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Precis Writing

There are several tasks a university student has to undertake. From writing multiple assignments, attending classes to perform internships and extra-curricular to meet their professors' expectations. All these tasks are enough to add a myriad of complexity to a student's life.

Academic writing is a big task in itself. There are different types of academic writing that a student needs to master in order to stay in his mentors' good books. This includes writing essays, dissertations, thesis, reports, and also precis. Now, what is a precis? If you wonder the same, we are here to brief you on that along with the ways of writing a perfect precis with ease.

precis writing

What Are Precis Writing And Its Rules?

What a precis is? Well, in the loosely translated term, precis refers to a summary. It is the brief of an article or thesis that introduces the readers to all its parts and segments. It is an important part of a long write-up to give an overview of the motive behind writing the article or thesis without the need of going through the whole content.

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To write a flawless precis, it's important to follow certain precis writing rules as mentioned below:

  • Don't paraphrase what you have written in the article.
  • Write a brief including all the important components of your write-up.
  • The precis writing format should be in a way that the reader can have a clear idea of what is he going to read or explore ahead.
  • As a precis is not a critical synopsis, avoid including your point of view or stance on the same.
  • Rather, it should just contain what is included in your article.

Looking for Precis writing examples? Here is a precis writing sample for you.

precis writing sample

How To Write A Precis Summary Step By Step?

If you are looking for precis writing tips, our precis writing help experts are here to explain the best precis writing techniques.

  1. The very first tip is to read the source article precisely. You should be aware of each and every detail that is included in the article.
  2. While writing the article, take down important notes that you think are worth adding in the precis.
  3. Decide the structure of the precis by keeping a view of everything you want to include in it.
  4. Now, judge the length of the precis, it should not be very long, but include all the relevant details of your write-up simply and concisely.
  5. Use simple and easily understandable vocabulary while writing the precis.
  6. Write an introductory line for each of the article's segment.
  7. Ensure that you follow the same order of mentioning things as you followed in your article. Not only the length or structure, but the order is also an important point to keep a check on.
  8. Check your precis for clarity and tone before finalising.

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What Are The Uses Of Precis Writing?

You must be wondering, 'what is the importance of precis writing?' or how precis writing can help a student with his academics? Well, precis writing can certainly be very helpful in improving a student's reading and writing ability.

For writing a precis, a student has to carefully go through the write-up. Without a thorough reading, it is pretty difficult to write an accurate precis. This helps in improving the reading ability of a student.

Precis writing is also helpful in improving a student's writing skills as he needs to choose the words very precisely while writing a precis paragraph in an easily understandable manner.

If we look from the readers' point of view, a precis can help in showcasing the essential points covered under the article or thesis. It eliminates the need for reading the whole write-up. By reading a precis, a reader can assess whether he wants to further give it a read or not.

How to Write a Precis for a Research Paper?

Writing of precis for a research paper takes certain points to be kept in mind such as:

  1. Summarise the main points of the paper on which the research paper is based.
  2. State what the paper is trying to accomplish along with its importance.
  3. What are the key advances that the researcher has made through his claims?
  4. How the researcher is making such a claim, what research has he done?

Prepare a quick summary with all the essential points mentioned in order which is accurate and precise.

Precis writing is a complex task, the things that are required to make the task simple are excellent reading and writing abilities. If you lack any one of these, it's better to take precis writing help from the experts.

Our assignment help experts can help simplify your tough student life with their custom writing help for almost all the subjects and fields. Online precis writing is just an extension of their expertise.

Our assignnment experts are suitable to write your precis in every way. They have outstanding reading and writing abilities that make them a perfect fit for writing precis the way you require. Our writers in Australia can not only help you with the writing of a flawless precis, but they can also guide you on how to approach precis writing accurately to gain the maximum grades you desire.

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