best possible manner.
  • Enable- Enabling activities for individuals or groups to take actions that result in promoting health.


So what did you learn from this web blog? I hope you were able to gain some knowledge and insight about all that is happening on the international front about the health policies and rules enunciated for the same under the Ottawa charter action areas.

Laws are dynamic. They keep changing with the wink of an eye. We as responsible citizens of the society however have to ensure that we remain in tune with all the latest developments on the legal front so that we are well aware and participate in the events of the world at the international as well as the local level.

Let’s wrap up the major takeaways from this web blog-

  • We got to know about the first International Charter on the issue of public health organized by WHO for improving public health around the globe.
  • The Charter was first signed and adopted on 21st November 1986.
  • The Charter laid down five action areas and three strategies for formulating a policy for promoting public health.
  • The areas laid down by the charter aim at making the Charter inclusive at the community level and all tiers of the government. It puts forth a comprehensive list of areas to be kept in mind while formulating policies to come up with a holistic approach.
  • The charter also focuses on three strategies to empower people to be a vital and active part of this Charter.

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