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What is SHL Assessment

What is an SHL Test? Are you curious to know more about these SHL Online Assessments? You have landed on the right page then because you will get to know everything about SHL general ability tests here. SHL stands for Saville and Holdsworth Limited, an international company that designs and provides customised behaviour, personality, and ability tests for companies to fetch highly qualified and deserving candidates to fill their vacant positions. SHL Assessments offers the best testing services to hundreds of employers, recruiters, and companies which is why it is one of the biggest and leading brands in the world.

A psychologist "Peter Saville" was the founder of SHL Company limited. SHL provides highly customised and qualitative psychometric tests that are made to evaluate the applicants' numerical, verbal, diagrammatic, and verbal reasoning. Once a candidate performs this test, their speed, accuracy, and test score are compared to the other applicants so that a company can easily pick the best out of the rest. In this blog, you will get to know the different types of SHL assessments, along with some of the best tips and suggestions that can help you to pass this assessment.

Firstly let's understand what SHL General Ability Tests mean.

SHL General Ability Tests are the assessments or aptitude tests conducted by employers or multi-national companies to assess the potential and talent of the candidates applying for a specified job role. If you're nervous about this assessment, we suggest you go for the SHL practice questions to understand how to pass these assessments properly. SHL Tests the General Ability of the candidates so that the company can also evaluate the understanding level of the candidates by asking them a bunch of questions that contain SHL personality questionnaire, SHL numeracy test, SHL inductive reasoning, SHL logical reasoning test, and so on. Many types of tests and assessments are included under an SHL Assessment. A candidate can also avail of the free SHL practise test to evaluate their skills and eventually enhance them by connecting with our subject-matter experts.

SHL Test

Different Types of SHL Aptitude Tests

 Several types of SHL tests can be difficult per the company standards and expectations from their applicants. These tests are more centred on the general ability and thinking, so if you find it difficult, that doesn't mean that the other person will also find it difficult. There's a wide range of SHL assessments like SHL Calculation, Spatial Ability, Mechanical Comprehension, Reading, Coding, Technical Skills, Business Skills, Call Simulation, and English Communication Proficiency tests. Apart from these tests, 5 main SHL assessments are given and explained below:

  1. SHL General Ability Test:

SHL general ability tests are a kind of assessment assigned by companies to the candidates. This assessment also includes Verify G+ test as it combines test questions from each prominent test type like inductive, numerical, and deductive tests. There are 3 foremost variants of this SHL general ability test are:

  • The General Ability Screen
  • The Verify Interactive G+ Test
  • The Verify G+ Test

The General ability tests are comprehensive tests and assessments that cover a wide range of questions based on cognitive concepts.

  1. SHL Verbal Ability Test:

SHL verbal ability test is one of the most opted assessments that involve a thorough reading and understanding of the given passage. The candidates are suggested to give answers as per their perspective in true, false, or not possible statements. If you want to succeed and pass the SHL verbal ability test, you must aim to get at least 90% of the questions correct. The verbal ability assessment usually consumes around 15-20 minutes, and the students are required to answer 30 questions approximately.

  1. SHL Numerical Reasoning Test:

This is one of the most demanding yet complex test assessments that measure the candidate’s numerical reasoning skills. SHL numerical reasoning tests include several tables and graphs containing the numerical data required to be solved as per the questions. This test is the most challenging and difficult to pass as it acts as a filter for the recruiters to get the best candidates. Under this test, the time limit is pre-decided and cannot be exceeded at any cost, the calculations are done at multiple stages, and the right order of the answer is required.                                                    

  1. SHL Inductive Reasoning Test:

SHL inductive reasoning tests are the most complex and difficult series of questions that contain logical and abstract reasoning tests to be solved by candidates applying for a particular job. The SHL inductive reasoning tests require a candidate to understand and recognise the patterns among different objects to predict and pre-analyse future trends. Due to the lack of proper practice, students who once were university and high-school toppers fail to pass the SHL inductive reasoning tests due to a lack of concentration, determination, and practice.

  1. SHL Deductive Reasoning Aptitude Test:

SHL deductive reasoning aptitude test is also one of the most imperative and famous pre-employment assessment tests for the candidates by the employers. The deductive reasoning aptitude tests are designed to measure the logical thinking skills and a candidate's ability to draw logical and sound conclusions according to the data provided to them. This test includes questions such as identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the arguments, understanding and analysing the scenarios, and drawing conclusions from the given data. This assessment requires the candidates to take the right decision in a limited period.

Therefore, these are the main and most prominent types of SHL General Ability Tests that many candidates opt out of to get a job in a recognised company. Some certain tips and suggestions can help you pass the SHL Assessments. Under our Diploma Assignment help services, one can connect with our subject-matter experts to get the best suggestions to pass these above-mentioned assessments positively.

List of Famous Companies that Use SHL Test Assessments

Many famous companies use SHL assessments to acquire the human force for their day-to-day activities. Some of these companies are as follows:

  1. Microsoft
  2. Barclays
  3. Danone
  4. General Mills
  5. Marks & Spencer
  6. United Health Group
  7. Target
  8. Sprint
  9. Xerox Corporation
  10. Vodafone and so on.

Apart from these 10 big companies, there are other companies as well that use the SHL general ability test to get the best bodies among the pool of candidates.

How to Pass SHL General Ability Tests?

One of the best things for the candidates given the SHL general ability test is that there is no negative marking for the incorrect answers. There are some tips and suggestions for SHL test preparation given by our experts that are offering assignment help in Australia are as follows:

  • You have to attempt the SHL practice exams to understand the quality and complexity of these assessments and train yourself accordingly.
  • Manage your time in such a way that your studies and other tasks are not hampered due to the pressure of the SHL assessment
  • You must acknowledge the fact that it requires genuine hard work and compassion to get success in anything.
  • Make a specific routine and follow that routine in order to pass the SHL online assessment.
  • Conduct your own research to acquire more knowledge and information regarding the SHL questionnaire.
  • Practice the SHL numerical reasoning test and the SHL verbal reasoning test to acquire more marks in these easy but complex assessments.
  • Note down your mistakes and try never to repeat them to minimise the risks of failing.

Therefore, these are some of the best SHL test tips and suggestions given by our subject-matter experts, who offer the best and most reliable assignment help in Australia at a reasonable and affordable price.

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